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If you want to:

🍍 PREVENT the freshman 15
🍍 Learn dining hall hacks
🍍 Eat healthy on a budget
🍍 Meal prep in a dorm room
🍍 Still be able to treat yo self

Then I have a Healthy Eating in College Challenge starting Monday, September 11th and would totally love for you to join!

It’s a 5 day challenge, Monday - Friday, and takes place in my private Facebook community.

We’ll be going over all this and more, plus sharing yummy recipes and healthy food hacks. 🥕

And it’s free!

If you want to join, just message me or comment and I’ll send you the link!


WATCH: This 72-year-old grandmother can deadlift 273 pounds, breaking preconceptions about the limitations of age and gender.

Please fire me. I am a security guard in a low-rent shopping mall. One of my first tasks of the day is to open the doors to retailers at 7:30 am so they can open their shops for 9 am. Every morning a group of women greet me when I open the first door on time, then follow me to the other three doors. At the final door they check their watches, tut and complain that I’ve opened it ‘late’ as it takes me eight minutes to get from the first to last doors. They then leave and don’t return until 7:30 the next morning.

Another Yandere simulator redesign (omg there’s a lot rn, but I like doing them so…..)

Here is Oka Ruto’s redesign!

Not much of her design is changed but I reduce a bit of the ‘cuteness’, for a more realistic approach to the face, I gave her a long face, she now has down-turned eyes, small nose and narrow ears, this gives her a unique look that would match with her original personality. Her hair is now a bit messier and one part covers her eyes, referencing her first appearance in the game. Some clothing additions include a longer skirt and a turtle neck underneath her school uniform, accessories such as the choker and fingerless gloves have been omitted so that this fits in a senior high school environment, so in replacement, a small skull keychain is decorated on her bag and her stockings are replaced with plain black stockings. Her body frame is more slender now.

Her name is now is Ameko Kuroba, Ameko means “rain child”, in this case, ‘Ame’ (rain) can be referenced to a yokai/spirit named “Ame-Onna” (”rain woman”), in which they bring rain where ever they go, in modern days, the term ‘Ame-Onna” (or ‘Ame-Otoko’ in a male’s case) is used as a term to describe an unlucky person that has seemingly been jinxed and will bring rain where ever they go. The surname Kuroba means “black feathers”, which fits with her gothic/occult theme.

Her personality has been reworked too, she’s shy and timid, but not really in a cutesy way, instead she has social anxiety, she barely talks/ communicates with others in the fear they find her creepy or too uninterested in talking to her and judging her behind her back. She fears of being embarrassed, humiliated and judged so she begins restricting herself from conversations or seeing new people. In certain situations, she can end up having panic attacks, start trembling in fear, twitching, and having a racing heart. Due to this, sometimes, she would stay home from school. However, she does visit a psychiatrist often to receive some therapy, eventually, she started socialising with students with similar problems and interest as her (the rest of the Occult Club), she is trying her best, she’s just taking it one step at a time.

She also suffers from insomnia (which is linked to her anxiety), some nights, she couldn’t fall asleep, fearing of nightmares or generally, not feeling like the needs for sleep, due to this, she sometimes would end up passing out in class, she has been trying some self-care, she’s trying her best~!

The occult club no longer exist, because usually clubs are mostly focused on studies of interest, and the clubs must be sponsored by a teacher, realistically, a occult club can give a senior school bad reputation and it might not fit any relations to studies, so it’s unlikely a teacher would sponsor it , in this case the occult club is a group of students who hang out with each other and talk about the occult or so forth, usually they would read about myths and magic, and they would sometimes write stories together (ala Creepypasta) and make small crafts (I don’t think they would try something extreme like summoning a demon).

Any who that’s all I got for now~!!

Tools used: Sai, Photoshop


 Sorry it’s been so long since the last update! Senior year is crazy! Just finished day 13 of the blogilates beginners 2.0 calendar! I’m so proud of myself! I don’t know if there are crazy results yet but I have to tell myself that this is going to take time. But I am feeling a bit more confident recently! I’ve also been trying to eat better but I’m also trying not to be hard on myself for eating some unhealthy things (I’m 18 and a high school senior. I mean, come on! Junk food should be expected in moderation). I might add running three times a week but am still trying to decide. What do y’all think? 

