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[Trans] 150420 Shukan Josei Interview

U-KISS: “We have the confidence that we won’t become big-headed!”

Q: About the pastel suits

KS: The title song “Action” in this album is an inspirational song, so it gives a bright/colorful feeling.
KV: It’s a pastel tone that is perfectly fit for the spring season.

―Pink suits you very well, leader Soohyun.

SH: It really suits me well? I think pink is Kevin’s color.
KV: But my favorite color is blue.
HN: Pink is the color of KISSmes. So I thought that it would be nice to give [this color] to the leader and offered this idea to the staffs.
SH: So it was Hoon!?
HN: Soohyun is the oldest among us, so I thought - wouldn’t it be nice to make him look cute? Indeed, it goes well with him!

Q: The colors fit each member’s image?

Green is for Hoon!
HN: It’s not green, it’s mint-colored!!
SH: Kiseop looks good with anything, so he’s the one who goes with the not-so-popular purple (laughs).
KS: It’s my first time wearing purple outfits. My true favorite color is red. Because I love the fruit strawberry?
Jun: My outfit is chocolate brown.
SH: Jun is young, but he looks like 25 years old. So he goes with the calm/subdued tone.
HN: The member who fits the chocolate, brown color is Soohyun, isn’t it?
SH: Huh, you’re saying that I’m an old man…..?

Q: It’s been about a year since Jun’s addition to the group.

SH: Jun grows really fast so I was surprised. The thing that changed the most is his expression. He’s more at ease.
Jun: I’m happy to hear you say that. Because I don’t get praised very often.
SH: I usually don’t compliment him. He’s a rookie so I can’t praise him too much.
KV: “His head will become big (big-headed)”? Is there a similar phrase in Japan? Ahh, “to be full of himself.”
SH: I’ve seen a lot a people who have changed. So we have the confidence that we won’t become big-headed!
HN: Yes. So please praise me more. I’m the type to improve faster when people compliment me (laughs).

Q: The type of girl that makes you want to take action on?

KS: I like girls who do their job properly.
KV: For me, it’s girls who cherish their family.
Jun: Girls who can make me happy just by being with them.
Hoon: For me, it’s girls who are 165 cm tall, with big eyes, full of aegyo/cuteness, and with high-pitched voice. My favorite type is similar to Kiseop’s. If we fall in love with the same person? I will fight and make her my girlfriend! Though this will only happen in dreams (laughs)
SH: For me, it’s girls with fair skin, bright and large pair of eyes, and plump lips.

Q: About the new album.

HN: There are members’ unit songs, and songs with lyrics written by Kevin and Eli, who is currently filming a drama in China. Soohyun’s first solo song “Once Again” is in the album as well!
SH: Honestly, I was worried about the solo song. But the members came to the recording studio and gave me many advises, so it turned out to be a great song. It’s a song made by everyone.


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GOM + Kagami + Takao dressing up for Halloween with s/o? witch costume would they wear? Btw, you guys are amazing! So funny! And you write very well!!:D

(Thanks so much!! <3

And I know a lot of these outfits seem gendered but my friends… it’s halloween!! All people can wear dresses and all can be whatever they choose to be, so I don’t mean to make it seem like this is just a male/female only ask ‘cause it’s not!)

Generations of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: You remember a story from Teiko that Akashi had told you about where he had dressed up as little red riding hood and his friend had been the wolf; when you mention this idea for your Halloween costume he visibly pales, but when you tell him he’ll get to be the wolf this time he seems to grow fonder of the idea. The next day you have a beautifully made dress that fits your measurements perfectly, modeling for Akashi who nods in approval and gives you a brief look at his own costume before telling you to wait patiently for Halloween, and to trust him on the fact that it’d look good. When he shows up looking like a professionally done werewolf you joke that you should star in a move that remakes the fairy tail, his eyes widening as he agrees with the idea and starts to make some calls (while you tell him to calm down and make it through Halloween before planning a movie with you). 

