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2x21 All Hell Breaks Loose (Part 1) 

Starved vs Fit vs Fat

I know there have been posts like this before, but lately it seems to be coming up on several different sites I’ve visited again.  So let me just make this illustrative post as a reference.  I’ll start with starved/malnourished.

These dogs are starved/malnourished. There is ZERO muscle tone and all their bones are well defined with simply a layer of skin over them and no fat or muscle. (Note all were nursed back to health.  They also all were from different countries; Scotland, Spain and the UK).  Dogs kept in this condition can NOT run and race.  If they were racers (I know at least the bottom one is a lurcher and the middle one I think is a galgo) there is simply no way they could probably even finish a race.  So, no, active racers simply are not kept in this condition.

Next, racing-fit hounds:

Yes, some hounds have more visible ribs.  Either because of lighting, because they were panting and drawing in a breath, and even because their ribcage may be sprung wider or more narrow than others.  You can’t just look at a rib outline and decide a dog’s health.  Look at the musculature, the overall gleam of health.  Even the dog’s color can affect how they appear.  Fawn dogs often seem to show more rib than brindles or whites for example.

Then we move on to fat/obese hounds:

These photos have been used by the Greyhound Health Initiative to show the difference between fat and fit, so I’m not randomly picking on people’s pets.  But you can see that they are definitely overweight and even still on the middle hound you can see some rib outline.  These hounds are at increased risk of joint problems, injuries, heart and lung problems and metabolic disease.   I believe the people who volunteered these photos have since worked to get their hounds to a more healthy weight.

Anyway, I hope this helps people who feel confused by the physique of greyhounds (and sighthounds in general).  Though remember a healthy saluki, azawakh, etc. will still be slimmer and bonier than a muscular greyhound.  It’s always best to research before accusing.


“Our narrative proceeds along at a stately pace without a trace of Dickensian flourish or Thackerayan japery, and then I come across this, a phrase, repeated in a variety of languages, seemingly at random, like a poetic repetition I can’t make fit anywhere. Lupus Dei. The Hound of God.”

No but really, Crowley called his Hellhound JULIET! JULIET!

He’s referred to Dean as Romeo in the past (I believe in Mother’s Little Helper) so that to me just emphasizes the role Crowley has been manipulating him into. I’ve spoken before here about Dean’s story seeming to fit a classic werewolf tragedy and how Dean is essentially becoming that monster with a dangerous inner darkness that threatens to consume him and put everyone around him in danger and it’s THIS that Crowley is hoping to utilise and has been working towards all season. Blade Runners was particularly heavy with hints to this end, both with Crowley’s manipulations and with framing Dean as a werewolf/Hellhound type of weapon (see also here for discussion on the mark of Cain and how that fits with hound themes also). Crowley having named his Hellhound Juliet just screams further support for this notion. Furthermore, if you look here, Sam we cannot see, his face is obscured in shadow. Dean we can see clearly. Pretty suggestive to me.