fistful of sound

The sound of waves crashing against the rocks caused a young child to stir. His body curled into a ball on the sand basking into the sunlight. His flesh felt hot, and itchy from laying down for so long and the sound of birds overhead caused his mind to wonder back from darkness.

Rubbing his eyes, the young ravenette groaned as his eyes blinked. Ace fell asleep on the bed with Luffy and Sabo, but he couldn’t remember what happen next. Glancing around his eyes slowly widen in shock and panic as he didn’t recognized where he was. “Shit..” Pushing himself up, the small child glanced around the area, taking note he was on a beach.

A noise caught his eye and he noticed some bushes moving ever so slightly. Growling loudly, Ace picked up a shell near his feet and threw it at the source of the noise. “Come out now!” 


RAGE RAGE RAGE. seething rage. BODY SHAKES. limbs quiver, heart beats with an aggressive nature as jim curls his fingers into fists. breath sounds HARSH, even in his own ears but that doesn’t matter. the edge of his vision tinges black and red. a feral monster feels like it wants to be released. BUT JIM KIRK IS A CAPTAIN. he cannot act in such a manner. it could be detrimental to the mission, to the induction of a new planet into the federation. however, how far is too far when you are willing to PUT ASIDE YOUR OWN MORAL COMPAS for the benefit of the institution you work for? jim doesn’t know. but if he agrees to this, he’ll lose himself. he’ll cease to be jim kirk. he’ll be nothing but a lap dog for the federation and he cannot stand the thought. so maybe, just maybe he should let his anger boil over. no one seems to be paying him mind as he stands in the wide dome. spock is off chatting with dignitaries while bones talks medical jargon with their head doctor. no one can stop him, no one will have to know. he just has to say the word and they can leave. the enterprise crew will f o l l o w him anywhere. but at what price? what is jim risking by pulling such a stunt? pike can only vouch for him for so long before the brass say enough is enough. so what should jim kirk do? should he lose himself for the sake of a job? or should he stand for what is right, potentially ruining his life as well as those that serve under him.

a heart wrenching cry wants to rip from his lungs. he want’s to scream into the air about how unfair this situation is. star fleet set him up. it’s punishment for his reckless behavior. jim knows it. it must be true. he has no proof though. unfair. unfair. unfair. they’re forcing him to compromise his own self for the good of the people. no, for the good of the federation so that they can continue to stretch, to grow, until they are the dominating force. this isn’t what he signed up for. no, not at all. he signed to explore and discover new worlds, not to be a show pony and do a song and dance.

that rage is teeming with life, threatning to overflow and explode like lava. no one can stop him. not in this state. the will have to incapacitate him if they want to have a sliver of a chance at salvaging a situation that has yet to begin. jim doesn’t know what to do. what he should do, wants to do, and could do are all vastly different things. what would spock do? what would bones do? what would uhura do? what would anyone do who is in this situation? he doesn’t know because his thought are too clouded with anger. unfair. unfair. unfair. how can he work for such and organization that they would put him in a situation like this? jim doesn’t know. nor does he think he will ever know. maybe he should roll over and do the song and dance. live to fight another day. but a part of him will die. he knows it. if he does this. so maybe he should, just to rub it in this face of the brass back in HQ. say to them, you turned me into this. are you proud motherfuckers? are you proud at breaking your prized stallion and turning him into some figure head. pike believed in me because he saw potential and greatness. i follow my gut and go above and beyond. that is why i enlisted. i was different. but now, i see, you don’t pride yourself in being different, you pride yourself in being the fool, in following orders and playing nice. this is not what i signed up for. THIS. IS. NOT. ME.

anonymous asked:

One thing I noticed after finishing Iron Fist and watching some Asian martial arts films, is that the Asian martial arts films has a sense of impact in the fight scenes. It feels like characters are actually be hurt, while in Western made stuff it seems characters just go down just because. Is it just me? Or do you get that feeling too?

“Iron Fist” in particular has some very soft moves. The throws are always over the shoulder and look like one fighter is just gently putting the other one to the ground. It’s the same with the many arm locks in “Iron Fist”. They just don’t have any impact.
I think a massive part of the problem is sound effects. “Iron Fist” has some weak sound effects. We should be hearing crunching bones and the real sound of impact, but we’re just getting dull thuds and people tumbling to the ground with a whisper.
You’re right though. Nobody looks like they got hurt in the show. Like, there isn’t a single moment I’ve uttered “Ouch!” under my breath. Everyone looks like they can get up, dust themselves off and be just fine.
They could have utilized special effects and done CGI zoom in shots to nerves being severed and bones being shattered. That way they don’t even have to act out the impact. They can actually show it. That would have been dope.
I’m hoping they made some major changes with “The Defenders” because “Luke Cage” had the worst fight scenes I’ve ever seen and “Iron Fist” is definitely lacking. We can hope they brought on better choreographers. Choreographers that actually make Luke Cage look strong and Danny Rand look like a living weapon.

Emily Watches Iron Fist, Episode 7

Is Claire in this one? No. Life is full of pain.

Is Colleen in this one? … Uh. She’s kind of out of character, but yeah she’s here.

Anyone else I care about? References to Karen Page.

So this is the first episode I’ve gotten to that wasn’t available for critics to screen. Does it get better? Does it get worse? Let’s find out!

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Iron Fist: It’s good to heckle to

Okay. I actually like Iron Fist. It’s silly and fun, and it’s good to heckle at, but deal lord in the beginning of episode 7, the Hand are about to cut Harold up for his rebellious streak and he is just bluffing his ass off trying to get out of it and it’s all serious: He’s saying “Danny doesn’t even know I’m alive, wtf is an Iron Fist? It sounds like a sex toy. I’ve got nothing to do with him.” And just Danny with the WORST TIMING EVER round the corner going “Hey Harold, we’ve got a problem-”


Weaving Webs | Motive 2 Reaction | Open


The moment Bibbit revealed the new motive, Mikka felt her blood turn to ice. She was almost certain that all the color had drained from her face and she could feel her fists shaking.

All the sound had left the room. She didn’t register what was happening to the other students, all that mattered was the fact that someone knew.

No no no no no no no no no no no–

Her knees connected with the marble floor as she fell forwards. The pain barely managed to cut through her panic. Her eyes were wide and terrified and she was pretty sure she was hyperventilating.

Someone knew. Everything was over. If word got out. 

A small ping sounded from her watch and Mikka stared at the info that filed the small screen. She read the secret. She couldn’t care less. 

Shaking her head, she locked frenzied orange eyes on the faces of the others. Which one? Which one knew her secret? Which one had that knowledge?

Mikka knew what they knew. And she couldn’t ever let that information become public.

She would never let any harm come to it.