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Confession:  I love how multiple times throughout the series it straight up tells you “Varric is a liar. He exaggerates, twists the truth, and sometimes just makes it up” Because that gives so much room for interpretation and plot loopholes for me to insert my OC into. I love having my OC and most RPs where they fit perfectly inside canon. It makes me feel good to be able to say “this could have happened” and nobody be able to prove otherwise.

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I love your YOI Howl's Moving Castle AU!! ❤❤ It makes me so happy!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Okay, but please consider, Christophe as the Wicked Witch of the West

asdfsadfsas thank you so much!! <3 T-T)// YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!

After episode 10 and all the episodes they showed of him so far, I think Chris fits the role perfectly for the Witch of the waste for me XD

Yep, Chris noticed the love and the first to notice the rings ohoho ;)

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Olicity Christmas AU prompt: “I slipped on ice outside your house and you ran out barefoot to help me quick let’s get inside under a blanket”

I hope you don’t mind, I set this prompt in my “Let’s try our very best to fake it” universe. A lot of people wanted more scenes of Oliver and Felicity during their time at training and I thought this fit perfectly :) Enjoy!

If you haven’t read Let’s try our very best to fake it, you can obviously still read today’s fic, but it’ll make much more sense if you give this short AU a read first :) There’s going to be at least 2 other snippets during the countdown that are set in this ‘verse. 


Her breath formed a cloud in the cold winter air as she made the final turn towards the dormitory building. After arriving at training she had quickly discovered that she wasn’t on the same level as most of the other trainees physically and she had been trying her best to close the gap. There’s only so much her superior IQ could do for her if she was in a situation where she just needed to be able to run faster than the person chasing her.

With the large brick building in sight, she sped up her pace to get out of this chill as quickly as possible. Before she knew what was happening, her foot slid on a patch of ice and she felt herself flying through the air. She landed with a painful thud and cringed at the thought of the bruises that were going to show up on her fair skin.

Gingerly, she attempted to stand up when she heard the door of the dormitories slam.

“Felicity? Are you okay?”

Looking up, she saw Oliver coming towards her with a concerned look on his face and… no shoes on his feet.

Not even socks.

“Are you insane?” She chastised him with her loud voice. “You’re going to get frostbite and die!”

“Huh?” He looked down at his feet. “Oh. I just saw you fall from my window and I didn’t really think about shoes I just…”

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Fluffmas Day 8-Ice Skating (Hamilsquad x Reader)

“I’m going to be amazing at this.” Alexander stated with a prideful smirk.

“Alexander Hamilton as humble as ever.” John commented, rolling his eyes as he laced up his skates.

“How do you know if you’ve never been ice skating before?” Hercules asked.

You straightened up your now perfectly fitting white ice skates, as Lafayette kept fiddling and readjusting the awkward clips, finally finding the right amount of tightness, and taking a step towards him and Alexander, who was stood next to the detective with his own pair, which were blue and way more expensive than the rink ones.

They made their way to the entrance to the large ice rink, which wasn’t crowded, which was definitely a good thing, giving them a good amount of space.

“I think you’ll be great, Alex.” You grinned at him.

“See? At least someone has confidence in me.” Alex turned to look at the others. “Besides I bet I’m better than any of you.”

“Oh, it is on!”

“Challenge accepted!”

“Oui, let the battle begin!”

You felt a surge of excitement. This was going to a sight to see. “Count me in too!”

Lafayette gets onto the ice first, easily gliding across the frozen surface, as if land was his secondary habitat.

Next was Hercules, who seemed to get onto the ice with a fair amount of ease and confidence.

After that it’s John, he was concentrating on his movements, and then waiting for you, outstretched a gloved hand in your direction.

You happily take it and glide onto the ice. Leaving only Alexander at the edge of the rink.

“Do you need help getting onto it, hun?” You heart sung in her chest at how cute he looked but you didn’t let it show.

“I think I can step onto ice, just fine alright .” He snorted with laughter, and you shrugged, but still watching as he took a wary step down with foot, testing the slipperiness, holding onto the side.

As he applied more of his weight onto his foot, it slipped forward, and he gasps in shock, pulling back into safetly quick enough as to not fall.

“Are you sure?” asked Hercules, skating over to you.

“Yes I’m sure!”

You had to stop a smirk of amusement from creeping onto your face.

“Bet you $20 that he falls on his butt.” said Hercules to you.

“I bet $30 that he’ll get back up again.” you retorted.

