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The official Papal ban of Freemasonry by the Catholic Church lasted from 1738 until 1983.

Masonic membership is still a big no-no in the Catholic faith.  Ghost is playing up historical themes in their music and artwork so well, and I’m extremely excited to see what the next era will bring.  The inclusion of Freemasonry in Popestar is so clever that it’s giving rise to some really interesting conspiracy theories, which are obviously right up the Freemason alley.  Catholic doctrine and Masonic principles are highly incompatible in the eyes of the Church.  Secret societies as a whole are prohibited, and personally I think that Ghost fits perfectly into the category as an entity which works mainly on the basis of a secret society.   

Popestar’s use of the Vitruvian Man is also really interesting.  Leonardo da Vinci‘s drawing is based on the notion that human anatomy and its workings are synonymous with those of the universe as a whole.  Ghost’s entire repertoire is basically commentary on mankind’s relationship with itself, and with the universe.  Da Vinci’s own fascination with architecture, construction, and engineering can be connected with Masonry (and no, he was not a Freemason).  As we all know, the Freemasons were borne out of fraternities of stonemasons, one of the oldest crafts in the history of humanity.  The Vitruvian Man is based on correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry, one of the fundamental sciences humans use to explain and understand the universe we live in, along with other branches of mathematics.  It’s also indisputably a cornerstone of architecture.

As we all know, the Catholic Church and the sciences have had a rocky relationship to say the least.  The circle, square, and star in this image, the idea of human symmetry and that of the universe, the tools used by stonemasons, the secrecy of the Freemasons…  It’s all a very carefully thought out connection on Ghost’s part.  I’m sure there is far more to this than I’m aware of, but this band takes puzzles to another level…  And that’s why I love them so much.

I wonder, I wonder… what’s next?

WoW Legion Drinking Game

Take a shot every time a quest boss stuns you so they can monologue about how your actions have fit perfectly into their plans, then flees before you are free to move again.

Double if they say “ENOUGH! Destroy them, my minions!” or something very close to it.

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for the 5 headcanons, monster falls with reverse mabel version harpy greek, meroctopus and kitsune

Ohhh! Reverse!Monster Falls. Nice!!


1. She enjoys showing off her flying capabilities, and adores teasing to her brother that she can fly but he can’t.

2. She often threatens people by telling them she’ll peck out their eyes or heart if they don’t do what they want.

3. People around her say she could make a perfect snow angel. Mabel refuses to stoop so low.

4. When enraged, she rips things up with her talons.

5. Her bird half is that of a raven


1. She had her whole house remodeled to conform to her new form.

2. She secretly enjoys singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” to herself. She would never let ANYONE hear her.

3. Her tentacles (and to some extent her hair, skin, and eyes) can change color. She usually keeps them black/navy blue.

4. She has a horse and carriage with a water tank that she uses to get around. Dipper thinks it’s excessive, but she doesn’t care.

5. She uses her powers to perform hydrokinesis. So some extent she can use this to move herself around.


1.She loves shape-shifting into a fox to trick people.

2. When she transforms, she already has all nine tails, so she is very, very powerful.

3. She once tried to use her powers to possess another person. It… didn’t go so well, as the body rejected her and she was almost unable to return to her own body.

4. She likes to use her powerful pyrokinesis and illusion abilities against her enemies.

5. For all her strengths, she has one major weakness in the form of a “Kitsune Orb”, which, if anyone get they’re hands on it, can be used to control her and her powers. She keeps it locked in a safe underground, and becomes paranoid when anything or anyone comes potentially close to finding it.

Thank you so much for these asks! These are super cool 

Dangit, something else I have to draw…

Send me a GF character (and an AU) and I’ll give at least 5 headcanons I have for them. :)

I got a jacket from my mum for Christmas in 2013 and I almost never ever wear it even though I love it, because it’s always been too tight when I zip it up.
Took it into work today, and had to wear it zipped up when I went to get lunch due to rain, and it fit perfectly 😍
Sooooo happy. My hard work is beginning to pay off.

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I mean. It's sorta good that Pay doesn't stick around with people 'cause I mean, I'm assuming the dude drinks a fuckton and probably gets high as shit? Ech, for a majority.

