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When Keith is bored he'll kiss Lance on the face a lot, all over until they both dissolve in fits of giggles. It's cuter of you imagine that Lance is trying to get work done but his annoying boyfriend keeps distracting him.

keith doing it also because he knows it annoys lance when he’s trying to be serious and he loves ruffling lance’s feathers, but lance can’t stay mad bc his bf is being a little shit but he’s still cute and so he’s just a half pouty, half smiling blushy mess and keith is a smug gay

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I want to request 32 "Make me" + DINO :D -LK Anon [I love your blog~]

32. “Make me.” (DinoxReader)

sleepover drabble

Dropping your keys after many attempts of fumbling to open the door to your apartment, you fall into a fit of giggles, beginning to regret the 7th jaeger bomb. Buried in the scent of his cologne you find yourself leaning against your best friend Dino for support,

“Just open the door already,” He whines, letting out a small hiccup as he leans up against the door frame for support.

“Got it!”

You announce, finally opening the door and with it taking away Dino’s only source of support, sending him tumbling onto the floor.

Smacking your hand against the wall, you hit the lightswitch causing the apartment to light up, revealing the crumpled heap of Chan on the floor.

Seeing your bestfriend rolling on the floor you dissolve into a pool of giggles, and you somehow manage to kick off your heels to allow your feet some sweet relief as you’d spent most of the night dancing like a headless chicken.

“One more drink before bed, come onn…”

Being the bad influence you always are you lean down, grabbing hold of Dino’s hand and beginning to, very slowly, drag him towards the living room.

With each step he begins to slowly drag himself up from the floor until he’s stumbling behind you, still holding your hand tight in his. Soon you feel yourself trip over the corner of your rug and onto the soft second hand couch you bought last summer.

A loud thump signalled that a very tipsy Chan had landed next to you on the couch, soon you could feel his warmth radiating against your skin causing small shivers to trail down your spine. Your mind reached cloud nine as his hand found its way onto your leg, drawing small patterns as he stared up at the ceiling.

Never had you seen someone so beautiful than now.

The look of blissful contentment stilled on his face as he turned to gaze at you, a small dopey smile forming on his lips as the alcohol coursing through your bloodstream caused you to let out another small giggle.

The space between you seemed almost static as he inched closer, small jolts of electricity radiating from your finger tips as you felt yourself trace a delicate pattern on the top of his arm. As time stilled, finally you felt the soft touch of his lips against yours. You moved in sloppy harmony as shivers raced all over your body, setting every nerve on fire.

“Lee chan, how dare you kiss me in this condition!” You announce, pressing a finger into his chest with another drunken laugh.

“I demand you stop this instant!”

Continuing to joke, the warmth of his hand slowly meets your cheek with a gentle caress. Cupping your face to look up at him, eyes fixed on nothing but each other. Leaning in to gently brush his nose against yours, he gives another dopey smile.

“Make me.”

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What’s your favorite scene so far this season? There’s a scene in this episode where Connor and Oliver are just laying in bed. I love that—because they’re not back together or are they?—they don’t even know. There’s something really intimate about laying in bed talking to someone, and they’re not even touching. They’re just going through their day, and Oliver has this little mini giggle fit. That’s my favorite scene, I think, out of the whole season because it feels so real. In the middle of all of this stuff that’s going on, there’s always a sweetness between them, I really think, that kind of permeates through the show in a really cool way. – Conrad Ricamora

[Random guy hitting on Pansy at a bar]
  • Guy: Where have you been all my life gorgeous?
  • Pansy: Waiting here. For you. I was born in this bar. Raised in this bar. I thought I would die here. Alone. But now you've arrived and my life can truly begin.
  • Hermione: [bursts into a fit of giggles as the guy walks away]
  • Pansy: [taking a drink] I've always wanted to use that one...
Never Have I Ever - A.I

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Somebody stop me.  I shouldn’t be allowed to do this anymore. Also, I don’t like how this ends so I’m sorry for that…this also goes from 0-100 really quick

Warning: Spanking, choking, daddy kink

“Never have I ever choked someone or been choked,” Michael said watching as two of his four friends took a shot of tequila, Michael not surprised at all that y/n had, but was very surprised when Luke was the one joining her for the shot. They were seated in Ashton’s hotel room that he was sharing with y/n on her two week stay with the boys during their break.“Jesus christ, Luke.”

“What?” the youngest of the group asked laughing as he high fived y/n, neither holding shame in their eyes. “I wasn’t the one into it. I just aim to please.”

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You and Tony were sat on the sofa watching Supernatural when Steve walks in hoping to take a seat.
“You can’t sit with us” you speak looking at him grinning slightly
“Excuse me?” He asks slightly taken aback
“Steve listen, I’m kinda psychic. I have like a fifth sense” you say holding in your laugh
“What do you mean?” He takes seat next to you “do you want me to call anyone?”
“It’s like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can tell when it’s going to rain”

Steve quickly gets up and walks out the room leaving you and Tony in fits of giggles

Tis the Season

Title: Tis the Season
Pairing: StilesxReader
Warnings: Smut
Summary: Y/N is sick of waiting on Stiles to make a move so she decides to give him his Christmas gift early.

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“Are you carrying around a Santa hat full of Mistletoe, Stiles?” I asked, my brow raising slowly as I stopped in front of his locker. 

The boy glanced down at the hat bundled up in his hands before grinning up at me with an enthusiastic nod. “It is. There’s candy canes in here as well.”

I continued to look at him with my brow raised, trying to hold back the fit of giggles. I had been dating him for a few weeks now, I guess it wasn’t entirely serious. A few dinner dates here and there, a peck on the cheek and once on the lips. I wasn’t sure if it was because he was worried about making me feel awkward or if he just liked to take things slow. It was sweet, but a part of me was worried he didn’t see this becoming anything series. 

“So, can I ask why?” I giggled, smiling at his happy facial expression. 

“Because it’s Christmas time!” He paused and then opened the bag so I could look in. “Take a candy cane and help me put the mistletoe up above all the doors in the school. It’ll be fun.”

“I knew there was an actual reason behind this.” I smirked, reaching in to grab a candy cane and some mistletoe. “Let’s go put up this mistletoe.” 

The rest of our study period was spent running down hallways with a stapler and a hat full of mistletoe while we hid around corners from teachers. When we put up the last piece of mistletoe I tossed the hat on Stiles head and pointed up at the doorway. “Kiss me.”

He glanced up with a nervous grin before nodding softly. “Well played, Y/N.” 

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He ran his hand over my cheek slowly before dipping down to place his lips against mine. The soft flesh moved lightly against my own before he pulled back and all too quickly it was over. 

Stiles golden hues looked me over a small smile on his face. “Let’s get back to class.” 

I nodded quietly, letting him turn around to head back first, a frown etched on my face as I walked behind him. Was he avoiding giving me an actual kiss?

When we got back into study hall I slid over to sit by Allison. “You okay, Y/N?” 

I sighed, running my hand through my hair. “Yeah…No…I don’t know. Is Stiles trying to not kiss me?” 


“He hasn’t like…actually kissed me since we started seeing each other.”

Allison raised a brow. “Actually kissed you?” 

I nodded. “You know…like…tongue, lust, intense make out sessions that lead to more…” 

Suddenly a new presence scooted over to the conversation. “Okay, just because Stiles can’t hear you, doesn’t mean I can’t.’ Scott raised a brow. “And if you must know, he’s not avoiding you, he heard from Jackson that you like to take things slow and he might have said you’re a virgin.” 

I furrowed my brow. “That jealous asshole.” I grumbled. “What in the world is Stiles doing listening to Jackson?” 

“He didn’t believe him at first, but he also didn’t want to move to fast and make you mad so…he’s waiting for you to make a move, so he knows it’s okay.” Scott whispered before glancing behind his back to see Stiles raising a questioning brow. 

Allison glanced over at me with a grin on her face. “What’s that look for?” 

“Make a move.” 

“What? Like…like how?” 

She giggled, glancing up at the bell rang. “Don’t know, do something fun. It’s the Christmas season, make it a gift.”

I stood up from my seat as Allison walked out of the class. I glanced over my shoulder slowly and watched as Stiles shoved his stuff in his bag, the Santa hat still on his head. For some reason a rush of confidence rushed over me. I stood up slowly and made my way over to Stiles. 

