fishmigz  asked:

Quetzlcoatl vs Saint Martha in the ring. No weapons, no time limit. Who wins?

Shit, that’s hard. Let’s look at the fighters:

Quetzalcoatl’s repertoire of lucha libre moves is very varied and powerful. From piledrivers to neck screws and acrobatic aerial moves, Quetzal has the definite edge in speed finesse. We have only seen her fight in regular terrain, so we don’t know how truly terrifying she’d be in the ring, considering she can use the corners and the ropes to amplify her attack power and movement range even more. 

Saint Martha, on the other hand, has a steel-shredding grip, muscles of titanium, and fists of fury. What she lacks in grappling, she definitely has in closed fist strikes. A brawler through and through, this holy woman doesn’t lag behind. With top-notch endurance and an unwavering iron curtain of a defense, those gun she calls biceps can definitely go fast and hard, a veritable whirlwind of bone and sinew that can reduce even the strongest warriors to broken bones and sore flesh.

I can’t honestly pinpoint a winner easily, as much as it distresses me. Since the condition does say that they are in the ring, this does give Quetzal the advantage, however slight it may be, in terms of being able to power up her moves through momentum and rebound, as well as making it harder for Martha to catch her in her flurries. 

The real winners, however, are the crowd.

I am fully convinced these two, however, would rather team up and make the single most devastating tag team in history. The best Faces in the business, the two Lawful Good pursuers of justice and harmony. And next month, in Grapplemania, they will go toe-to-toe with Kintoki and Fuji-nee’s Golden Tiger Combo. Who will win? Stay tuned.