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Can you just imagine all of the painful emotions Sasuke was feeling when he was laying with Naruto at their final fight? So much so that he cried?? I was listening to a song called Moon by a band Drive Like I Do (check it out) and I feel like Sasuke must have been in a million pieces in that scene. All of his barriers were torn down BECAUSE of Naruto. Thats real love right there.

After spending years running away from his emotions and constantly telling himself that solitude and isolation was the only way? And after hearing Naruto feels that same pain for him? I couldn’t begin to fathom the extent of what he was feeling in those moments. Like?? I swear, if they weren’t on the brink of death… something would’ve happened. Something that signifies that they both understood that neither of them considered their relationship as ‘just friends’. 

                         gooD for you 

                      for forEver 

      waving through A window 

                      sinceRely, me 


    to break in a gloV


       you will be fouNd

        if I could tell Her 

                words fAil 


               so big, So small 

      anybody havE a map?

                        oNly us


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because someone already did the war of hearts version - here is everyone’s new favourite malec scene with “storm” by ruelle