Alex tries again, slower this time, eventually getting two blades onto the ice, although sticking firmly to the side.

“Wow, Laf and John are really good!” You remark, as Lafayette glided past you at high speed with John following quickly behind. They must have been having a race.

Hercules decided not be left out and joined your other boyfriends in their competition. He turned a corner so precisely that the ice chipped beneath him.

“Now he has a good centre of balance.” You told Alexander. “Almost as good as yours. You know there is just something about athletic men—”

“Hey! I can be just as good as them! I just need to get a hang of it!”

“Of course you do. You’d grasp it quicker if you asked for help.” You glided forward easily, leaning in close and looking sweetly into Alex’s eyes . “I’d say I know just the teacher~”

“I can handle it just fine on my own.” Alexander mumbled stubbornly.

He pushed himself off from the wall, moving forward without taking either blade off the ice.

“S-see? I’m a natural, too. I-” Alex waves his arms about, trying but completely failing to gain balance. “I- I think I’m getting the hang of- OOF!”

Alexander collided with the ice straight on his butt. “Grrrrrrrr,” He growled, rubbing his injured posterior, pouting in annoyance.

You skate over and crouch down to him, taking a quick picture of him on the ice, finding that a grumpy and annoyed Alexander Hamilton was quite an adorable one.

“Need a hand?” You put your phone back into your coat pocket.

“I meant to do that!”

You laughed, stretching a hand towards your boyfriend with the injured pride. Alex waited before begrudgingly taken your hand.

You straightened him up with ease and brought him in close to guide him through the motions.

“Don’t put your arms out. Think of it like dancing. It’s all about weight distribution and the way you move your feet.”

You pulled him close as, pressed against your body to keep him from falling. You were so busy that you didn’t notice the smirk he was giving to the rest of your boyfriends.

“I’m not going to leave you alone till I see you skating like a champion.”

“Okay.” said Alex in fake exasperation.

“Good and to sweeten the deal for every time you don’t fall I’ll give you a kiss~”

As you wrapped his arm around your waist for balance, he gave one last glance to the jealous Laf, John, and Herc and silently mouthed…

‘I won.’

I love those costume exchanges. They look stunning. Like, wow, Yuri in Victor’s FS costume, fuck me up. But you just feel that those costumes don’t 100% fit with their personalities. That only shows how carefully they designed those costumes for every character. Also the Eros costume that fits perfectly for Yuri and Victor.

Predictability, Subtext & Tropes: Why swanqueen will make or break A&E's career.

Okay I was thinking about how writing works well from my experience as a writer as well as a reader and tv watcher as well as from what I learned in collage and from reading articles on literature.

A&E have been known to at least consider changing plot lines if fans figure them out before their big reveal… and I thought why?
In everything I know about writing and tropes the basics are that predictability is key in good storytelling. Humans like to guess whats going to happen and be right most of the time. You can only change one thing in a trope and get away with it or it doesnt work.

How does this relate to swanqueen? Well because it fits perfectly into these basic rules.

A&E should be happy if fans figure it out as it means their main text and subtext align perfectly with the nerrative they are telling. You can easily tell if subtext does not align with the narrative and what that looks like if you go watch Xena. Now im not saying Xena is poorly written so stay with me here…
In the first few seasons of Xena you can tell the lesbian subtext isnt beyond that. It doesnt align with its narrative. Sure they play arround with it like when Gabrielle gets married and they do a shot where it looks like her and Xena are going to kiss at her wedding none less! But the narrative doesnt fallow that…we go into gabbys husband being killed and it tying to Xenas past catching up to her. In its later seasons however it falls inline with it. They bring the lesbian subtext directly into a well known trope when Xena has to wake Gabby from a sleeping curse as her true love. This is a huge change for what the show started as.

In Once Upon a Time however, the narrative and the tropes and subtext have always been in alignment. From the very first episode OUAT sets the premise up. Henry imediatly has two mothers, and not for the sake of a plot twist but as the very basis for the overall conflict of the series. OUAT does not change this either as youd expect from a show that means to stay within a straight fairytale world. Every important narrativly driven plot point for the overall plot that effects all characters, and every time something happens that is truly character driven for emma and regina it involves them together with henry.

A&E should not be upset it was figured out early as it shows they have mastered how to use tropes, subtext and how to count on peoples expected predictability to create such a stunning storyline. For all that mastery to be valid and for it to work they have to do swanqueen. And im not saying this to toot my own horn, the simple fact is the way its written demands it.

