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I sort of had a super amazing day!  Even though I already got my butt on the move today, it was so nice and sunny outside that I just had to walk through Metro Park. Very spring-like today, though a little windy. Such is life in Michigan. I think I used my legs enough today, so I’ll probably move cardio to Thursday and do my ab workout tomorrow to give them a break. I feel so on top of things this week.


Today’s hauls. Not too shabby, especially since the meatloaf I made was made from super lean local beef and a potato never hurt anyone 😂. I also did some dumbbell workouts but those were from my couch so I didn’t log them.

I wanna start logging and posting my food and activity more so I’ll hold myself accountable. I’m on a workout break right now because of my busy ass schedule and the fact that my practicum is MUCH more strenuous than I would have thought. I mean, my pecks and butt are sore from taking down/putting up decorations today and I leave everyday with aching feet. Truth be told, I’m getting more exercise now than before I started when I was doing workout videos 3-5 times a week.

Things will slow down at the end of April once I’m finished with this practicum though, just in time for nice weather hiking! 😊

The girl who was a foodie IS STILL A FOODIE

First off I don’t know if “foodie” is the right word but I LOVE FOOD. Yes my stomach can eat more than a 10 year old boy and I honestly feel like thats an accomplishment. But I also know that being a foodie has pros and cons. How I used to eat is a lot different than how and what I eat now, but I’m still a foodie. I’m currently on a no gluten and diet “low carb” diet right now for multiple reasons. I have a super sensitive stomach and cutting these foods out have really helped my stomach, I have been eating more veggies and meat from this diet (and actually loving it), and of course because I want to lose weight and be healthier. But I AM STILL A FOODIE. My meals are very different, but in each meal I always make it colorful. Whether its bananas, apples, strawberries, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, chicken, salmon THE LIST GOES ON! I try new foods almost every week, but the catch is they’re healthy! Yes, I still go out to eat but I also read on the menu to see what can be a healthier option on the menu. Being a foodie doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy, it just means you love food :)


3/29/2017 Lunch Walk at River Front… Interrupted by FEMA! Woohoooo 2month7days later, FEMA crews are getting to the community walkways, cleaning up snapped GA pines and grinding down stumps. So happy!!! I hope everyone is having a peachy, saucy day!

participant guide


3 weeks til Boston, we’re tapering

9 miles on the second day of recovery from Sunday’s Syracuse Half, today felt like the real recovery run.  The body was a little achy, the legs tight, the hamstrings especially sore - yes, I was reminded that I did an intense event a couple of days ago.  As I had some time today, perused the Boston Marathon participant guide, going over the schedules of events and the logistics.  Definitely packed with protocols, obviously not your average weekend race, part of the taper of the next couple weeks will be to prepare mentally for all the steps leading up to the starting line in Hopkington.