Aomine Daiki: Aomine refuses to dress up in anything intricate even as you and the rest of the team tell him he’s no fun, as he doesn’t even want to go out on Halloween (newsflash: he’s not getting his way with you around). You want to make a play on Touou’s ‘Newly Crowned Tyrant ’ reputation, telling Aomine you were going to buy him a crown and he was going to wear it to be the King to your Queen uniform (you stole Sakurai’s jersey, borrowed a black skirt from Momoi, and bought yourself a sparkling crown that was bigger than the one you got Aomine). You tell him to simply dress in his uniform and act like he was going to play basketball, the simplest outfit you could think of since he dressed up like that almost every day (sans the crown). 

Kise Ryouta: Kise had been plotting for awhile what outfits the two of you would wear during as you had left it up to him, but had been at a loss for a costume that would properly show off both of your appeal. When he heads into his photoshoot that morning he’s surprised to see the outfits he would be wearing, mouth dropping as he realizes they’re absolutely perfect for his Halloween plans; he snatches them after he’s done, stating he wasn’t ‘stealing’ just ‘borrowing’. When he shows you the beautiful God/Goddess uniforms his eyes are glowing and there’s no way to shake him from the idea, taking as many photo’s of the two of you as he could before you freeze in the cold autumn air.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko left most of the decision for the costume up to you, only putting in his two cents if it wasn’t family friendly (as his mother and father wanted pictures) or if it was far too embarrassing for him to think about doing. When you show up with the two superhero outfits you tell him to pick one, and he naturally feels as though he’s suited for the role of Robin; he slides into the tights, looking in the mirror before sliding the mask down his face and posing for you as you judged how it fit him from his bed. When you give him a thumbs up you put on your Batman costume, posing in the mirror beside him and saying it definitely fit the two of you; you giggle as he leans over to give you a kiss, telling him you had to stay in character for the night, meaning you were going to become dark and brooding until it hit midnight. He shows clear unhappiness with this idea, telling you that he dealt with enough angst regarding the Generation of Miracles and would rather not deal with it on a fun night such as Halloween. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima didn’t understand Takao’s laughter as he left his house in a mage robe with a staff that his sister had helped him paint, thinking the costume was perfectly fine (there were some ridiculous looking people out on Halloween, after all). You’re dressed in a intricate design that you hadn’t seen anywhere in Halloween stores that you’re almost positive Midorima made especially for you (he refuses to admit to anything, though his mother did give you a knowing smile as she took a picture of you two). When Takao off-handedly mentions that the character your playing is the royalty that the main character mage is in love with in the story, he denies, denies, denies, until you come upon Kuroko who also had a love for the books, and the truth. Kuroko lists off the various shows of love the mage performs for his ruler while Midorima looked for a means of escape (Takao wasn’t going to let him get away at this point). 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Appreciating her aesthetic and having always loved the board game, you chose Queen Frostine to be your desired Halloween costume, excitedly telling Murasakibara all about your idea (though you’re sure he only heard the part about being allowed to eat candy all night instead of just when you got home). When you bought the outfits you realized you might have to tailor Murasakibara’s out a bit more, finding it difficult as he refused to stand still while you were sewing and trying to make it comfortable for him to wear, but were finally successful when Himuro came along and helped you out (You tried to convince said pretty boy to be Princess Lolly but he didn’t seem to enjoy the thought of being your and Murasakibara’s love child). 


Kagami Taiga: Kagami isn’t entirely on board with the idea but after you buy the black shirts, he knows you’re in it for the long haul; you model the jersey perfectly after Touou’s, making one for you and Kagami while using color hairspray to dye your hair blue. Aomine isn’t entirely happy with you both mocking him so openly, with Kagami commenting that being him was the scariest thing he could think of, while Aomine retorts that it’s only because Kagami has realized how great he is and wants to spend a night being brilliant.

Takao Kazunari: Takao needed his outfit to be absolutely perfect, one that would bring tears to the eyes of the many who would see him, but he had trouble thinking of something that great. He realizes during practice one day exactly what he should be, pulling you into his scheme as he pushes his jersey into your hand and tells you to be him. When you question his intentions he refuses to tell you, locking the door to his room as he got ready. He had stolen Midorima’s outfit earlier that day under the guise of washing it for him, wearing glasses that were far too large for his face and having poorly painted his hair green with some sort of Halloween hairspray; along with that he only talked in his perfect imitation of Midorima’s voice, adding ‘nanodayo!’ at the end of each of his sentences. When you laugh and comment that the Midorima would absolutely kill him when he saw him, he tells you ‘I’ll do my best to survive and let the heavens do the rest!’ with a serious face. 