If A&E do not end it this way it will destroy their careers and the faith people have in thier writing capabilities. It will show that they do not know a lick about even the basics of storytelling. With tropes, you change just one thing, and you have to, or its boring and tired….you use enough of the trope to satisfy peoples need for predictability but thats it. Which leads me to the only thing they could truly change about the whole true love fairytale thing which is to eliminate the prince from the equation entirely. And they have, at every turn. When did Robin or Hook ever truly fullfill a fairytale trope that was meaningful to the grand scheme of things? Never.

do you know the kind of urgent sadness? the kind that just squeezes your skull and fills your mind with raging thoughts? the silent screaming. the heaviness. the tight feeling in your chest.

won’t You come here? i’m not asking for a quicker process–i’m just tearing my chest open and admitting my feelings to You. i don’t mind the length of the work You’re doing but God, it hurts to feel so broken.

sometimes the answer comes in a quiet whisper. He led me to a psalm that fit my situation so perfectly i couldn’t help but feel a bit foolish after i read through it–He is listening. He is speaking. He is here. 

of course He is. when wasn’t He?

i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry. i’ll trust You. i trust You.

the road is rocky, sometimes, and the edges are rough. but God comes, rushing in like a mighty wave, quickly devouring my enemies. He’s a warrior, the Bible says. He fights for those He loves. He fills my heart with faith and assurance that He is King–i don’t have to be afraid. 

it doesn’t matter how long the process is, how painful it can be sometimes. all that matters is my Father is here, He’s good, and He knows what He’s doing. that is so enough. it is enough to know that He is holding me in His hands–the same hands that shaped the heavens and the earth. He’s powerful. He’s on His throne. He is God over all. His heart is kind and patient and true–i know i can trust Him. 

my heart is safe in His hands.


Adidas is bringing the best fit to the women’s game with the launch of the Shimmer Pack that includes four brand new cleats (Two ACE styles and two X styles) available now. Meticulously studying the foot shape of the female athlete, Adidas has created a new last (mold for cleats) specific to a woman’s foot. Everything has been tweaked, modified and perfected so female soccer players can now get the best fit possible.

Through countless studies, Adidas found that women typically have a narrower footbed and a lower instep, which means that men’s footwear doesn’t fit as well as it should. The German brand created an upper that fit perfectly to a woman’s foot, but they didn’t stop there. They redesigned the outsole as well, making the studs smaller and shorter, as well as setting them in a position specific to women’s traction needs. The Metallic Shimmer pack was designed exclusively for women and will only be available in womens sizes. #NeverFollow

Technical Delays Chapter 1: Before The Fall

Chapter 1: Before the Fall  

Leah’s POV

“You guys were awesome!’ Cisco told us as Ronnie and I stepped into the cortex.

           I giggled before throwing myself at him. Wrapping my arms around his neck, he wrapped his around my waist and pulled me against him. I buried my face into his shoulder as I felt him nuzzle his nose against my neck. I breathed him in, missing his scent of sweetness- literally, sometimes he smells straight up like candy as if he rolled around in some jolly ranchers. And he was warm, just as I remembered. I fit perfectly in his arms and my body seemed to mold perfectly against his as he held me as close as possible.

           “Hey now, watch where you put your hands on my sister,” Ronnie lightly threatened before swooping Caitlin up into his arms.

           I watched them giggle as he twirled her in the air with a huge grin on my face. He deserved to be happy, they both did. I buried my face into Cisco’s neck this time, pressing a light kiss to his skin and grinning when he shivered at the feeling.

           He chuckled before quietly telling me, “Hey, your brother has already threatened me to keep my hands off you, don’t make it harder on me to follow orders.”

           I laughed into his shirt before kissing his cheek.

           He gave me his cheeky grin, the one that reaches one ear and travels to the next, where he squints his eyes to show the laugh-lines all over his face and exposes all of his teeth. My heart fluttered at the sight of it. It gets me every time.

           “I like that, though.” He told me before kissing each cheek and then my forehead, and then my nose. He continued to do this, going faster and faster, peppering kisses all over my face. I laughed and tried to lean back, but his hands on my waist held me close.

           “That suit looks great on you, by the way,” he added as the kisses came to a stop.

           “Why, thank you,” I smiled before teasing, “My boyfriend made it for me.”

           “Your boyfriend seems awesome.”

           I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned my forehead against his chest. I could feel his heartbeat under his shirt and I smiled. “He is.”

