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Sirius wears these black jeans sometimes that just fit him so perfectly, and Sirius would be talking to James or whoever and Remus would just come over and tug Sirius by a belt loop and press himself against Padfoot and give him a hickey on the neck right then and there and James would just be like, “Gross, mate,” standing three feet away


(If you saw Springle’s stream from a couple days ago, you’d understand lmao)    Many brain cells were lost in the making of this. Rip brain cells. I blame @springledongle  for this bullshit coming to be, but what glorious bullshit it is.      I had to draw @foxygogogo too, since their Fun Foxy fits this perfectly to me, but that might just be me. Idfk lol. (This is based off the vine at 7:34)

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I read a completed fic a while back where Levi advertised his apartment to share with roommate. Eren contacted Levi, and at some point the heat was broken and Eren came into Levi's room because he was so cold. I think Levi ended up letting him under the covers and they kissed or something dk it was cute. Hopefully you can help find it. Dx

I ammm thinking it’s this one, as it seems closest to your description, but there are quite a few similar fics. If it’s wrong, let me know. :D

Midnight Touches
Summary: Eren says he’s scared of sleeping alone so it doesn’t surprise Levi when Eren climbs into his bed at night.
     Eren says he’s always cold so it doesn’t surprise Levi when Eren wraps his body around him.
     Eren says he’s never kissed before so it doesn’t surprise Levi when Eren’s lips fit perfectly into his.
     Eren says he’s never been in love so it does’t surprise Levi when Eren tells him he loves him.
     Eren says he’s never had sex before so it doesn’t surprise Levi when Eren tells his he’s ready for “the thing”.



I got tagged by @almightykitten thank you so much! <3
Well, this is the first time I’m showing myself on here and I think I will delete this post later on because I don’t really like showing myself in the internet.
I’ve done something similar to this not long ago, so my lockscreen is still the same but I changed my background to a moodboard of Jin. I just love the colors in it idk, I think they fit perfectly together ❤
And since BTS’s comeback I’ve been listening to them a lot, but I don’t have their new songs on my phone yet, that’s why I choose Bapsae (a.k.a one of my favourite songs from them 👌👌)

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Hellooo! I really really like your style! I was wondering if you buy your shirts, are they men's size? And do you buy them a size smaller? Because i saw you wearing Thrasher and it fits you perfectly!

yes i but size small and extra small in button downs!

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Qui-Gon Jinn and Dooku, Pirate AU

Ooh this one fits PERFECTLY into my Pirates of the Caribbean AU, BLESS YOUUU!!!!

“Jinn, stop staring off into the horizon and get down to inventory like I instructed you,” snaps an irritable Dooku; the recent pirate activity along their trade route has set him on edge.

Qui-Gon shakes himself out of his reverie and nods quickly, swinging off the forecastle and heading towards the stairs to the hold; halfway there, Captain Dooku stops him with an icy inquiry - “Looking for pirates, son?”

There is no warmth in the title, only sarcasm; Qui-Gon glances over at Tahl, where she sits on a coil of rope, moodily mending a sail, and they share a knowing look for a fraction of a moment before he brushes his hair out of his face and answers crisply, “No, sir.”

This was a little *too* fun. Tbh I should be doing English homework but this popped into my head and I basically went “LET’S DO THIS.” I love the Pirate AUs eee.

Basically though, Qui and Tahl, working on Qui’s uncle’s ship (Dooku is his legal guardian as far as I’ve figured) are planning to join a pirate crew. For reasons I don’t yet know. But yeah. This was fun.

Send me a pairing (canonical!romantic or Ventrobi, platonic, familial, enemies, etc) and an AU setting, and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic!