fit life

That shine on my face is sweat 😭 there was way too many people at the gym to take a selfie 😏 so I took one right when I got home (excuse the messy room)
A accomplished a few things today. I did 5 mins on the stair master (a personal best!) and I did legs after 💪 and for a non-scale victory, this sweater used to be really tight, but now it’s got some give 😁


Stephen Amell destroys the Ninja Warrior course for charity

I’m all about that gym life now 💪 no bully is gonna stop me 👊 thanks sooooo much for all of your kind words 💕💕💕 Fitblr is honestly the best online community I’ve been apart of! I don’t let people like that get to me or hurt me. Honestly it just grinds my gears. But I’ve blocked them now after they sent a third ask, but I’m not gonna answer. I’m not getting through to them so why let them keep being a bully to me 🤷‍♀️ I just hope that they don’t bully someone else 🙇‍♀️