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Words on Foreign Soil

For the past five weeks I have had the pleasure to collaborate with students from University of Leipzig’s student-run radio station, Mephisto 97.6. In a previous post I compared the station to Ohio Univeristy’s own ACRN. While other students collaborated with the crew to produce ‘FistPunch’, a two-hour program, I chose to write for their blog. It has been an enlightening experience writing for a foreign audience. Searching for interesting content and providing an American perspective was somewhat of a task, but a task I enjoyed. Below is a link to the blog. Feel free to check it out and read a small excerpt of what life studying and growing in Germany has been like.

It’s hard to believe there are only three days left of our program and nine days left of The Adventure. I am thoroughly looking forward to starting my job and starting a new adventure in Colorado. My travels throughout Europe, be it Prague, Italy or Austria, have taught me that I am indeed ready for the next chapter. Perseverance will be key during the next two weeks as the move across coasts unfolds. And I will be damned if I don’t apply all of my lessons learned somehow into my future career. Persuasion and constant learning will be key while working on my assigned campaign and leading a small staff through the streets of Denver fighting for progressive change. And I can’t stop smiling thinking about it. Be on the look out for another post later today and hopefully tomorrow, as well as another slideshow filled with pictures from Prague and Italy. 


Mephisto & USA Blog

  • Fistpunch: American Edition
  • Mephisto + Ohio University students

Fistpunch: American Edition. Take a listen folks! Hear how German’s stereotype Americans, what our favorite places in Leipzig are, take a road trip across the U.S. with our playlist of American artists, and much more! It was a pleasure working with the Mephisto crew and I can’t wait to stay in contact with everyone.