So today I hit 365 days of Logging Food on MyFitnessPal. A very useful site for logging food. I’ve found that Everyday you gotta squeeze a bit of Success out of it, and those Little bits of success
day by day,
week by week,
month by month

LEAD to Incredible GAINZ. I cannot stress enough how important logging food is if you are serious about making gainz. If you’re not logging you’re food than Goddamn you are your own biggest enemy. This site has helped me a lot and I love how it goes bit by bit telling you how much you should eat if you want to put on muscle or how much you should eat to lose that flab based on your activity level. Anyways I just thought this was a cool lil surprise, I had gotten so used to using it I didnt even notice it till a few friends said something haha I may be in shoulder rehab right now but The diet keeps me in check and this site has been an Amazing help, 80% of it actually haha