little (link) things from botw that i love

- the little song he hums when he cooks
- that little cheer/fistpump he does when he cooks something good
- that pose he did when he first got the gerudo vai outfit
- at the zora inn after choosing the special water bed option he spends a good few seconds jumping on it and laughing before actually going to sleep
- any of his interactions with zelda and the champions
- playing with/feeding the doggos
- petting horses
- that look of utter shock he gets when he reaches for his weapon but doesn’t have anything equipped
- the little giggle he does after a great fairy boops him

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Ok but listen

One of the Paladins, probably Hunk, got off earth with his wallet in his pocket.

He doesn’t think a thing of it; earth cash is worthless in space

A few weeks into life flying through the galaxy in a castle ship finds him sitting around feeling really comfortable and realizing he needs a simple task done. Maybe he left the oven on. Maybe he forgot the Thing he was working on in another room and needed it in this room. Maybe he was thirsty and wanted a drink.
Point is, he didn’t wanna get up

So he kinda side eyes Lance
“Hey Lance, do the thing for me.”
“Dude no. Do it yourself.”

A lightbulb pops up in Hunks mind: “I’ll pay you” he says

Lance perks up: “how much we talkin’?”

Consideration: “five dollars”
Negotiation: “make it ten.”
Refutation: “dude I bet I could get Keith to do it for three.”

Keith shrugs. Hunk translates that to “I probably wouldn’t actually, but I want to see where this goes” or possibly “I heard my name and this is probably an appropriate acknowledgement of that, but I haven’t actually been paying attention.”

Surrender: “fine. Five.” Lance goes and does the task, and comes back, “pay up, Hunk.”

Hunk roots through his wallet.
“You got change for a ten?”
“Well… Tens are all I’ve got… So… I guess I’ll give you one and you’ll owe me a five-dollar-favor?”
“Yeah sure. Sounds fair enough.”

Lance leaves the room, satisfied, just in time for hunk to break out laughing. Hard enough that the rest of team Voltron is Concerned (is this an existential crisis? Hmmm. No, not yet). Breathless, hysterical. In subsides after a time.

“You… Realize earth money is worthless in space, right?” Keith asks

Hunk starts laughing again, but nods. He just gave Lance a worthless piece of paper with a number on it in return for two favors. And it’s Priceless
(If we’re being honest, the favors were actually worth like, maybe two dollars each, but who cares? A favor is a favor, and earth cash is utterly useless anywhere but planet earth, what else is he gonna spend it on?)
But wait this definitely continues. Lance keeps doing tasks for worthless money.
Eventually Lance tries bribing Hunk back. And y'know what? Hunk was running low on cash, and it’d be good to have some in reserve, just in case he’s feeling especially lazy and wants to bribe Lance. So Hunk accepts. He gets ten dollars back (he managed to wrangle it so that it was ten dollars for a six-dollar-task especially well-done, so the ten is all his)

And it’s funny, it’s kinda fun, and it works. Lance does tasks for money, hunk does tasks for money to give to Lance to do tasks (you probably see where this is going)

Suddenly one day, the other Paladins realize how well it’s working and yknow what? They. Want. In.

Hunk started it all out with oh, about thirty dollars; a ten, a twenty, and about 63 cents. Lance had four ones. Pidge brings in two tens, three fives, and seven quarters. Keith adds about 5 dollars in loose change that he won’t admit to why he has.
Shiro didn’t have anything to add bc he spent the last year as a space prisoner, and Allura and Coran aren’t from earth and don’t use the same currency

It starts tame. Lance was bartering for a task to be worth a full ten. Keith pops up and says he’ll do it for five. Lance says fuck that, he’ll do it for four. Keith says $2.50, Lance says $2, Keith deliberates for a minute but says $1.25, Lance gets on his knees and begs to do it for $1. Keith surrenders the bid. Lance fistpumps and almost shouts about winning (who am I kidding. He definitely shouted) he sprints out of the room to do the task.
Keith high-fives Hunk. Hunk returns it, with a sense of foreboding
(Keith doesn’t really participate, except to bait Lance into doing a task cheap)

Shiro did not have any money to start. He rectifies this by quickly earning Hunks twenty and one of Pidge’s tens. Keith bribes him with three pounds of loose change for something else, something secret. He accepts the bribe. He now has $35. He spends it wisely. Responsibly. And definitely does not use the twenty to convince Lance to shut up for one 24 hour period. (He actually doesn’t! They decide that one dollar for one hour of silence is a perfectly acceptable wage. He buys 20 hours of silence. The other 4 are wasted to sleep. It’s kind of hilarious watching Lance try to charade his way through the day. After that, that’s usually what the twenty gets spent on)

Pidge does a fairly similar thing to Hunk, but quickly becomes known for being a ruthless haggler. She will get what she wants out of this five dollar bill or else. The Paladins fear her. But they obey.

