Name: Hanada Hyūga

Age: 18-20 (Shippuden)

Birthdate: April 9

Gender: Female

Height: 173cm

Weight: 57kg

Blood Type: B+

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

Affiliation: Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Allied Shinobi Forces

Team: Team Yūsuke, Team Ōkami, Second Division, Search and Destroy Unit

Clan: Hyūga Clan

Rank: Chūnin –> Tokujō

Registration #: 011067

Academy Graduation Age: 11

Promotion Age: 13 (Chūnin)


Tokuma Hyūga (Elder Brother)

C (Husband)

Nature Type

Fire Release (affinity)

Wind Release


Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm

Eight Trigrams Vacuum Wall Palm

Gentle Fist

Palm Bottom


Hanada is the younger sister of Tokuma Hyūga. She spent a great deal of time admiring her elder brother and challenging herself at the academy. When Hinata turned three, she was branded with the customary cursed seal by an unknown main branch member. This left her upset and angry at her main branch family. Hanada understands Neji’s frustrations well, and finds his attitude towards Hinata in Part I justifiable.

During her time on Team Yūsuke, Hanada slowly learned to become more accepting of her fate. While she still never agrees with the treatment of the branch family, she becomes more mellowed and relaxes enough to make friendships, and to not blame those (namely Hinata) whom were not involved with her branding.


Hanada was a normal child, often looking up to her brother and wanting his help for sparring. She is dedicated, and often takes on the role of leader. Her interactions are kind, respectful and to the point, unless she is speaking with someone from the main branch; to which she becomes curt. This is more pronounced after her branding.

With her classmates and teammates, Hanada can be a great source of encouragement. She tries to distance her personal matters from her friends and comrades, so she is usually quite cheery in their presence. She is also always compliant in teaching the meaning of the brand when asked. Hanada uses words and actions to get her point across, and finds that it helps project her idea more clearly. However, she can come across as bossy to her peers, both in her wording and tone. She has a very forceful and boisterous voice, which can put others off.

Like Neji, Hanada is prideful in herself and her skills. She wouldn’t label herself a ‘genius’, but she does acknowledge that she’s quite capable in areas, especially those related to the Gentle Fist. With the Main Branch’s secret techniques passed down orally, the most she could do was observe, but never learned.

She is exemplary at being able to take charge, make decisions and be rational in a complex situation. As an adult she is still level headed and an excellent leader – being an advocate and leader for the Search and Destroy unit.