fit girl in a baseball cap

Home Run

Thanks to this picture, we have this prompt!

Cesaro/OC. For Anon: Cesaro in baseball pants, like a WWE game night thing. The reader and Cesaro don’t see eye to eye, and they are put together on a team against a guy and girl of your choosing with the stipulation that if they lost, they’d need to travel together for a week. End how you see fit, but some smuuuuut.


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Age 10 vs 24

Left is one of the few pictures where I look like a little boy. i know i know, there’s no one way to look like a boy – but my mom dressed me and my twin in matching dresses until I was about 13, so i don’t have many pictures where i can see myself as a younger version of the man i am today. When I wasn’t forced into more femme outfits I was a rowdy tomboy, always playing sports, running around outdoors, but my hair was down to my waist until high school… Looking at this picture on the left, my hair tucked up, baseball cap on, I can almost forget that I didn’t get to live my younger years in a body, a persona, that I identify with now. Back then I didn’t know I could be Christopher, use he/him pronouns, or look any different than the way society brought me up to look. I tried my best most days to fit in as a “girl” and though I hated it, I wouldn’t come to the realization that I was trans until much later, in college at the age of about 19. There were signs that I should have seen, things I said and did that were indicative that I had issues with my assigned gender, but I did my best and looking back i’m proud of how I held up. Yes somedays I wish I had a “traditional boyhood” and could have experienced younger years as Chris, but I wouldn’t be who or where I am today if it weren’t for that younger version of myself.