“Are you busy tonight?” I asked, leaning my hip against the desk. I watched as Stiles eyes lifted, landing directly on the curve of my hips for a moment until he looked up at me. 

“N-No…Not that I’m aware of. Why?” He stood up slowly, swinging his bag over his shoulders. 

I grinned, making sure it was as flirty as I could manage. “I have an early Christmas present I wanted to give you…Can you come over at eight? My parents have a Christmas party tonight.” 

He swallowed lightly, nodding. “Sure. Yeah. Of course, I can do that. Yeah, so…so eight? Tonight?”

“Eight tonight.” I smiled, leaning over to kiss his cheek, my lips lingering by his ear. “Bring the Santa hat.” 

I bit his earlobe and giggled as his knees practically buckled under him. 

“Santa hat. Yeah. Okay.” 

It was fifteen minutes to eight when I finally had everything set up. I decorated my room with Christmas lights and some garland, I even bought a red and white lace lingerie outfit and completed it with a red bow wrapped around my chest and my waist. 

I had no idea where this came from, but I was going to go with it. If Jackson made Stiles think I was some plain jane prude, I was going to make sure he learned just how much fun I truly could be. 

I texted him quickly to tell him to come in and head up too my room. The last thing I wanted to do was answer the doorbell in lingerie and have it not be him. I couldn’t remember how many times Isaac had come over for something like eggs or sugar when he used to live next door. 

The sound of the door opening and closing made me toss my phone to the side onto one of my beanbags. I laid across my bed, my hip jutting up, one hand in my hair, the other across my stomach. 

A few moments later the door knob to my room turned and opened slowly. My eyes caught his facial expression as soon as he walked in and caught sight of me. His Adam’s apple bobbed nervously, eyes wide, mouth open. He couldn’t even talk. 

Slowly, I rolled to the side and stood up, walking over to him as seductively as possible. “Merry Christmas, Stiles.” 

He shuddered, eyes casting over every inch of visible skin. “M-Merry Chr…Shit…Y/N…?” 

I giggled a bit, nodding. “Would you like to open your gift?” 

I wasn’t sure what came over Stiles, it might have very easily been exactly what came over me earlier today. Pent up sexual frustration and raw need for contact. Suddenly, his hands flew out, gripping my sides just at the top of my hips, he spun us around and pushed my body with his against the door, making sure it shut tightly behind me. His lips connected instantly with mine, hands roaming up my sides until he reached the bow at the front of my chest.

He parted from the kiss, breathing heavily as he pressed his entire body against my own. “What–Are you sure?” 

I grinned, reaching my hand up to tug his down, pulling the ribbon of the bow with it, untying it instantly. “Don’t ask questions, Stiles. Play with your presents.” 

Stiles outright groaned at the words that fell from my lips, I could feel him harden against my thigh. He reached forward, both hands instantly taking my breasts and rolling them upwards, thumbs tweaking my nipples. 

My lips parted in a soft moan, back arching off the door as he continued to play with my chest. The feeling sent sparks and shivers through my entire body, my hips tilted up pressing against his own, pulling another groan from the boys lips. 

His mouth found mine again, encasing the plump flesh within his own, teeth practically clashing from the pure passion and gruffness of the kiss. A single hand removed itself from my breasts, choosing to cascade down to the second bow above my hips. 

“Tell me, Y/N,” Stiles murmured against my lips. “How naughty have you been this year?” 

I grinned, nipping his lower lip and sucking the plump flesh in between my own. “Would you like me to tell you…or show you?”

As I spoke, I slid my hand down and ran it across the front of his pants, my fingers toying over the zipper. 

“Fuck…” He breathed, tugging the second bow off of me “Show me. Now.” 

Stiles gripped my hips, hoisting me off the floor and shoving me back up against the door. His hips pressed up against mine, to pin me against the wall. His hand reached in between u as he let a single digit slid against the folds of my wet heat. 

I shuddered, moaning softly. “Wouldn’t this be you showing me how naughty you are, Santa?” 

He grinned against the skin of my neck, nipping it roughly. “You can show me later. I need to touch you.” 