Allura and Coran don’t really get it. But them not getting it has very different results. Allura simply does not participate
Coran… Thinks that Earth Money looks cool, and starts collecting it.
“Hey Coran, I’ll give you a ten if you do this task”
“Hmmm no, I already have one of those… Ooh! Do you have one of the small brown circular ones? I don’t have any of those yet!”
One day he gets ahold of the ever coveted twenty
That day is… Eventful.

All five Paladins crowd around Coran, offering to do anything for that twenty dollar bill. Literally anything.

Hunk breaks first, surprisingly.
This all started with a worthless ten dollar bill and a subtle prank on Lance. After all, earth money is worthless in space.

And now…

In some ass-backward way, his spending-money-because-what-the-hell-it’s-already-worthless has… Made a booming economy, right here in the castle.
A booming economy of about $75.38
Objectively, that total number is not enough to buy a robot. But here Pidge is, offering to build Coran a robot, not even for the seventy-five, but for one single twenty
The money was worthless, but now it is not because he started using it because it was worthless. Causality is confusing and terrifying. Hunk considers having that existential crisis. The money was worthless and now it is not, because he assigned it worth
He wanders off and flops down beside Allura. Her shoulders are shaking slightly. She is laughing.

He turns to the Paladins.
Keith is egging Lance on again, so far Lance has offered to not speak again for a week, no two weeks now. It seems Keith is aiming for one full month of silence.
Pidge is upping the numbers of promised bells and whistles for the bot. So far Hunk is starting to wonder, if Pidge even builds it, if it will replace Coran outright.
Shiro seems to have accepted that he will not win the twenty, so now he is managing the others offers: “no Pidge, the bot may not automatically fire death lasers, we don’t want any accidents. Make it manual control.” “Lance, three weeks of not saying anything at all is a bit excessive. Be reasonable, three weeks no speaking except from a word bank the rest of us choose of no more than 100 words (and except on missions)”
Meanwhile Coran doesn’t really care for a cool robot so much nor for Lance’s silence. He does rather like this “twenty dollar bill” though, because it completes his collection

Keith gets Lance to agree to one full month of silence, except for no more than 100 words from a word bank the others will decide on for $20.
Keith whips out a twenty dollar bill that he’d had in his back pocket all this time and slaps it into Lance’s hand.

Everyone loses their shit.

(Lance’s word bank includes a few useful words like “me,” “you,” everyone in the castle’s names, “space,” “fuck,” “please,” and “thanks” as well as a few out-there but useful ones, like “apologies,” “affirmative,” “negation,” “assemble,” “post,” “prior,” “cerulean,” “vermillion,” “chartreuse” “midnight,” “golden,” “rainbow,” (bc you know, lion colors) and the like. The rest were fairly nonsense, and a few of which were memes; “smorgasbord,” “brouhaha,” “Simba,” (actually, most names from the lion king) “Pepe,” “loss,” “Beyoncé,” and so on.
One memorable day (more like meme-orable day tbh) they got the quote “post smorgasbord, me, you [gesturing at all other paladins], assemble rainbow Simba. Fuck Space Voldemort’s vulnerability”
Translated roughly; “hey guys, after breakfast lets form Voltron and hit Zarkon where it hurts!”

They never do completely stop calling Voltron Rainbow Simba. Like you think it dies down, then suddenly it’s back, like it never left.
Also “yeah man! Fuck space Voldemort’s vulnerability!”)

It’s one of Keith’s favorite things he’s ever done

okay, you know what i wanna talk about next? drunk jack zimmermann

3k, M, fluff!, alcohol use, basically happy fun sexy times with zimbits, fits in the dan erikson universe (but you don’t have to have read it to get it)

So, Drunk Jack Zimmermann:

I’m thinking that after Jack and Bitty come out, Jack is finally, finally able to take Bitty to a team fundraising event and they both dress up in nice suits and are more nervous than they are willing to admit because… it’s a hockey event for very wealthy people and, well, Bitty listens to his pre-game playlist and Jack goes in with a bit of a game face (and personally vows that he will cause a fucking scene if anyone says one wrong word to Bitty because he is done with being quiet. Bitty should not have to deal with anymore silence in his life.)