He still need someone to pull him out of that addiction tho. And Pat fits perfectly so yay to brotherly love!.

New Danganronpa V3 Character Names

Oh so the names of the NDV3 characters have been revealed.

lol now I’m patiently waiting for the seiyuus, please….

1) I feel like Megumi Ogata (Makoto Naegi & Nagito Komaeda VA) will be back. But… wouldn’t that be too much appearance? XD If she is, then she could be Kokichi Ouma (Ultimate President) or Rantaro Amami (Ultimate ???). Dunno, just guessing. 

2) Please. If Rantaro Amami isn’t Nobunaga Shimazaki (HE FITS PERFECTLY, DAMMIT), well, I hope they give a good VA since the character’s really popular. Others I can think of could be Soma Saito, or, if, from the senpais, Suzuki Tatsuhisa?

3) (Can I petition for my husbando Nobuhiko Okamoto to be there?! NO? WHY? He could be Korekiyo Shinguuji (Ultimate Folklorist) or Shuuichi Saihara (Ultimate Detective)?! PLEASE? LOL)

4) Bring back Miyuki Sawashiro please? They did with Megumi Ogata. Please do it again for my waifu, please? With her voice range and talent, she could be any one of those girls (except for protag Kaede because we know who her VA is already).

5) Please bring in a wonderful cast. Please. :D (Well, no disappointment here since the previous franchises have amazing VAs, so, yeah :D)

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the snk/fefates crossover is so funny because takumi and eren share a voice actor! imagine titan takumi, i feel like it'd be both distressing and beautiful.. ponytail titan.. bun titan


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Lol, yea that isn't Tyler Ritter. I've seen him enough to know that isn't him. It looks pretty much exactly like Wil Traval. From the broad shoulders and pointed chin (Tyler pretty much has no chin), right down to the proper scruff up to the cheek bones, not the peach fuzz garbo that Tyler has. Also, I remember Stephen tweeting something like: "Me, Wil Traval and Emily Bett walk into an office." Fits perfectly with what I saw in the trailer scene...

loving that facial analysis!, Nonnie!

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so a classmate and i were trying to explain homestuck to a third classmate and i hit upon the reason the ending was so divisive:

while the ending was aesthetically beautiful and perfectly fit to the overall narrative of homestuck, it didn’t have, besides obfuscation and complexity, any of the things that the fandom liked about homestuck.

yes, great theorizing and ontological debate has been occasioned by homestuck, but … the vast majority of the fandom is focused on the character writing and the gay kids in slime. the ending had no writing, two (2) really gay kids, and almost NO slime.

the ending was perfectly suited to the comic’s story and themes. but the story and themes were never why the majority of us like homestuck. it’s the kids. and while it made sense to have them swallowed by the narrative, it still meant we were bereft of kid.

easter eggs

For Classic Combo: Chapter 14

If you are so inclined ;-)

1. Civil War. So this chapter was a real bitch for me to write, I spent weeks on it, just not getting the dream stuff right. Finally, it came together. A lot of the stuff, I’d been planning from the beginning, and then the other stuff I pieced together from Civil War inspiration. And since being able to do that, I’m now glad that I never finished this fic before the movie came out, because it all came together for me in this end. It fit perfectly.

I remember sitting there before seeing the movie for the first time and just KNOWING that all the new canon would probably obliterate my story, but as I sat watching I was like … yes … yeesssss … YAS … YAAAASSSSS. I got home and was like, OMG IT CAN STILL FIT.

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Are you saying that if a dragon age character wants to have a verse in the witcher world, they shouldn't because they will pollute that fandom?

Point to the exact place where I said that in my post and I will buy you a beer.

If you make a verse that fits perfectly into the lore of the witcher fandom, i don’t really see the issue.

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Conner 🎃

OC Outfit Doodle Asks

Send one of the following symbols and one of my OC’s names and I’ll doodle: [ XX ]

🎃 OC in a costume they’d wear for Halloween /Still accepting /

[For some reason I can’t tag you in anything so hopefully tumblr notifies you I answered this. ]

Conners a total nerd so this was a must. He fit it too perfectly. He also loves candy like a fat kid loves cake [that saying still around?] he’s also a closet cosplayer.

 Not too sure how that’s gonna work out when he’s a naga though….