I opened my mouth to respond, but all that came out was a loud moan when he suddenly slid a finger into me, curling it against my walls. Arching my back off the door, I bucked my hips up almost instinctively, craving the friction of him moving that digit within me. 

As if he read my mind he began to slid his finger in and out, adding a second soon after. Each time he moved against me, I moaned, the sounds only gaining in volume when his thumb rubbed against the sensitive nub at the top of my heat. 

I could feel my body building up as he increased his pace, a familiar knot in my stomach that felt like it was about to burst at any moment. My eyes shut tight as he continued his assault, fingers moving rapidly within me, his mouth nipping and kissing from my neck to my chest. As his lips suddenly wrapped around my nipple, teeth grazing ever so slightly against it, I broke. 

My whole body was on fire, hips bucking to get as much friction as possible, my head felt like I was falling and I wondered for a split second if I truly ever moaned that loud before.

After I calmed down, I opened my eyes to see Stiles wide eyed as he stared at me. His fingers pulled back and I almost got worried that he thought I was crazy for how loud I had just gotten. Those worries disappeared though when he finally spoke and broke the silence. 

“That was honestly the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.” He panted, his breath raspy as if he’d been holding it that entire time. 

I shuddered, but gave him a light grin, my forehead beaded in sweat as I caught my breath. “Stiles…” 


“I need you to fuck me. Right now.” 

Once again, I earned myself an out right groan from the boy as he spun us around and laid me onto the bed. 

He made quick work of his shirt, climbing on top of me, hips lowering to grind against my bare ones. “Take off your pants.” I whispered, my hands running over his chest. 

“You don’t have much patience, do you?” He grinned, glancing up at me, a small laugh falling from his lips when he saw the flustered and frustrated look I sent him. 

“Pants off. Now.”

He smirked, sitting up to undo his belt. “Yes, ma’am.” 

I kept my eyes on him as he stood up, quickly tugging off his jeans as well as his boxers. His eyes smoothed over my body with a nervous smile. “Y/N, you’re so fucking gorgeous.” 

I grinned and sat up, placing my hand at the back of his neck. I tugged him back on top of me, my legs wrapping tightly around his waist. We both moaned when his member slid up against my entrance. 

“Are you ready?” He asked and suddenly, he looked worried. 

“Stiles, I’m not a virgin. Now please…” I pushed my hips up. “Forget what Jackson said, I don’t like to take things slow. Fuck me fast.”

“Fuck…” He whispered, groaning as he slid his hands down to take my hips in them, lifting me up against his own, his member aligning at my entrance. It only took a moment for him to press into me, his hips flush against my own as we both let out a satisfied breath. 

It took us both a moment to adjust to the feeling, neither of us wanting it to end too suddenly. After a few minutes he pulled back, snapping his hips forward once again, burying himself in me with a groan. 

I moaned, my back arching as one of his hands slid from my hip to the small of my back, his digits pressing into the muscle as if he was supporting my weight to make it more comfortable. His other hand stayed firmly on my hip to hold me in place as he continued to move his hips, increasing in pace just long enough to see me on the brink of exploding before stilling himself completely, watching with a grin as I tried to calm myself and not give him a frustrated glare. 

He began moving again with a light chuckle, golden hues keeping my gaze before he leaned down to capture my lips. 

He kissed me roughly and deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth like a dark cavern, I moaned into the kiss when he suddenly pinned my hips to the bed, his own driving into me rapidly. 

That pressure built up once again and I half expected him to stop just before I could reach that high point, but this time he kept going, breaking away from the kiss just as that knot snapped so he could watch my face contorted in pleasure, my body reeling against his own. 

He never slowed down his pace until my walls tightening around him made it to hard for him to keep moving that fast. Still, he didn’t stop his movements, his mouth opening in a groan as he pressed his forehead to mine, his fingers dipping into my skin while he came to his own sexual high. 

After a moment, Stiles collapsed next to me on the bed, both of our chests heaving as we caught our breath. With a grin, Stiles turned on his side, his hand reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear, leaning forward to place a kiss against my forehead. 

“That was the best Christmas gift I’v
e ever received.”