Of course, no one is more aware of Jack’s ‘ready to fucking throw down’ face then Eric R. Bittle because they’ve been dating for four years at this point and the last time he’s seen that face, Jack had gently but firmly taken the phone from Bitty’s hands and informed Mrs. Bittle that she was not to call again unless she planned on doing something other than crying.

So Bitty puts on his (slightly more mild) version of a ‘here to fight’ face and they head out.

And then it is very, very awkward because here they are, two gays boys ready to take on the establishment, and it seems no one even wants to fight them. Jack gets swarmed when he arrives (obviously, he is the Captain who led the Falconers to a Stanley Cup Victory in his third year in the league) but no one tries to separate them and no one rudely ignores Bitty in favor of talking to Jack and, really, many people seemed absolutely thrilled that Bitty is there.

So, when a server comes around and offers the group drinks, Jack feels confident enough to release his hold on Bitty and actually take one.

And it just keeps getting better and better. After the first hour or so, Jack has put in enough face time to keep the high-ups happy and they are free to hang out with his team and their wives and more servers come around and Bitty has switched to his left side so he can drink and let his arm dangle off his boyfriend and then when he sees one of his teammates sneak a quick kiss from his girlfriend, Jack realizes that he can do that too and does and–

This is fun.

They are out and no one is being a jerk and Bitty looks fantastic and Jack is allowed to put his hand on Bitty’s shoulders and his lower back and–

“Jack!” Bitty hisses, laughing and pushing at him. “We are at a formal event!”

Okay. Not there. He can’t quite put his hand there.

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Fanning the Flame


Marinette wrung her hands together, stubbornly not looking down but up at the boy in front of her. She’d practiced what she was going to say to him for the last week, since it seemed she couldn’t do this impulsively. “Adrien I really enjoy hanging out with you and, well, we’re friends,” she would not make that a question! She knew they were! “But I, I wonder if you’d like to be, um, date friends instead? Because I really think you’re wonderful.”

Adrien blinked in surprise. That wasn’t a bad sign.

He put his hand behind his neck a rubbed it. “Oh! Wow!” A good sign perhaps?

“I’m really flattered.” Uh-oh!

“I really value our friendship.” S.O.S!

“I mean I think of you as one of my best friends.” At least he meant it.

“It’s just that, there’s someone else.” And Marinette’s heart sank.  

Forcing to keep her smile, Marinette nodded. Adrien looked worried which was both sweet and frustrating. He cared but just not in the right way. “Oh, um, well, I’ll see you later.”

She saw the way his hand moved to her, just as she turned. She couldn’t look him in the eye and it was just best to leave the awkward situation. After all, there was nothing more to say. She ran off, but waved her hand behind. He was still her friend, and she wanted to at least maintain that. Just as soon as she got over the heartbreak.

As soon as they were out of sight, a red kwami was trying to reassure her charge. “It will be okay Marinette,” Tikki said quietly, peeking out from the girl’s purse.

Marinette rubbed her eyes with the back of one hand. “I know you’re right Tikki. It still hurts though.”

“Of course it does. And I know it doesn’t seem like it right now, but telling him was for the best. You don’t have to keep worrying about ‘what ifs’.”

Marinette made a choking laugh. “At least, at least he still wants to be friends.”

If Tikki was going to say more she didn’t get a chance as another voice caught Marinette’s attention.

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Oh my, Nobuyuki’s ES is such a satisfying roller coaster, isn’t it?
I love it! I love it so much. It’s fast but it’s meaty and I daresay, believable, and it’s all thanks to the way MC is written.
She’s so good here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MC!

And if I have to pinpoint the moment Nobuyuki falls in love with her. 

It’s this moment.

Also, I am fistpumping when this is her reaction to Nobuyuki’s sudden proposition.

Nobuyuki MC, YOU ROCK!

The Pancake Saga

Wanna hear a really stupid thing i came up with just now when talking to me friend? No? Well, too bad.

So we were watching the aa anime again cos it’s year old now and I was complaining about capcom never letting them be happy (says the one who makes AUs so they can suffer more). And my friend said that it’s a murder game so it won’t be interesting if no one dies? So i came up with some trash

So you would play as Phoenix obviously. But instead of solving crime and going for trials, you do mundane things. Like go to the supermarket to get groceries and stuff. Sounds cute right? But he’s Phoenix. Nothing ever goes as planned.

