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Ultimate Sandbag Power Packages: $30 off while supplies last!

My favorite at-home tool ever. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, now’s the time (or hint really loudly at the people giving you presents in a few weeks).

(Another way to save? Buy just the shell. The fillers are easier to make on your own, but this shell is really unique. Other DIY bags don’t come close).

As the holidays draw closer what better way to celebrate than with a gift exchange? We over at @sqslack​ invite you to join our first ever Secret Swanta! The clue is in the title! It’s a Secret Santa dedicated to lovely Swan Queen shippers.

I’m afraid there are a few little rules if you want to take part in this (but they’re good rules I promise)

  1. First things first, as this is a SQSlack​ event you must be part of our little community to participate, you may leave as soon as you receive your gift if that is your wish but I’m sure you’ll want to stay! (see this post here on how to join)
  2. You will need to respect the timetable! very rare exceptions may be made if you absolutely need them (if things are out of your control for example but you must tell me before any deadline)
    1. Nov 10 - Nov 23 Submit your wishlists
    2. Nov 24 - Nov 30 Receive your matches
    3. Dec 01 - Dec 20 Prepare your gifts
    4. Dec 21 - Dec 22 Submit your gifts
  3. Gifts will be submitted to the SQSlack email address ( and posted to the SQSlack​ tumblr page on Christmas Day and tagged with the handle you use on slack
  4. There is absolutely no limit to what you can create! Go mad!! (well not literally please I don’t need that on my conscience) Fics/Ficlets, Fanart of any kind, videos, literally any thing you can think of (as long as it fits your giftee’s wish list but more on that later)
  5. There is a wonderful wishlist that you can fill out here If there is any particular type of gift you want to receive/make then here is the place to write it (any further inquiries should be directed to me and I shall ask your giftee on your behalf)
  6. You will receive matches via the slack forum but if you have any questions whatsoever feel free to message myself on here or message @sqslack and it’ll work its way to me
  7. Just because this is for Swan Queen Shippers doesnt mean if you’re a multishipper you cant take part (I’m a multishipper), but for obvious reasons you need to be accepting of Swan Queen
  8. Finally, but most importantly, HAVE FUN!