Clone Trooper Rank Guide

I think this might help my fellow fanfic and meta writers:

“The rank structure of the Republic’s new army was based on the tradition of the Judicial  Forces. The company had its captain, every platoon had its lieutenant and sergeant-major,  and each component squad was led by a sergeant and a corporal. In addition, the Kaminoans imposed an orderly system of color designation for the benefit of beings who lacked their ultraviolet vision: Captains wore red flashes on their white armor, lieutenants wore blue, and sergeants and sergeant-majors wore green. The role of corporal was traditionally awarded to the best soldier in the squad, but in an army of identical  men, it was often rotated among the troopers, and carried no special insignia. The  clone army was trained to be neat, disciplined, and obedient.      

The higher ranks presented more of a problem for the cloners’ tidy minds: They expected Jedi Knights to hold all command positions, but senior clone officers were needed during training and to maintain discipline and professionalism during campaigns. Experience also taught the Kaminoans that ordinary troopers’ parade-ground obedience was a poor fit for senior leadership roles.

The solution: a special cadre of troopers created to hold the rank of commander. Identified by yellow striping on their armor, these clone commanders balanced creative initiative with the obedience prized by Kaminoans. They led small detachments and served as aides to Jedi Knights, and also occupied a hierarchy of leadership positions connected to larger units, culminating in the forty elite marshal commanders who liaised directly with the Jedi generals.

Source: The Essential Guide to Warfare: Star Wars by Jason Fry



Archi: *hesitantly* “Wait up a minute, Poppy…”
   …can we talk?”
Poppy: *sigh* “Yes. Of course.  Listen, Archi, I owe you an apology.  I shouldn’t have lost my temper the other week and I shouldn’t have threatened to hit you.”
Archi: “No, no - I shouldn’t have gotten miffed.  You were only trying to help.  I see that now.”

*moment of tense silence*

Archi: *uncertain* “So, does that mean… can we…”
Poppy: “We can be teammates and hopefully friends but I don’t think I can…do more than that right now.  I’m sorry, Archi.  I’m just not in a place where a relationship fits…it’s our senior year and I have goals, and…well…a boyfriend isn’t one of them.”

Archi: *speechless*

*distant male shouts*

Poppy: “Um, excuse me.  I see someone I know.”

Archi: “Seriously?”

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How was yesterday? Did you enjoy Oslo Pride?

It was amazing! I had to leave pretty early for work but what I saw was just so cool. I saw a woman in a niqab and a rainbow taped to her abaya. I saw a tall muscular man with “gay as fuck” written on s thigh green shirt. I saw police holding several pride flags. I saw a club banner for “men who likes men who likes mountains”. I saw punks and goth and drag queens and both cis and trans men wearing makeup, proud moms and dads and uncles and daughters and sons and of course a whole bunch of dogs, mine included. Fat people skinny people fit people babies and seniors and black people white people muslims Jews Christians and people in traditional costume from Sami land and Scotland and Turkey and Spain and Brazil and Jordan and Japan and someone was playing the didgeridoo (or similar) (m AND EVERYONE ELSE IT WAS amazing and it was especially cool because the parade lined up in Grønlsnd, a neighbourhood which is especially known for having a lot of immigrant and people from other countries and cultures. It was amazing amazing and I met up with people I’ve never met before and all in all 10/10 would walk the weather was amazing and the crowd was amazing. Everyone smiled and everyone was happy (and those who wasn’t I ignored ❤🏳️‍🌈) I hope everyone else who was at any of the pride parades had a great time and those who couldn’t attend for whatever reason I hope have the opportunity to attend next year because it was so cool.


Brandy Baker, Emma Kumamoto and Taylor Nunez
Acceptance Of Death (2016)
Choreographer Unknown

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Team White Pigeon weekly study sessions. Because if somebody flunks outta school it'd probably jeopardize their missions/position within the Kingdom.

Ranking of the girls by their grades:

Princess because of course she has to be. enthusiastically organises study sessions. tutors everyone whether or not they want to be tutored. (secretly glad she can be useful this way.)

