fit and glare

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Sorry for the messy sketch DX I’m still jetlagged and just reunited with my lover lovely tablet also thumbs dead from UmiUmiU’s Yuuki no Reason random but yeah, outfit switch between Eli and Umi from the Last Heist AU (which is also my very first tumblr post, that’s why I decided to doodle them XD)

And ofc, NozoNico’s always here for omake…

Nontan quite enjoy the fact her name is on her adorable chihuahua gf XDDDD; Yzw’s using her glares as an excuse but is just oggling her gf’s boobs and hoping her apron might… burst. Too tight after all -rolls

Edit: more NozoNico omake

Easiest way to justify continuity errors to yourself while watching the show:

All continuity errors we’ve seen since the end of 3x22 from events that took place PRIOR to 3x22 can be all be explained by Killian and Emma messing with the timeline.

It didn’t change any major events in their lives, but minor ones (like in continuity errors) are now easily explained via the butterfly effect

You’re welcome, fandom.

christmas w Luke ??

idk what this is but i got the idea from the list @blakesmilitia posted !?!?! @artlukes idk how to write wow but here’s a (kinda) cute Christmas thing ?!?!

“Come on, Princess open the box already.” Luke, your boyfriend of four years whines. The box is ridiculously large, I’m not entirely sure how he even got it inside. I start peeling off the wrapping paper, only to find another layer. 
I go through two more layers before I stop. “Luke, what the hell is this?” I pout, he can’t keep his giggles in and I’m quite sure there’s more layers. Despite my suspicions, there isn’t another and I quickly open the box but immediately freeze.
Luke’s full on laughing and clutching his sides on the couch. “Don’t stop now, you’re pretty close.” He manages to huff out between fits of giggles.
I glare at the oversized child but do as he says. After two more layers of paper I find the opening of the box and slowly peel the tape closing it off. 
As soon as it’s off I reach my hand in only to hit something in the foam balls. ((The styrofoam stuff in some packages if you don’t know.)) I quickly pull out the box that’s almost a third the size of the first box and let out a whine.
I don’t even bother questioning it, and start unwrapping the box. There’s only one layer on it this time and when I open the box there’s a single bag full of tissue paper. The ribbon handles have my name written in tiny letters along with ‘open me,’ but before I can Luke grabs the bag. I instantly start pulling out tissues and tossing them to the side.
When there’s nothing in the bottom of it I turn around, only to be greeted with Luke kneeling on a single knee with a tiny velvet box in his palm.
“Baby, would you like I don’t know, marry me?” I don’t say anything for a solid minute before he starts getting fidgety and I snap out of my thoughts.
“Yes. Fuck yes. Even though I-” My words are cut off by his lips on mine and his hands are sliding the ring onto my finger. He quickly picks me up and I hear the ring box fall to the ground, our Christmas sweaters following it.