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I saw a lot of people talking about Bokuaka and Owl City songs and that is perfection. I have a headcanon that when Bokuto graduates and he has to leave to go to college, they both listen to Vainilla Twilight and think about each other. "The silence isn't so bad till I look at my hands and feel sad, cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly..."



this is my favorite scene of the mine video because the bottom is the view at the end of my street and they look so similar and the video is just so.. maine. I’ve lived here my whole life and I love it and whenever I watch the video it makes me so happy because I could totally picture a love story like that happening here, with two people meeting at some small family restaurant and getting engaged out on a canoe and raising a family here. not to mention the fact that i love it because it’s beautiful and fits the song perfectly and makes me cry everytime. i’m so glad taylor chose to film the video here and i’m so happy she loves it here. and that thing she said about moving here when she’s old and gray… i’ll buy a beach house next to hers and we can sit out on a porch making seashell necklaces and eating lobster. sounds like a plan. 

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what are the powers of a lithromantic asexual? idk i just didnt see it on your list

{Small note, we use the term akoiromantic instead of lithromantic due to controversy surrounding the term “lithsexual” and the appropriation of lesbian culture}

Akoiromantic asexuals can often find that their specific powers do not activate unless absolutely necessary, but always fit the situation perfectly. A good example is a higher up member of the Asexual Initiative who was cornered by the Ace Hunt and gained the an area of effect attack that scaled with the power on which they were on to devastate that section of the Ace Hunt and let them escape unharmed. Obviously they have access to all basic asexual powers all of the time.

6 months ago I wore the dress I’m wearing today and I couldn’t fit into it, I had to leave part of it unbuttoned. 2 months ago I wore it again and I could at least button it, but it was still tight. Today I’m wearing it and it fits perfectly, if not a little loose.

I still have trouble seeing a difference when I look at myself in the mirror, but when I can fit into clothes that haven’t fit in a long time it really makes me feel good :))))

This is a cool moment that I wanted to share with the Internet because on a whim i decided to order highwaisted pants off the internet and they came in the mail today and im absolutely in love with them. For as long as I can remember my weight has been effecting my self esteem. Im finally beginning to accept my body and its flaws. While these pants don’t fit perfectly and I’ll have to wear spanx with them when I go out I’m really proud of myself for beginning to overcome my body issues and I’m starting to love myself

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I don't know if anyone has talked about this before, but have you noticed the highlighted verse in Herschel's bible in Welcome to the Tombs? Do you think it could be foreshadowing something about Beth or is it too long ago for the writers to connect them?

Hey doll!

I think in season 3 it was mainly just Gimple throwing ideas around his head for Beth’s character and what could happen to her in the future, hence his notes about her on Morgan’s wall. So I think it was too early to throw in a huge egg like this about her arc tbh, I think it was just Hershel having a little dig at The Gov and a hint towards the zombie apocalypse itself; BUT it does fit her very well so you know, anything is possible!

And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life;

Beth is one of few wholly good people in the show, and she will be “resurrected” and start her new life, so it at least fits her arc perfectly. Who knows really! :)

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At this point, all Christopher needed was copious gallons of coffee injested into his system, caffeine the hopeful cure to the confusion that plagued his fraying mind - after all, he’d woken up in a dank alleyway with no recollection as to how he got there, and now he was back within the bounds of his abode, things were different. Pictures that were apparently of him looked far older and far less blessed in the hair department, not to mention the images of unknown children that laced upon the walls and of course, the decor that was a rockstar’s dream, but right now Christopher’s total fucking nightmare. What the hell had happened since he had fallen asleep last night? Did he end up smoking too much weed again and this wasn’t actually his home at all? If that was the case, why did his key fit and turn perfectly within the lock? With a groan and making his way swiftly towards the kitchen that he didn’t recognize anymore, the young lion started the prep in making his coffee, desperate that the beverage would give him some clarity as to what on earth was truly going on.