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I want to fist female flamez in the ass and stick my fingers in her mouth while I eat her vagina and get my pussy licked by male flamez

Flamez: Mmm… F-fisting sounds painful… Everything else would be nice~

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Harley Quinn (also known as Harleen Quinzel) has died

“…..has died.” finish it in my ask.


                              No. This-this isn’t okay. 

While the other cops at the GCPD were clamoring, Barry collapsed in his chair. He’d known her before she became Harley. Before The Joker. Before he even became The Flash. Were there…differences between them after their new identities were revealed to each other? Absolutely. Did that stop them from still interacting? Most of the time, no. Whatever their relationship was, it was FAR from healthy. It didn’t matter, though. Barry still knew Harley before everything happened. She made Gotham fun during the time he spent in the city. He knew Harleen was still in there. Somewhere

Now neither of them where there. 

Barry clenched his fists, drowning out the sound of the obnoxious cops. What are they so happy about? It’s not like they did anything about it. They NEVER do anything about it. That’s why they have ME come here to help. Because they suck. Slamming his eyes shut, closing off any way for his tears to escape, he turned his head to leave. Avoiding all possible eye contact with the PD, Barry made his way out the door. 

A deep breath. 

Barry made sure the coast was clear and then he did what he did best. He ran. Far. Finding an area of seclusion he let out all of his anguish in one scream before collapsing down to his knees. 

Whether she was Harleen or Harley, that never changed how I felt about her. 


My eyes jerked open to a distressed sounding Rafael behind me.

“No, Alejarse de nosotros. No nos toca!” He spit angrily. “¡Te odio! Aquí no hay lugar aquí , fuera!” His fists were clenched and he sounded angry, but his voice was shaky.

“Rafi.” I suddenly spoke turning in the bed.

“No me llames así ! Nunca se llega a mí que llamar !” I touched him softly and regretted it when he pulled away. I shouldn’t have touched him he was obviously distressed. He was sweating and looked extremely tense.

“Gaupo?” I called softly trying to get him to notice reality.

“Que?!” He jerked up shaky and sweating. He turned to see me and I saw his worried green eyes observe me, but I couldn’t help but see how tense he still was.

“You were having a nightmare.” I spoke softly. “It’s alright.” I cooed and started to touch his tense body. He relaxed at my touch. His eyes changed suddenly.

“Did I hurt you?” He questioned observing me again with his worried green eyes.

“No,” I replied. “And I knew you wouldn’t.” I spoke softly.

“If I did. I’d never forgive myself.” He moved away from you slightly. “Lo siento.” He continued.

“You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for.” I spoke trying to reassure him. “And even if you had hurt me, it wouldn’t have been your fault.” I looked at him and he looked so guilty.

“No quiero ser como mi padre.” He muttered he was trying to move further away. He crossed his arms sitting in defeat and looking deep in thought.

“You are not your father,” I tried to pull him closer, but he wouldn’t touch me. “Come here.” I tried to push. “You didn’t hurt me. You never have and never will. You put away people like that.” I touched his hands.

“Te amo.” He muttered.

“Te amo.” I whispered back trying to pull him close. “Usted es suave, dulce, nada como él. Usted es su propia persona.” Our noses almost touched. “And I love you for that.” He may be an ass at times, but he was gentle, sweet, and his own person and to think he might think he was anything like his father was wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong. Soon I felt his breathing settle and he was sound asleep.

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Could I get an aesthetic ship please. I'm a Slytherin and bisexual. I'm 5'5" curvy, with short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. I'm kinda awkward, blunt, and really shy at first, but once I get to know you I'm sweet, a bit rude and sarcastic, and caring.I don't really like crowds or loud places. I mostly just listen to troye sivan or chainsmokers and chill. I adore your writing

SHIP- Ginny Weasley


clenched fists

the sweet sound of quiet

tight hugs

plugging in headphones

quirky chuckles

the scent of old candles

flickering stars

the feeling of your bed after a long day

braiding hair

blushing out of your mind

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Hey! Love the blog! Just a quick question! Any recs for FanFics where Eren tops? And is like possessive and protective of Levi?

ooh alrighty. i can really only think of these few for different reasons, which i’m putting below the cut with short explanations and the summaries. o:

- Eren

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Dreaming To Reality: 02 Remix Chapter Thirty Four - 15

Daisuke looked over the other Digimon and their Chosen Children in silent contemplation before he turned to his partner. “Looks like there’s nothing to it but to do it. Ready to try out a normal evolution, V-mon?”

“I… I’ll do my best, Daisuke!” V-mon said as he raised his fists, trying to sound more confident than he felt. He couldn’t help but remember how badly he humiliated himself the last time he tried to evolve to Adult.

V-mon braced himself as Daisuke lifted his Digivice. Even though V-mon dreaded the worst, he was soon surprised as the light of evolution engulfed him as well. Within moments, the small blue dragon Digimon was replaced with a much taller, muscular blue dragon - with a pair of white wings on his back, a bladed horn on his large snout, and twin spines on his knuckles. A gray X marking rested on his chest, overtop his white underside. “XV-mon!”

Daisuke’s eyes grew wide upon seeing his partner’s evolution. For a moment, he could only stare, but then he was quaking with pent up energy that exploded into a gleeful shout. “This is awesome!

“I did it, Daisuke!” XV-mon said, his voice far more adult than it had been as his previous evolution. He grinned, reaching up his arms to flex his muscles.

“Damn straight!” Daisuke agreed as he ran to grab on to his Digimon’s bicep, who effortlessly lifted the Chosen of Tenacity into the air with just his arm. “You’re totally badass, XV-mon!”

