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6/21/2017 training block 1 day 3 - heavy deadlifts

competition deadlifts: 260x3x4 Double initiation deadlifts: 185x3x3 Barbell RDL: 105x4x8 Bent over single arm row: 30x4x10

Deadlifts went really well! I was nervous, but I referred back to my cue sheet and had a really solid initiation with each rep. I definitely could’ve/should’ve gone heavier with all of my accessories tonight, but I wanted to make sure my form was good before jumping into any heavy weight. I need to be doing RDL’s with at least 135 tbh. Rows could’ve gone up to 40 maybe, but double initiation deadlifts were at an appropriate weight.

IT WAS MY LAST DAY OF WORK AND I FOUND A TATTOO ARTIST I LOVE. TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY! Also, these shorts were only $7 and they’re my new faves. I’m going to go back and buy more because they fit well and don’t cut into your midsection.