fit perfect

aries: silver purifies in heat, but you will only burn. be the fire and the axe to hew regardless. lightning strike and firecracker, sparking dry heat. the trees you crumble to ash in your hands care more than you ever did.
taurus: you, clove and cedar, nutmeg and nettle. this is a time for you to learn how to bend in the wind instead of breaking. your mouth is all sweetness, breathing in the sun and her wet light, your hopeful heart unfolding petals under her touch.  
gemini: take the hurt home, feed it from your hand and give it a name. remember that familiar things can still draw blood. the moon is a metaphor you hate, but when she shines, you still look up to the sky. hold the hurt in the same way.
cancer: there is no such thing as a clean break. kindness is the strongest kind of soft. you are not all bone and teeth; there are parts of you that still give when touched.
leo: swallow the ice winter has brought you. let it avalanche through you, suffocating the light, burying what remains. your anger has served you well; do not let it go.
virgo: lighthouses shine for everyone else, and you have steered so many ships away from the rocks, shown them the way back to land. do not forget to save some light for yourself.
libra: you, the comfort of rain outside, lightning licking across the sky. be the storm, washing the pavement clean. be the silence after, when all the trees raise their wind-blown heads, blinking in the new light, unable to believe that the thunder has passed.
scorpio: you will be the last one standing. they try to tame you, break you, love you. your open heart is a bird they cannot hold without drawing blood. your open heart is a bird spreading untamed wings, bursting free.  
sagittarius: you carry your love in cupped palms and it spills out like sand. the sounds outside your window were never a lullaby; you can sleep to them regardless. open your mouth for the desert wind. gentle things grow even here.
capricorn: dig up peace with your bare hands and call it clean. your ache is a vine curling through your ribcage, winding tendrils that brush leaves against dry bone. plant yourself in the dirt of your sadness, and grow.
aquarius: your honesty is a river carving its way through bedrock, all fury and valley. watch the words you speak. they will evolve, grow legs and walk on the dry land you are always rushing past.  
pisces: you open your mouth for smoke like water, insides all hungry and empty. mercenary love, message in a bottle thrown out to an uncaring sea. the ways to lose yourself you have found will not keep you together forever.
—  a.s.w. (inkstay november prompt: hew)