fit honey motivation

17.04.2017 simple breakfast of gluten free oats cooked in soya milk, a kiwi and my lemon and honey tea 😊

Went to sleep at 5am last night and still managed to wake up at 9.45am this morning which although has left me a little bit tired, at least it gives me all day to work on my dissertation!

My calves are still killing me from the other day so still no gym for me😑 I’ve booked a Pilates/yoga class tomorrow morning at 7.40am though so at least I’ll be going to that and it might help with the pain!😂

22.04.2017 usual breakfast and flowers photo😊

This time it’s gluten free bread🍞 with a touch of raspberry jam, topped with strawberries🍓 and a banana🍌. Usual lemon🍋 and honey🍯 tea☕️ there too

Plan for today: prepare lunch then go to the library and finish my dissertation woo!
I haven’t been to the gym in about ten days because of the dissertation but I’m feeling more confident with it now so I’m going to make more time for the gym. I’ve also not been eating well in these last few days because i wanted quick food that i could eat while i was writing and that resulted in binge eating crisps and things like that☹️ but now I’m back on track - i had a super healthy day yesterday and today will be too as I’ve already planned my meals and as of tomorrow I’ll be working out as well💪

May 1st 2015. 7 pm. The Astros’ game is starting now. Didn’t wanna miss it but at the same time I wanted to do something, so I brought all the stuff to the living room. It’s my first time to watch a baseball game and also to use muji pens for studying. Lol I’m excited for both. By the way, the Lipton honey green tea that I’ve been drinking all day is awesome! Ahhh it’s a good Friday evening.