Harry Dares Draco That He Can't Get Someone To Serve Him Liqour
  • harry: on a scale of 1 to 10 how drunk are you?
  • draco: *looking up with sleepy eyes abd messy hair* *droopy grin* hehe... 69 *burts into a fit of giggles*
  • harry, while draco is laughing and leaning on him: yup time for bed
  • draco: *high fives self*
Giggle Water

Tbh if I was in Hogwarts I’d replace Professor Snape’s drink with the giggle water-

Just imagine having dinner in the grand hall, all was silent except for the mindless chattering of the students then suddenly loud giggling was heard. Like really loud fits of awkward giggling.

The students paused, even the teachers looked around to see who it was. Mutters from amused students.

“.. What was that?”

“I think that was a giggle, Ron.”

“It sounded like an evil goblin-”

“Ron, have you ever encountered an evil goblin before?”


Then as if by chance, the giggling started again and all eyes were on a certain professor who was pounding on the table, giggling uncontrollably.

Wide eyed students stared at the usually stoic and emotionless man, even the other professors were shocked. “Wh-Who ..” He wheezed through heavy breaths and a few giggles.

“Put .. Giggle water on my-” giggle.

The professor tried to suppress the oncoming giggles before loud laughter echoed in the room.

Everyone turned to you, even the headmaster glanced your way.

“(L/N).” giggle.

Before Snape could utter the words that will ultimately end your studies here in Hogwarts-

“10 points to ( House ).”

Which Sideman Should You Fight?

Josh (Chance of you winning: 50%):

Honestly, this could go either way. You won’t know if you would win or lose, it might actually end in a tie with both of you just forgetting this ever happened. Anyway, don’t fight Josh, he’s a dad. He’ll shut your ass down if he feels like it.

Simon (Chance of you winning: 80%):

He’s a scrawny typical white boy, of course you’ll beat him. Unless you’re into that type of thing and you’ll probably melt in an instant. If you love Simon with a passion, you would rather protect him, unless he actually gets a significant other. Then you’ll be sad, angry, and you would happily fight him and win.

Ethan (Chance of you winning: 55%):

I have a good feeling Ethan knows some moves, but it’ll all end up in a fit of giggles eventually. If you know a joke that’ll be certain to crack him up, he will be laughing so hard that he’ll be paralysed, then you’ll be able to pin him down and win.

Vikk (Chance of you winning: pls no):

Why????? Would you fight Vikk????????? No??????? Please don’t???

Tobi (Chance of you winning: 25%):

Don’t be fooled; his gentle personality will trick you into believing he is a cinnamon roll when actually he’ll Falcon Punch you right out of the world. Then he’ll come and find you, apologise and ask you to join him in a game.

JJ (Chance of you winning: no):

You better have a death wish if you’re fighting JJ. And even after he beats you, he will bring it up in every conversation you have. For the sake of your sanity, just don’t do it.

Harry (Chance of you winning: 110%):

Chances are he’ll probably join you in fighting him. Definite win.