           “He’s pretty lucky to have someone like you, too.”

           The whole cortex was filled with chatter and laughter. It felt like we had all won for once and we were all happy. I leaned in to kiss Cisco, but the rush of wind that sped by caused us both to jump and forget what we were doing. And the light atmosphere died as soon as Barry zoomed in. He took his mask off and faced all of us with a solemn expression.

           “Barry, we won!” Caitlin informed him, trying to remind him that it was okay.

           Barry used his speed to change out of his suit. He still looked unhappy and I had a good guess why. Especially since Ronnie and I had just got back, it was an odd, sinking feeling to know that Harrison Wells was the bad guy that had been terrorizing the city for so long.

           “I want to speak with him.” He deadpanned. The circles under his eyes were never as clear as they were in that moment.

           “Barry, we just caught him.” Joe pointed out, “I think we all deserve a break, especially you.”

           “I need answers.”

           “Tomorrow.” Iris suggested. “For now, I think we all deserve some rest.”

           I took a deep breath and that’s when I noticed the aches in my body; my back and ribs both hurting every time I breathed in. Any movement in my neck caused a throbbing sensation where Wells had curled his fingers around my skin.

           Just as I thought about it, I felt a pair of cool fingers brush against where it hurt most. I winced and almost stepped back before I realized Cisco was just looking at it.

           “Caitlin, perhaps you should check them for injuries first?” Cisco mumbled, still observing my neck. His eyes hardened and I could see him clench the muscle in his jaw, before he stated, “Looks like that’s going to bruise.”

           I shook my head. “It’s alright. That’s the only thing that really hurts, and I can handle a bruise or two.”

           “Can you move your head for me? Like this?” Caitlin asked, rolling her head back and around in a circle. I copied her motions, fully able to do it but wincing during the whole thing. Caitlin shook her head, “Well, it isn’t broken.” She stepped a little closer. “However, it does look like its already bruising. You should put ice on it when you get…” She hesitated then and I knew what she was thinking. If I came back to live with her at her apartment for a few days, her and Ronnie won’t get much alone time.

           “I’ll have her ice it back at my place,” Cisco assured her, one of his arms still around my waist.

           I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, so I leaned up and pressed another kiss to his soft cheek. The cheeky smile was back as he engulfed me in both of his arms, pulling me back to his chest once more.

           “I missed that,” he admitted.

           “Me too,” I told him before resting my head on his chest.

           “Mmm, ‘kay, lovebirds,” Barry sighed, trying to sound annoyed, although the smile on his face betrayed him. “Let’s all go home.”


           “Aww, we haven’t had a movie night in forever!” I giggled as Cisco handed me a pint of ice cream and then made himself comfortable on the couch next to me. “Unless you consider the video-chat-movie-nights we had.”

           “Which I don’t,” he told me, taking a bite of his mint chocolate chip.

           “Why not?” I squealed, trying to sound offended. I briefly held the tub of ice cream to my throbbing neck. I saw him flinch at the sight from the corner of my eye, so I was quick to distract him, “I loved our video dates.”

           He smiled then, his eyes so soft that if it was possible for a heart to melt, than mine would’ve. “You know…” He set his ice cream down, “I almost forgot something!” I watched as he quickly dashed into his bedroom. I waited with no idea what he was doing, but too indulged in my cookies and cream to go and see. It wasn’t long before he came back, a red box in hand. “Um…” His cheeks were tinted a light shade of pink as he sat down and held the box out to me. “I know we couldn’t get together at the time, but… I still wanted to get you something, so…”

           I took the box and read the card on the outside, “To My Love, Leah. Happy Six Months.” I gasped and turned to face him again. “Cisco…”

           “I-I know, I…I know we’ve been together for eight months now, but I made this for our six month anniversary, so I waited until you got here to give it to you.”

           As he was explaining the mysterious red box, I was busy opening it and tossing the tissue paper aside. Inside was a large silver book and as I set the box aside, I noticed how heavy it actually was. When I opened it, my eyes watered immediately and my heart fluttered. The gift was a scrapbook filled with pictures: pictures from before we were dating and while we were dating. I had never known we had so many pictures together.

           I looked up at him with tears at the corners of my eyes. Noticing this, he began to panic, “I-is it not good enough?! I could get something else! I thought of buying you flowers and chocolate, and even a necklace- I really did- but then I saw all these pictures, and–.”