I don’t know why ok, but Maya wants pancakes. So many pancakes. And like one (1) specific type of pancake that they sell at this one (1) singular special shop. And Phoenix has no choice but to grumble and go down there to buy some. Except there are none there. He can’t go home without pancakes! This is an essential quest in this game!!

Then he asks the staff about the pancakes. And they’re like “Oh, that weird frilly guy over there swiped them all.”

Phoenix turns around… And lo and behold… It’s Edgeworth. With an entire trolley of pancakes. Phoenix is too shocked to go up to him, to ask him what he’s doing, why he needs so many pancakes, if he can have one… And then Edgeworth is done paying and he’s gone.


The next thing Phoenix does is head over to the Prosecutor’s Office. On bicycle. Which is super far away. It takes him forever. By the time he gets there, he’s exhausted, panting, almost collapsing at Miles’ office door. But he knocks anyway. And promptly collapses into Miles’ office.


He wakes up in just a few minutes. Phew. And Miles is hovering over him, frowning. But it’s not his usual grumpy frown, it’s his concerned frown. Phoenix knows ok. But the first thing Phoenix asks is, “Where are the pancakes.”

Now it’s the grumpy frown. The really grumpy frown.

“It’s none of your business.”

Phoenix immediately sits up and demands to know where the pancakes are. Miles demands that Phoenix get out. Phoenix does his big puppy eye look. Miles grumbles. Phoenix wins. But Miles still refuses to tell him where the pancakes are, what he needs them for, and will not give Phoenix even a single pancake.

Phoenix is outraged. “This is ridiculous, Edgeworth!” he says. “We’ve been friends for nearly twenty years and you won’t give me a pancake!”

Still no pancakes. Phoenix decides to make a call.

Within half an hour, there is another knock on the door. It’s Dadworth. (this is a happy game. DL-6 never happened. Grego is alive ok) The first thing Grego says is a disappointed, “Son.” And like holds his hand over his heart like he’s been shot.

Anyway, Grego has great powers over Miles and Miles quickly caves and says he’s dropped the pancakes off back home and agrees to drive them over to give Phoenix one (1) pancake. Phoenix does a fistpump and every audibly goes, “Yes!!!!”

So Miles begrudgingly drives them both back to his fancy home in his fancy sports car. If his car is a 2 seater, Phoenix is probably in the boot or smth. Phoenix questions his relationship with this man.

Once at his house, Miles shows them in and opens this door with a pained expression, meaning to show them the pancakes. But all he gets is a confused “Huh?” from Phoenix and his dad. Then he looks in. There are no pancakes.

There are no pancakes.

Miles screams.

The next thing they know, Gregory is hugging and gently stroking the head of a crying Miles, making gentle soothing noises, as Miles screams at Gumshoe on the phone to gET TO THE BOTTOM OF THOSE MISSING PANCAKES. IMMEDIATELY.

So, once Miles has pulled himself together, and Phoenix has probably made Miles some (awful) tea to calm his nerves and stuff, they call Maya too cos missing pancakes dude. And all 4 of them go investigating together to find those missing pancakes. Maybe some other people get roped in too. Like Kay. Since she’s an expert on theft. Plus, she too would like some pancakes. Maybe interpol is called. Lang happens to be in town. He’ll sniff the perp out with his wolf nose. Fran somehow hears of this and thinks it’s a foolish endeavor but she’s helping too. Maya calls Mia and Pearls. There are now too many people looking for pancakes. Miles despairs over having to share with so many people. Gregory knows and shakes his head at his son.

Anyways, I’m not entirely how their adventures ends up going, but I’m pretty sure they end up helping lots of other people along the way. And it turns out it was Oldbag who stole them all along. Her rationale was that if she had all the pancakes, Miles would have to go look for her for the pancakes.

Yep. A great story. A great game. Hire me, capcom.

Think We Should Have Told Him First?


Was Nino dating two superheros? The answer surprisingly seemed to be yes!  Not that he was telling anyone about it.  Oh no!

The things started off slowly at first, get rescued by Chat Noir and a little flirty banter.  Be scolded by Ladybug for being too close to a battle and her being visibly upset even as he promises to be more careful.  Then there were the so called happenstance visits where Chat Noir would claim he was just in the area, or Ladybug wanted to check on the victims of the latest attack.