Carl Grimes Fluff

I felt the sun beating down on my back as I continued trudging through the fallen leaves. Even with the sun at its highest peak, there was a chill throughout the forest. My hands were shoved into my hoodie attempting to find warmth. I had to make due with what I had after being unable to find winter clothes in all the summer-stocked stores. Carl was a couple steps ahead of me with Judith placed on his shoulders, his hands were wrapped around her feet, ensuring no part of her was cold. Every few minutes or so he would put a little hop in his step, sending Judith into a fit of giggles, soon followed by his own. He would always take every chance he could get to make her laugh, whether it was making a funny face, or just bouncing her around. He was determined to make her childhood as happy as possible since she didn’t have the same opportunities as other kids in the past.
“Maggie do you want to take Judith for a little bit? I think she needs a diaper change and you’re the only one who can figure out her jacket.” With his hands now free, Carl immediately wrapped them around my waist and pulled me in front of him, us both walking in sync now. My arms rested on top of his, and my fingers interlocked with his much bigger ones, ensuring he wouldn’t take away my new source of heat. This was our usual position when we didn’t have time to rest Occasionally if he was up for it, I could get a piggy back ride from him, which I would use as an opportunity to braid his hair in as many ways possible. He never seemed to mind, after a while he even started carrying hair ties around his wrist for whenever I was satisfied with the finished product.
A content sigh escaped me, I took the chance to look up and admire Carl from my angle. His forehead didn’t have the usual crease in it, and his lips were slightly parted taking in small puffs of air. It was nice seeing him so calm. I’d grown used to seeing his face screwed up into a frown with his hands clenched by his side. On the rare occasion that he would let a smile slip, I tried to lock the image into my head not knowing the next time I would see it. He must have noticed that I was staring, because he looked down to meet my gaze. A small smile took over his features and he turned his head slightly to press a small kiss to my lips.
“Are you wearing my chapstick?”
“My lips were dry cause of the wind, and yours smells better than Dads…” A red tint brushed over his cheeks as he spoke. It wasn’t the first time he’s stolen some, I’d noticed him on multiple occasions pulling the small tube out of my pocket then shoving it back when he thought no one was looking. The topic never came up until now, and I planned on taking the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw, you wanted to smell like your girlfriend! I didn’t think you loved me enough to want to be like me.” My hands were on his cheeks squishing them as I talked; also giving them some much needed warmth.
“Oh shut up. I think its actually you who wants to be like me. More often than not, you’re wearing my clothes instead of your own.” To prove his point, he unzipped my hoodie slightly, revealing one of his old t-shirts. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right, I pulled his arms back around my waist and continued walking. I took every chance I could get to have physical contact with him, with us constantly on the move, we didn’t have much free time to sit and cuddle. It could be something as small as us holding pinkies as we were out on a run, as long as we knew the other was around. The rest of the group would constantly tease us for needing to be by each other’s sides, but that was how we functioned. He watched out for me, and I did the same for him. Glenn stated on multiple occasions that he never saw love as sincere as ours. I guess the end of the world brings out your true self.
There were a couple sniffles from behind me, soon followed by a cough. I knew it was Carl, the past couple of days he had been whining about his throat hurting and not being able to breathe through his nose.
“Did you take the pills I gave you this morning?” My hand came up and reached behind me to run my fingers through his hair. He mentioned to me a while ago that his mom used to do it when he was younger to help him fall asleep, ever since then I would use it to calm him down. I felt him nod and lean into my touch. My fingers continued untangling his hair, since he never seemed to worry about it himself.
“Hey lovebirds, there’s a house up here, come help us clear it.”
After setting up camp for the night and assigning watch, there was a quiet hum throughout the house from multiple conversations. Carl and I claimed the living room couch since it meant we had a reason to be close to each other without the adults teasing us. Judith was blabbering on about something from her makeshift bed on the floor. We were currently on babysitting duty; something about ‘we wouldn’t have time to do anything else with her right next to us’.
“I found some NyQuil in the bathroom, that should help you sleep tonight.”
“You’re too good to me.”
“I can’t use you as a pillow, if you’re coughing and sneezing all night. So drink up” The bottle landed on the pillow next to him. I could already hear him whining in my head about the taste. Thankfully, I had a Gatorade in my bag that I managed to find under a shelf during last weeks run. I threw that to him too.
“Judy looks pretty sleepy, I say we sing her lullaby then call it a night?” It became a nightly tradition for us, singing Judith her song till she eventually fell asleep, then just talking about anything that popped into our heads until we eventually fell asleep. Sometimes it was nice to pretend it wasn’t the end of the world. Just forget what’s going on outside and live life like normal.
“I think that sounds perfect.” Both bottles sat on the floor half open, wrappers just thrown about near them. Daryl had brought us a pillow and some blankets a couple minutes prior, Carl already had them spread out along the couch. I looked down to Judith to see her already staring up at me, her eyes were slowly closing then snapping back open again.
“Come here sleepy girl.” It only took a few seconds of us humming to her for her eyes to fall shut for the night. Most nights she didn’t even need us to sing, she would instantly be out when she was in Carl’s arms.
I could sense Carl getting sleepier, his hands were moving slower up and down my back, and his replies were getting shorter. Our conversation slowly faded into comfortable silence. My ear was placed on Carl’s chest, listening to the steady rhythm of his heart. The sound was a constant reminder that he was here and alive in front of me.

Its the imagine no one asked for! I recently started watching The Walking Dead, and I’m already on season 6. So feel free to send in requests about that as well!