           Not knowing how else to get him to stop, I pressed my lips against his. He tensed up at first, probably confused, but I couldn’t tell with my eyes closed. I smiled into the kiss as I felt him relax and run a hand through my hair, pulling me closer to him.

           “I love it.” I whispered to him once we pulled apart, nuzzling my nose against his.

           He leaned his forehead against mine with another cheeky smile that I’ll never get over. “I love you.”

           “Oh, yeah,” I shrugged my shoulders as I placed the scrapbook on the table before curling up closer to his side, almost on his lap. “I guess I love that, too.”

           He laughed, the brilliant sound echoing in the otherwise silent living room. He pinched my side, “Hey!”

           I quickly took his face in my hands and brought his lips back to mine. I had missed the way his lips molded against mine, the way his hands wrap around my hips and pull me up onto his lap, and the sound he makes in the back of his throat when I run my fingers through his hair. The heat radiating off his body and warming up mine was so familiar, my heart ached at how much it had missed it. I pulled him as close as I could, deepening the kiss as much as possible.

           We spent the next few hours kissing and chatting, laughing and making up for the months when we were apart. When we curled up in bed to fall asleep, I forced myself to stay awake and watch as his body slowly melted into the mattress. His arm around my waist grew heavy, along with his snores. I ran my fingers through his soft hair and he leaned into my touch, his forehead falling forward to lean against mine and his breath lingering over my skin and keeping me warm.

           I got a text from my brother that night about how he hoped Cisco and I got home safely.

           That’s the last text message I ever got from my brother.

Do We Have to Go? || Josh

Requests: can you do one where y/n goes to the htr premiere ?

Hey, could you do an imagine where like josh asks you to be a date to a premiere and he is just in awe of your outfit and all that cute jazz. And you come out of the movie and he just rambles on about how good it was…

outfit pieces are linked


You were getting dressed to go to the Hit the Road USA premiere, excitement bubbling up in your tummy. You wore a dress you had ordered from Modcloth which fit you perfectly. The cut was low and flattering. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this beautiful. Not only were you excited to dress up and go to a premiere, but you were so excited to support Caspar and Joe. You were so proud of them.

Once you finished doing your hair and make up, you looked up at the vanity mirror and saw your boyfriend, Josh standing in the doorway. He was wearing a smart suit with a black bow tie. He was staring at you in awe. “Jesus, (Y/N),” he breathed out. “You look,” he paused. “I don’t even have a word to explain it. Stunning. Incredible.” You blushed and looked down at your hands, never knowing how to take a compliment properly.

You stood up and smoothed out your dress as you gave yourself another once over in your floor length mirror. Josh walked over to you, standing behind you and looking at you in the reflection. He held something in his hands and soon reached around to place it around your neck. It was a necklace. He clasped it and then pulled your hair out from under it before placing a kiss to your neck. “What is this for?” you asked, placing your hand on the necklace. It was a stunning gold necklace with a pendant shaped like a mountain range.

“Just because,” he shrugged. “I saw it and I thought of you. Your favorite poem, isn’t it, uh, Still I Rise by Maya Angelou?” You nodded, encouraging Josh to continue, “Well, I just thought, you know, you rise above everything. Above any mountain that comes your way. I saw this and I thought of that poem, cuz you’re always talking about it, you know.” He was scratching the back of his neck bashfully, not quite meeting your eyes with his.

You turned around and stood on your tip toes, placing your hands around Josh’s neck to pull his lips down to meet yours. You could feel like mouth curve into a smile. His hands that were once resting on your waist slid down to your bum, giving it a cheeky squeeze that made your mouth open with a gasp. Josh’s tongue quickly darted into your mouth, making the kiss turn heated. He walked with you back towards the bed, sitting down at the end of it and pulling you onto his lap. Your legs were around his waist as you sat on his thighs, your hands now tangling themselves in his hair.

You weren’t sure who was the first to pull away, but eventually, Josh’s lips left yours and were placing delicate kisses down your neck to where your dress met the curve of your chest. “Do we have to go?” Josh mumbled against your skin. One of his hands ran up your side and to your chest, dipping under the fabric only to discover you weren’t wearing a bra. He groaned and laid his head on your shoulder. “Oh god, can we please skip the premiere? I’m sure the boys will do Hit the Road Antarctica or something soon.” As tempting as it was to stay with Josh, his fingers still tracing the curves of your chest, you knew you had to go. You stood up despite his protests and took his hand.