“You know it!” XV-mon said, with a triumphant grin.

“Congrats, Daisuke, XV-mon,” Takeru said with a smile, watching as the two celebrated the next step in their relationship. He still remembered how special it had been when his own partner finally evolved, after so long of a wait.

Of course, his partner had then proceeded to die in front of him against their opponent.

Takeru’s smile became strained before he shook his head, dispelling the bad thoughts. He wasn’t going to let it ruin the happy mood, especially not with Angemon alive and well beside him.

Andiramon watched the Chosen, her expression curious, before she turned her attention to Daisuke and XV-mon. “It’s true. You really do have an enormous potential… an incredible power within you. Other Digimon have to work hard for years to achieve evolution.”

Tailmon flicked her ears, crossing her arms. She remembered how hard she had to work in order to obtain her current form, as well as all the suffering she endured under Vamdemon. It was also the reason why she was able to maintain the form, when everyone else reverted to their Child forms. “It’s still a good idea to train so that we can use our own power to evolve. We’ll be able to become even stronger when our partners help us.”

“Yeah, that’s a good point,” Yamato said as he straightened up. “Sometimes, that extra push makes all the difference. It’d be great if we didn’t have to cut each fight so close.”

☪•̩͙*˖ ⋅ › Did you hear? GAL GADOT  just touched down in Dubai! Oh, nevermind, that’s just HERA SAPIR. The TWENTY-EIGHT year old CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY is said to be CHARISMATIC, HARDWORKING, & LOYAL but also STUBBORN, BLUNT, & IMPULSIVE. SHE is a BISEXUAL sugarmommy and is into BDSM, SENSORY DEPRIVATION, DIRTY TALK, & GROUP SEX but will not try FISTING, SOUNDINGS, SCAT PLAY, OR WATERSPORTS. They are looking for an ANY GENDER sugarbaby. Their username on the site is MISSHERAS and their friends and friends and family know them as THE AESTHETE. ( OOC: Sydney, she/her, 18, cst. )


Welcome to Dubai, GaL Gadot Hera Sapir ! Make yourself comfortable and send us your account within 24 hours or your username will be available for the taking !

❉♕ ┊ROSS

Infamous yet stupid, Atlas had ordered the Minotaur to stop but he only raged like the beast he was. When he raised his hand in preparation of injuring the boy, Atlas merely caught his hand with ease. “ I said WAIT, “ fingers enclosing on his fist. The sound of every bone in his hand had been crushed, the Minotaur only wailed in pain as he stumbled back “ You’re lucky I didn’t send you back to Tartarus to reform, “ a hard glare exchanged between the two as the beast only stood by. Reigning back as the titan wished, the dark brunette only turned to face the boy who held his shield. “ I’ve come for you, “ if it hadn’t been made clear yet, Atlas made so this instance. “ If you wish to exchanged places with the huntress and hold the world on your shoulders … I suggest you take no further action in harming my SON. “


Pain and sadism is not the be all and end all of femdom but it’s pretty important.
You must however be very careful, especially beginners, have a discussion first on your subs limits and develop a safe word. Some subs don’t like pain at all, some like a lot it’s just preference.
Pain play can range from little things like nipple clamping, whipping, spanking, nipping, biting and scratching.
For more intermediate pain play doms try -
Pin wheels, ball torture, candle wax or slapping.
For true pain enthusiasts you can go more extreme - Ball crushing, hitting, sounding, fisting etc.
Disclaimer; We do not encourage violence of any form, please only play with a consenting individual and more importantly someone you trust!

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"The things we've done to survive, they don't define us."

100 | accepting | @huntcrrs

          Fingers tighten into fists at the sound of this. It’s like a mockery to him, to who he has grown to be, to who he was born as. A surviving creature, foolishly believing he could live instead of get by, a scoundrel and a rat and a vulture and a scavenger to life’s cruel jokes upon other foolish people. His teeth grit so hard he can feel them grind a bit. 

          He has lived just outside of death’s reach too long to be afraid of it now. He lets out a laugh – cold, biting, a simple bark of false enjoyment – in the presence of the Kindred.

          “You think I don’t know that?” He asks, tone cold and smooth and shallow, like the cold water of a creek in winter. Too hot with rage to freeze. “The shit I’ve done in my life far outweighs a lot of people, and I like to think I’m not that bad of a guy. Don’t pretend like you’re tryin’ to give me advice when all you’ve done is be ready for the chase after me. I know what I’ve done. You don’t need to be tellin’ me.”


He sat quietly atop the hill looking over the town. The wind blew through his hair as a sigh escaped his lips, turning the pages of the book he had read one hundred times over. As the book clapped closed, he leaned on the arm of the bench, resting his head on his closed fist, the sound of grass rustling under feet as he peered at the stranger through the corner of his eye.

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bro i wouldn't pressure you but i would love to hear you sing if you feel motivated! idk i feel like i suck but i love hearing people my age group sing and just *clenches fist* it sounds so beautiful

i doubt u suck ok u probably sound lovely and thank u !!! hopefully i’ll be able to soon,, i have a good feelin ✨

read the word then type the first word that comes to your character’s mind

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rough: shove
hide: secret
foolish: adult
sad: cry
hate: fight
light: day
dark: alone
mother: cold
father: asshole
child: precious
marriage: celebration
love: important
soft: blankets 
pet: happiness
dream: sleep
divorce: reality
water: thirsty
cloud: sky
announcement: loudpspeaker
power: authority
fight: fist
smack: sound
white: fabric
sick: bed
kiss: soft
hug: safe 
hurt: body
happy: smile

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