I just found your blog and saw you were doing requests. Can you do one where the reader has been on the island for a month and she has her period and Pan and the lost boys don’t know what to do when she gets moody and has her cramps ..

warnings: mild swearing
848 words

You always knew this day would come. It lay in the deep recesses of your mind, allowing you to live in ignorant bliss with a false sense of freedom until the day came again, and it seemed as if you had forgotten a day like this even existed in all the excitement surrounding your arrival in Neverland. And although time is frozen here on the island, the days - and months - still go on as usual, bring you ever-closer to…

Your period.

And it was total shit.

“Out of my way,” you sniped at one of the younger Lost Boys, who was rolling around in a fit of giggles in front of the weapons pile. “Fucking move,” you commanded again, quite irritated when he didn’t budge. The small boy scurried away as you selected your pick of daggers to train with that day, grumbling in pain all the while.

It hurt like hell, the cramps. All you wanted to do was lay in your cot and die, but alas, there was work to be done on the island, and you would not be thought helpless amongst the boys, whom you had gained respect from this past month.

It had been a couple of days since your menstrual cycle had begun, and the Lost Boys were quite taken aback by your foul mood. Sure, you were already sharp-tongued and authoritative, but you had never been so…bitchy. And scary. Good God, the boys had no idea what to do with you. Hell, you had nearly sliced off Felix’s ear after he asked you what was wrong. He barely had anytime to dodge the dagger you chucked at him, just missing his head by a hair.

You had had enough of dealing with your period in the uncomfortable conditions of your tent for two nights, so this evening, you planned to walk to the beach. Exercise had always alleviated the pain, so perhaps this would also help your mood.


This walk had helped with nothing, and you were lying in the sand, clutching at your abdomen, cursing and swearing as you rode out the waves of pain.

“Tut, tut. Such foul language, dearest,” drawled a voice from behind.

“Fuck off, Pan,” you seethed. You sat up, knowing full well that he probably would do anything but that. Peter Pan took a seat next to you, chuckling as he did so.

“Touchy, are we?”

You snarled at him.

“I’m afraid to ask, since you almost gave Felix another scar when he popped the question but, I’m intrigued. What is the matter, love?”

You sighed, mostly out of annoyance rather than surrender. “Fine,” you began. “I’m on my period.”

Pan looked at you blankly. “Your-”

“Period? You know, menstrual cycle? Every month there’s a week where blood gushes out of my vagi-”

“I KNOW, I KNOW WHAT IT IS!” Pan heaved, face a bit blanched as he looked at you with a strange expression, mouth a bit open and gaping as his cheeks tinged pink. You didn’t know what to make of his face. And you don’t know what it was, but something in his features seemed almost comical in that moment, and you giggled. You laughed.

You chortled.

Pan hadn’t the slightest clue what to do as he just gaped at your insanity, and pretty soon, he was chuckling as well. You were lying on the sand clutching your abdomen once more, not in pain this time, but in laughter. Pan simply gazed down at you, secretly relieved that you didn’t seem to be hurting.

After the bubbling glee had died down somewhat, you were left with a small smile upon your lips.

“Ah, that’s better,” Pan said.

“What is?”

“Well, you’re not snarling at me, so that’s always good.” You scowled at him, and he laughed again. “What I mean to say is that it’s better now that you’re smiling. Or, you were, at least.”

You smirked at that and turned away from him to face the ocean, rising up on your elbows. Although you had forgotten about the pain for a while, you could feel it edging back now, and you huffed in protest.

“Do you need anything?”

You raised a brow and looked at him. Did the magic-wielding jerk just offer his help?

“Why are you looking at me like that?” He eyed you suspiciously, and you stared at him for a long moment before replying.

“Tea, would be nice. And some more cloth.”

Pan smirked at your request. “Anything else, Your Highness?”

“Hey-” you tossed a bit of sand at him. “You asked.” Pan chuckled and stood up, offering you a hand. You got up as well, and as you brushed sand off your clothes, Pan could barely refrain from asking his next question.

“Does it hurt?”

A mischievous glint cast over your eye as you replied smoothly, “Not as much as it does to have talk to you.”

“Alright, alright.” Pan ran a hand through his dusty brown hair, and you smiled to yourself as the pair of you walked back to camp together.