“C’mon,” you smiled teasingly. “I promise if you’re a good boy at the premiere, we can have play time later.” Josh laughed and smacked your bum before the two of you went to meet the others to head to the premiere.


When you left the theater after seeing the premiere, Josh couldn’t stop talking about the film. He would consider one part his favorite, but as soon as he thought of another, he changed his mind. Josh always loved laughing at Joe and Caspar, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t proud of them and everything they accomplished. Even if he would never say it, Josh loved them both dearly. “What was your favorite part?” Josh asked you finally as you were now taking off your shoes at home.

“Probably the only part you weren’t talking through,” you teased. “You kept whispering about how bloody proud you were of them through the whole thing!”

“Sorry,” Josh blushed. “It’s just strange, yknow? I feel like Caspar was just that doofy kid at school yesterday, and now he’s taking on the world. I can’t help but be proud of him.”

You smiled, “And that’s why you’re just such a good friend.”

You stood on your tip-toes to give Josh a kiss, which he held on to longer than planned. “Was I a good boy at the premiere?” he mumbled when he finally pulled away. You smiled and then pulled him in for another kiss before he lifted you up, wrapped your legs around his waist, and carried you into the bedroom.

watching the dub from the beginning

after seeing ep 10

The first time Viktor tried to get closer and intimate in that second episode where yuuri backed the fuck up and Viktor’s all “what’s wrong, why’d you run away?”

without context, that originally played out as Viktor seemingly dense about personal boundaries or just being completely unaware of the implications of his actions. Hence all the Tamaki parallels with OHSHC

but OMG just hearing the “why’d you run away” in the dub, fits perfectly with the person Viktor perceived Yuri to be in their first interaction that stupid yuri doesn’t remember. You can tell Yuri’s reaction surprises and confuses him, and sort of bums him out. Yuri’s acting like a completely different person than last time.

but we now know Viktor isn’t dense like Tamaki. He’s actually very attentive and selfaware, even if their behaviors are similar, the reason behind the behavior is vastly different

yurio was really brazen in his treatment of yuri in their first encounter with yuri crying

but to go from that to how violent he is when they meet again in Japan. Like, not only does yurio see yuri as this gutless wonder, he also has to completely blame him for viktor’s departure. He always seems to act like Yuri is controlling viktor, just cuz how forthright he was when he was drunk, but even then, Viktor’s never done anything he didn’t want to do. But even if he accepted that, he’d prob still blame Yuri cuz he’s the one who put the idea in his head in the first place

dub side note: I don’t think an English speaking VA exists who is anywhere close to the exact likeness of Junichi Suwabe. Even among english-speaking celebrities who never voice acted, I don’t think someone yet exists with those precise notes to his voice. which really is a shame

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mannnnn, dude I listened to parts of HTBAHB when it dropped but now I heard the whole thing- start to finish. BRO. This album got me fucked up. Just wondering, do you know what's going on in the Life Itself music video? Youth and S02E03 fit perfectly with their respective characters but I really don't know what to make of the Life Itself music vid. I still liked it but I guess I'd assumed it'd be about Chuck?

AGREE. It’s awesome that even almost 4 months later people are still falling in love with it. like, BRO indeed. I feel you. As for the video, I agree it’s definitely the most confusing of the three. If you really want to get crazy, start reading all the comments on youtube lol, people get super elaborate with their theories on there. I guess I haven’t thought extensively on the plot, but my basic interpretation is: boy is the son of the waitress (youth), boy is kidnapped by mean lady in white dress (poplar st), Chuck and the lady in pink (mama’s gun) come to the rescue. So in that sense I think it IS about Chuck since it’s like the whole video is his weird fantasy superhero world where he comes in and saves the day. But at the same time you’re right, there’s a lot going on and I think it’s meant to introduce and show you a little of all the characters that appear rather than JUST being about Chuck!

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i was listening to the beatles and "if i fell" came on, and i felt like the lyrics would fit perfectly with newt falling in love with the reader

That’s really cool 😊 I think that can be made into a story, with the lyrics in between each scene

The smile on your face reflects perfectly in mine,
It pulls on the clock hands and slows down the time.
The freckles in your eyes fit perfectly with the blush on my cheeks
And the silver that threads inside rests somewhere in between.
I can smell the coffee in your mug now on your tongue,
Mine’s not much better, although it feels all quite numb.
My heart is tripping over hills all the way to my lungs,
And who knows where your heart is, but I sure know it weighs tons.