Beatrice who idolises Princess and thus will do anything necessary to be worthy of staying in her company and staying as Princess’s lady-in-waiting. if that means staying close to the top of her class to prove her capabilities, so be it. naturally attentive and studious, also able to juggle lots of variables in her head when she focuses (for example, Princess’s entire schedule for the week). being around Princess while she’s studying has to help too. initially believes the study sessions are going to be calm, elegant affairs, like tea time but over books. much to her horror, it’s Dorothy swearing viciously, Chise with translations and dictionaries strewn over the table, and Ange remorselessly offering cheating tips. 

Ange. in truth, she’s probably a bit better than Beatrice and a bit worse than Princess; she’s smart af, though spy school left her somewhat lacking in chemistry not related to bombs and english literature that can’t be easily used as codes. she just. doesn’t. care. girl wasn’t even planning on sticking around that long in Albion. sadly, her cover is an intelligent country bumpkin that got in on good grades; happily, she plays the country bumpkin bit to the hilt, and manages to blend in with just-above-average grades. morally-questionably, she can’t give two shits about studying and just steals tests the day before.

Dorothy, having had an education similar to Ange’s, but also giving even less fucks (”i graduated once already i shouldn’t have to do this shit again”) and with the added disadvantage of not having done this for a few years - idk about you but i remember Nothing from high school. fits her cool senior image in the school anyway. won’t admit it but greatly relies on Ange’s regular theft to do well. 

Chise is literally learning in a second language that she still hasn’t mastered. she’s trying so hard. she actually feels honour-bound to do well since they managed to sneak her into the school, so she pulls the most late-nighters out of them all. staunchly refuses to cheat alongside Ange and Dorothy. at least her PE grades are outstanding. (Princess sympathises and, much to Chise’s surprise, always checks on how Chise’s doing and offers advice. Princess remembers what it’s like having to catch up.)

also of note: Dorothy and Ange are holding back so much in PE that it’s physically painful; but at the same time, they have to maintain their fitness level for their work, so imagine… after study sessions they have their workout sessions where they spot each other and gripe about being in school and didn’t we finish this and dorothy is that really all you can lift? (it’s not. dorothy can lift A Lot. she demonstrates this diligently, and later on, beato has to get them some hot water bottles for their cramping muscles)

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in your opinion, what is the best dance off that's been at tda? like the one which every dancer was amazing and they were all fighting for it??

tbh all of them!!!! they were all amazing if they made top 10/11!!! personally i can feel the tension with the juniors and the teens, the minis are so small and still have souls in their bodies so it wasn’t that bad. the boys seem to be a lot more relaxed across the board, and all the senior girls and a couple teens every year fight for it but they don’t make it seem like they are in a really really tight competition. they just do their thing!

my fav dance offs: i hold this one dear but realized it’s only bc it’s one of my fav improvs done, kalani’s legendary murder at TDA 2013.

probably the one that fits your description: the senior female girls proving once again they leave fire on the stage whenever they dance. the best ever, simi snatched every hair off my body. my girl!!! but honestly everyone killed it, no weak links in my opinion. 

also the junior tda dance off w/ quinn, boss, and jaycee in top 3! not a fav but you could tell they were all ready to kill someone. 

also the best one from tda lv, the senior boys!!! lots of heavy hitters like deary lex, riley, jj, nico, etc. a strong group that probs went unnoticed! 

one i just watched yesterday: a more interesting one, besides the leg leg leg lauren yakima smokes everyone with her ballroom skills showing that whatever yall can do, she can do in heels. also a girl tapped for both the ballad and the upbeat jazz. 

a highschool au for obikin (don’t know how the age gap gonna fit but maybe freshman/senior?) where they get sent to the principals office for beating up assholes and the entire ordeal is a Mess™ because Anakin is like “I did nothing wrong” and Obi Wan is like “I know dear, and I love you and I’m sorry” while trying to flirt his way out of it.

Extra points if Padme is their girlfriend and has to use her diplomatic skills to talk the principal out of expelling them and as soon as they leave the office she drops both obi and ani with a punch to the gut and is like “i honestly fuckng hate you two”