fit wish list

*Looks at Writings to Finish *

1) update Concerto
2)update Swapped
3) Finish Drabbles
4)work on Smutfest prompts
5) thanks to @jbae654 @amazingmeplusone and @blacksheep1105, start the Mirai Bulma/Vegeta short story
6) Daydream about wishing I got paid to be a fanwriter💜💜
7)Daydream about Vegebul
8)Fit real life in 😂

Whew! This is going to be fun


Ultimate Sandbag Power Packages: $30 off while supplies last!

My favorite at-home tool ever. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, now’s the time (or hint really loudly at the people giving you presents in a few weeks).

(Another way to save? Buy just the shell. The fillers are easier to make on your own, but this shell is really unique. Other DIY bags don’t come close).