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So. I’m in my Barre class right. I found out that the instructor is a personal trainer. So afterwards I ask her what her rate is. I explain I want to learn how to properly lift. She encourages me and tells me the info.

So I laugh and say, “ha I’m even wearing a Sailor Moon lifting shirt!”

She gives me the fakest smile I’ve ever seen “oh… I uh… Don’t know who that is. She’s cute though?”

Crrrrinnnge. I often forget most fitness people are the furthest from nerds as can be. I just, she’s my generation. We all grew up with toonami. I assumed everyone was at least aware of it.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, with this shirt even! Why is it so hard to find other nerds who like fitness?


more practice!! lexa def kissed clarke on the right and she’s major blushing

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So you're pretty, fit, nerdy, have those arms, and are in general awesome, how are you single?

if someone told me i had to flirt w a really pretty girl or else the world would perish from a giant meteor destroying the earth… ngl…we’d probably….all die

As an Asian American girl, I just gotta give a shout out to the few Asian characters on TV shows I love (even if there are only two of you).

Magnus Bane. He’s one of my favorite characters on Shadowhunters. He’s compassionate and breaks down stereotypes about Asians - he’s not “too businesslike” or “stiff” but he’s also not dumbed down into a racial joke.

Reggie Mantle on Riverdale. Even if your character isn’t the nicest character on the show, he creates a presence that, again, beats stereotypes. He is popular and sporty, rather than fitting into the “nerdy” or “have-no-fun” stereotypes.

THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH for bringing people like me to my favorite shows. I love you both to death, and I think we can all agree that WE NEED MORE ASIAN AMERICAN REPRESENTATION ON TV!


Cause I have been asked for this many times, but this is my progression from December 2014 to August 2016. Its a bunch of random pictures but it shows somewhat how I have slimmed down and then last few months I have started toning up, my weight really not changing up but a lot of lose and flabby skin tightening a lot.

Quick Tips:

Take Selfies: I know all y’all have phones… TAKE PICTURES. The further you get along in your journey, you will have days that you feel like shit and think you have not made much progress. Trust me, selfies are useful for making you realize that it is all in your head.

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TREAT YOURSELF: Seriously. Don’t deprive yourself. Treat YO SELF.  

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I know it can be a bit intimidating going to the gym or even working out when you see everyone working out and they all look like they came straight out of a magazine. The fact that you are at the gym and you are at least walking is a good step. MAN… The fact that you had the willpower to go is a good thing.

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What kind of blog every Smash Bros. 4 character would run

Mario: Pictures of his friends

Dr. Mario: Mario’s side blog where he reblogs health and safety textposts

Luigi: Reblogs from Mario, long-winded passive-aggresive text posts, constantly reminds people to tag their ghosts

Peach: Pictures of food and cute things

Bowser: ALLCAPS SHITPOSTING, always reblogs Jr. and the Koopalings

Bowser Jr/Koopalings: Shitposting, memes, reblogs from Bowser

Rosalina: Photos of space, cute stuff for kids

Yoshi: Pictures of food, arts and crafts

Wario: Pure, unfiltered, nonstop shitposting, a ridiculous amount of Vines

Donkey Kong: Text posts that are only one or two words long, blog autoplays the DK Rap

Diddy Kong: Reblogs from all of the other Kongs, mostly from Funky

Mr. Game And Watch: Extremely old-school aesthetic, two-frame animations

Little Mac: Doc Louis reblogs, selfies showing off his guns, sponsored posts he contractually has to make

Link: Reblogs scenery and pictures of enemies, sometimes in black-and-white

Zelda: Very polite political blog

Sheik: Zelda’s side blog, reblogs resources for transgender people

Ganondorf: Made an account seven years ago, got banned for sending threatening messages

Toon Link: Photography blog: 95% selfies, 5% scenery

Samus: Scenery from alien planets, text posts about saving endangered species, pictures of cute animals

Zero Suit Samus: Samus’s rarely-updated side blog for selfies

Pit: Bad puns, aerial photography, hot springs

Dark Pit: Has Pit blocked, but his blog content is almost exactly identical

Palutena: Puns, memes

Marth: Political blog, entirely in Japanese

Roy: Pictures of swords, occasional clueless text posts (in Japanese)

Ike: Blogs for his friends

Robin: Shipping trash, stays up until 4 AM crying about their OTPs

Lucina: Marth RP blog

Duck Hunt: Pictures of cute animals, gifs of people getting hurt

Kirby: Pictures of food, sloppy but enthusiastic drawings

King Dedede: Selfie hell, sloppy text posts about himself

Meta Knight: Motivational gifsets

Fox: Desperately trying to clean up after Falco

Falco: Makes snarky responses on other people’s text posts and starts fights

Pikachu: Pictures of other Pikachu

Charizard: Reblogs dragon-related posts and tags them with sad emojis

Lucario: Weird spiritual blog that nobody understands

Jigglypuff: Posts their own enthusiastic covers of popular music and their own unapoligetically shitty drawings

Greninja: Anime trash

Mewtwo: Long and well-researched text posts about preventing animal cruelty

R.O.B.: All posts are tagged as ‘seizure warning’

Ness: 90′s aesthetic and music

Lucas: Cute pictures, sad text posts hidden under Read Mores

Captain Falcon: Pictures of cars, reblogs from official F-Zero accounts, sponsored posts he contractually has to make  

Villager: A chaotic mix of pleasant gardening posts and shitposts, posts every single day without fail

Olimar/Alph: Extremely relaxing nature blog

Wii Fit Trainer: Fitness blog

Shulk: Reblogs from nerdy engineering blogs and all of his friends, always adds something unnecessary like “Yeah, that’s awesome!” whenever he reblogs something

Sonic: Basically the official Sonic Twitter, a perfect mix of memery and self-awareness

Pac-Man: 80′s aesthetic and food

Mega Man: Reblogs every single post that Dr. Light makes and nothing else

Ryu: Unironically makes and posts genuine motivational posters