Nino wasn’t a complete fool, though he questioned if he was making too much of the superhero visits and their interest in what he was doing or thinking or feeling.  When the flowers and chocolates started to be given, he realized he wasn’t deluding himself. The first kiss he had with Ladybug was such a soft and quick peck on the lips it barely counted, but the one Chat Noir gave him a few days later left no questions!

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] Soulmate!Jeonghan

Request: Soulmate!Jeonghan AU
Requested by: @keshuasd
Word Count: 2,622
Genre: F L U F F
Warnings: None!

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, school work has really got to go man. Anyway, I hope you like it cause I had loads of fun writing this one! Enjoy!


Originally posted by wonshi-17

That section of your hair wouldn’t stop glowing. It started of as a faint shade of red, but within the last hour, it had turned a bright red colour, and it wouldn’t fade at all.

“Wow, your soulmate must be pretty worked up over something.” Your friend commented, taking a sip from her iced latte.

The two of you were chilling in the cafe that you frequented. You initially planned to talk about your school work with her, but eventually the two of you got distracted when your hair started to glow.

It was a magical thing, this whole soulmate business. You found it absolutely fascinating that there was someone out there who was made for you, and you found the fact that you could actually see how they were feeling fascinated you even more.

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i haven’t been posting much except for some reblogs while bored at work lately because i haven’t been on here or the internet at all lately, so here are some things that have been happening:

- after a tense and worried week or so where it looked like i might lose my job through someone who genuinely seems to want to make my life miserable either making an honest mistake or attempting to screw me over, i’ve actually managed to not just hang on to my position but to be moved into a better one, with a bigger variety of responsibilities, and extra hours, like the ones i spent last evening hanging out with incoming first years, or the shift on saturday in which i’ll get to meet the governor general. in general the job has gotten better in so many ways, partly because the aforementioned person doesn’t have the same power over me any more, partly because the people i’m working with are so much fun, and partly because the other two factors mean that i approach the whole thing a lot more positively, which is always what makes the real difference, isn’t it?

- at my other job, i’ve basically been handed the reigns for the entire program to shape and build as i like, which is hugely daunting and unbelievably exciting and i have so many plans!

- i am graduating! with honours, and a great deal of pride in myself and the work i’ve done, and even more excitement for the work i’ll do in the future, with the ma i start in september. two of my favourite profs (after my advisor, who transcends “favourite”) fistpumped at each other when i told them i was staying here for it, which was just - i’m so excited. and a person i think i might be able to do good, exciting, and even important work with has just joined the faculty here!

- some Big Decisions have been made. i’m not going to reveal them all yet, but they include choosing to go for a phd after all, and moving continents again, and adventures to be had! i made a list of the five things i want most to do/have in my life and they were: travel, learn, write, read, and teach, and then i sat down and figured out how to make most of or all of them happen. rather like my first point, a big factor has been thinking about it positively, and refusing to make decisions based on fear. everything, really, has been so much better since i let myself remember that i used to live by joseph campbell’s advice to follow your bliss, and that the only thing that’s stopped me from doing so, really, once you boil it right down, has been fear. well, i have an anxiety disorder; i’m always going to be scared. but i can choose how to react to that, and i’m choosing travel and adventure and trying hard and trying new things.

- i have had more time and energy now that my senior year is done to feed myself properly, to pay attention to my body and give it the nutrients that it needs instead of the quickest, cheapest option. i’ve managed to banish some cravings that i always knew were maladaptive ones already, and i’ve cut waaaaay back on the sugar, dairy, and gluten in my diet, and gone back to drinking only water and clear tea, and i have so much more energy! not to mention how much more i’ve actually been tasting enjoying and engaging with my food; eating’s a pleasure again. i’ve also been getting more active again, reminding my body what it feels like to use itself, going on walks and hikes and doing yoga every morning, and just in general getting out and doing things, and it feels so good. it’s only been like two weeks and i’ve already lost a bit of weight, which isn’t why i’m doing this at all, but which feels good because when i had my nervous breakdown i gained a /lot/ and never lost any, and i’ve spent several years feeling constantly exhausted and achey and heavy and slow, and it’s nice to know that it’s not all just mental, that i can take care of my body and it will take care of me in return!

- i have, as is my habit, developed a new unfortunate and inappropriate crush. no more about that here, aside from it not being embarrassing so much as just fun anyways this time, and that no of course i’m not going to do anything about it that’s not the point.

