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saudade (noun) | PORTUGUESE

a deep, nostalgic, and melancholic longing for something or someone, often accompanied with a denied fact that what one longs for will never come back

“I wonder, can I keep up with it? The speed of the world without you in it.”


Hating to be a new year cliché but I’m so prepared to use this as a fresh start opportunity.

I’ve spent the last few weeks (months) very aware I’ve been cocking up my health. I’ve not been eating well, I’ve not been working out and I’ve not really been looking after myself.

I’m so determined to use this as a chance to make a change. I bought myself this fitbook and already love the idea of it. I’ve made a plan around the shifts I have and have sorted a meal and exercise plan for this week. I’ve taken some photos to use for reference and logged in this book measurements and my goals.

This is totally doable.

Who else is ready to be a new year cliché? Totally up for being held accountable by all of you.

57 / 100 Days of Productivity
25 Dec 2016
Merry Christmas😊

Working on my notes. It’s about Deposits (Bank Liabilities) Journal.
I love orange-blue color coding. I call it InooDai combi😄

i know it’s super lame but i’m really excited for 2017. i’m really excited to make changes and focus on being healthier. i say this every year and i fail every time. this year, i want to be different. I’ve spent the past 26 years limiting myself because of my weight, my body and my self confidence. there are so many opportunities for me and i need to let myself experience them.

i know i can start today, i could start right now. i’m definitely trying to make better choices. i thought nursing school was difficult but this is the hardest thing i’ve ever done. i can’t use school as an excuse anymore, i can’t use a random work schedule as my excuse anymore. i need to focus and get honest with myself. i need to focus on my diet and focus on my health.

i can and i will do this.


09.13.15 // 09:20am // Home Sweet Home // 13 days to exam P

get through Section Two quizzes
Do accounting homework
Do linear algebra homework
Do linear algebra outline
Do probability homework
Practice piano
Estimated time to complete: 20 hours
Time left in the day: 14 ½ hours
Sounds about right.