- i can’t remember the last time i laughed so hard or so much every day as i have been lately. there are some amazing and extremely funny people in my life right now, and i am grateful for them and want to keep them as long and as close as i can. and that’s the other thing that’s been so different and good lately - making a point to not just be and act generous to other people, but to be generous to myself, and to purposefully feel grateful every day. i’m so lucky, but more than that i’ve been through so much and am still here, have accomplished so much and have so much more to do, and i should be - i am proud of myself, damnit. i am proud of myself and i am enjoying where i am right now and i’m excited about what comes next.

  • Narrator: Add is a 16 year old boy. His specialty is drones. But I guess you know that by now. When he was just a kid, he lost his family to extremists and was sold off to slave labor. While trying to escape the slave owners, he slipped into a crevice and into the deep bowels of an underground ancient Nasod library. He spent years upon years learning about the Nasods and finally managed to escape. That was how he acquired a taste for technology.
  • Elsword: So that's why they call him "Mastermind"...
  • Narrator: No. "Mastermind" isn't because of that. It's because he's good at math.

Three gifs of Tom Hiddleston that will either make you smile and laugh, moan loudly, cry or cry. Because Tom is perfect at doing all of those things.

anonymous asked:

Otayuri's thoughts on Africa by Toto?

“Oh, my god please play it,” Yuri slurs as he leans over Otabek’s booth. He almost knock’s Otabek’s redbull into thousands of dollars of equipment, which makes Otabek step out, and physically push Yuri away. 

“You know I hate that song.” 

“Plaaaay it.” Yuri insists, fluffing the fur on his cheetah print jacket. 

“Fine, but you have to go sit down and drink some water.” 

“Fuck yeah,” Yuri fistpumps the air. 

Otabek goes back to the station, fiddles with the base, and begrudginly plays the song. 

I hear the drums echoing tonight… Fills the club. 

orgiamode  asked:

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your dedication to writing autistic and trans characters. As an autistic trans girl it means a ton to me, and I'm sure many others feel the same!

THROWING RIGHT BACK AN AUTISTIC NONBINARY HIGH FIVE (if thats okay, if not i’ll transition so smoothly into a fistpump that youd never even know i went for the physical contact)

Im answering this public bc i need everyone to know how dedicated I am to this. I saw this ask and shot up straight in my seat like SOMEONES TALKING ABOUT AUTISTIC TRANS CHARS IN MY INBOX IM THERE

It’s rly important to me and its also rly fun to me……im at my most powerful when im making content w chars who’r autistic or trans Or Both. AHHH

skin game became very dear to me very fast once i realized it’s going to explore sort of the dynamic and differences in a character who was diagnosed autistic as a child, and one who was diagnosed as an adult (age 20+)!!! thats gonna be rly fun to me
especially b/c I haven’t seen a lot of stories that explore the latter, and as someone who was diagnosed as an adult im rly excited to bring That Story into my fic xD

anyway im kinda rambling now hhhhh thank u for msging me!!!! i’m rly glad ur enjoying The Content ;w; it encourages me a lot!!<3

Princess Fusilli

A Chuubo’s Marvellous Wish-Granting Engine Character What I Wrote Up For Fun

This character is a Princess of the Fortitude Rats. She’s an important part of the court of the Rat King; at present, she represents the King outside the court, carrying royal authority where the King cannot go, but she’s also being prepared to take the crown in future. 

Right now, though, she spends a lot of her time studying the Three Formal Arts - dancing, etiquette and fencing - and the respected pastime of swinging from chandeliers and rescuing (with optional-but-popular ‘kissing’ phase) anyone who looks remotely like they may be in distress, as well as indulging her fondness for pasta and rifles. Many a villain’s scheme has been foiled as the sharp crack of a bullet shatters the silence, only to be followed with a triumphant cry - “Never fear, gentle soul,” comes the doppler-shifted voice of a rapidly-approaching hero, “Princess Fusilli is here!”

She’s a dashing hero who thrives in the carefree life of an adventurer, but that’s tempered by responsibility - everyone knows she represents the King, so everything she does reflects on him. Adventure and a love of freedom are important to the royal aspect, but there are times when responsibility and diplomacy have to come first, and Princess Fusilli is far too warm-hearted and considerate to entirely ignore the demands of the mantle she bears. She might follow the demands of her heart, rather than her position, but it’s never something she can do without a care.

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