fistful of sound

The kink police

This is not a slam against anyone else’s interests, but I wish
there was a way for me to avoid pics of fisting, sounding, golden showers or extremely pumped nipples. These are things I don’t enjoy seeing, but they seem to come as part and parcel of the pages of folks who like penis pumping.

It’s all good, I’ll just learn to scroll faster….

not to sound like a sappy-ass woobifier but that trope in horror sequels when the masked killer’s relative reaches for their face and it’s really tense and emotionally charged and then at the last second the killer nopes out of there because they haven’t been touched positively in decades??? my ultimate cause of fucking death

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For the fetish thing: Mommy/Daddy/Master/Mistress kink, choking, spanking, humiliation, LIGHT watersports, sounding, fisting, pet play

I LOVE THE DADDY KINK (but hell fucken no Im not gonna act like a child. Just no. Gross. I just like calling people daddy)

Master is a yes but I like daddy better

Light choking is a hell yes

Spanking is a hell yes just dont make me bleed

Humiliation is a fucken no


Sounding would be nice if I had a dick :(

Fisting is a hell fucken NO

and not so much on pet play…

Sorry if I seem like a total asshat with some of these but just no…

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For the inheritance ask! 7. “you died and left me a small country” Kisame and Zabuza and Kirigakure.

This took longer than planned, but it was so much fun and honestly, I could have just gone writing this forever but I needed to cut myself off. :D

In matters of inheritance in the land of Kirigkure, they were old and small enough to cultivate their practices leftover from the old days when they had to fight tooth and nail to protect what was once only a small fishing inlet. Their monarchy equivalent is selected from the previous ruler and approved by a majority vote from the three departments.

Sakura’s fist made a cracking sound as it tore the sandbag off the hook again and sent it rolling across the gym floor.

“I know how their government works, I’m not stupid,” Sakura muttered, walking over to retrieve the bag and inspect it for cracks. “Tsunade would have fried me alive if I didn’t know that much after the first year. She was close with Mei, one of the three seats.”

“The other two seats belong to Yagura and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, a group. Funny story, Mei voted for you, Yagura voted against you, and the swordsmen were split so they voted ‘present’ but did not take a side. In this situation the tie breaker depends on the language of the will and the language of the will picked you.”

Sakura dragged the punching bag back over and reached up to hook it to the dangling chain. “Yeah,” she grunted. “I still don’t see how that is supposed to explain how I got tangled up in this. I’ve messed around in Kiri only a few times and I know my old folks are originally from there, but I’m like an outsider, aren’t I?”

Her hair was damp from the sweat and she could feel where it stuck to her as she paused to watch her old teacher flip through the pages of his paperback.

“Legally, no. Culturally, yes.” He looked up from his book and met her eyes. “Regardless, you’ve been requested to go to the country and fulfill the terms of the last will and testament by accepting leadership.”

Sakura didn’t have the energy to keep up with what Kakashi was saying, but she did have enough frustration for another few swings at her punching bag. Kakashi opened his book again and waited until she punched the bag off the chain, this time splitting the front open so that some of the sang seeped out.

Cursing under her breath, she ran to recover it and keep the sand inside as best as possible. Kakashi followed her over and used the spine of his book to bop her on the head. She looked up with a pout.

“Just go and check them out. Get in a few fights, drink a little and show them how terrible of a leader you would really be. They’ll kick you out soon enough and you’ll be back home before you know it.”

Sakura felt one of her eyebrows raise up. “Oh really, that your plan?”

“Better than breaking Guy’s studio gym again. He’ll not be happy you split another punching bag.”

Sakura felt the color drain from her face. “Maybe I’ll just take a quick vacation to check it out and see what it’s like. I’ll be back once he’s forgotten about this.”

Kakshi wasn’t paying attention to her anymore, but was walking away and giggling to himself about something that happened in his novel.

Sakura reached for the duck-tape and repaired the sandbag as best she could before closing down for the night and heading home. There were tickets on the counter she had been ignoring that would need her attention.

Sakura thought it would be incredibly rude to carry a beer with her wherever she went, so that’s what she did. It was only after she was in Kirigakure’s common market place that she remembered one of the reasons why her parents didn’t bring her to the public places when she was a child. Kiri was wet in more ways that one, and Sakura was by far the only person nursing a drink as she toured the stalls in the market place.

She stopped in front  of a colorful stall that sold replica swords and other collector weapons. Kiri was famous for her swordsmen, and the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist had been legends from eons ago. Now in the modern age the name was a title reserved for a handful of swordsmen. If Sakura was correct, there were actually only five swordsmen left, as two of the swords were lost to the ages.

There were shadows trailing her, no no one’s surprise as she stepped into the little shop and smiled to the old woman behind the counter. She looked over the weapons, watching the blades for a reflection that would show her what she needed to know.

Two swords had been lost in the ages of history, but there were replicas on all seven inside the shop, as well as several other notable swords that gained names during the warring states period in history. She cringed when she noticed a few with imperfections, but tried to hide her distaste behind the neck of her beer.

“Brat, where you from to be making a face like that?” the younger shop hand snapped at her, sitting up from behind the counter. He was a little older than her and had a few scars across his face. Something felt off about him and with a curse she realized what it was. He was a plant.

“You treat all your customers like this?” Sakura sneered, not willing to be kind to one of the Kiri guard. He was too well shaped and had the signs of training were all over him. “No wonder it’s dead.”

“You wanna say that again you brat. What do you know?” He bared his teeth and Sakura saw the points where they had been filed. Yup, ANBU, just like Kakashi warned her of.

Ugh, wasn’t Kiri trying to blend in to the modern era? If they were still stuck in the past using chakra so forwardly how would they ever improve?  It irked sakura, especially since she knew the technology was crap in the land of water. There were still pay phones on the street corners. It was like stepping back in time and it made her feel…less herself.

“Wow, wow, wow,” Sakura mocked, feeling even less inclined to entertain the undercover plant. “You like to bark, don’t you. That’s all you ever do here, you bark and bark and never use those teeth of yours for anything else.”

“You’re a twig. I’ll break you in half.”

Sakura tilted up her beer and finished it all in a long pull before pulling away. She marched over to where he stood behind his counter and held up a hand. “Just try it. You look like a misshaped ballon. I’ll pop you like a toy.”

He growled and then barked behind him towards the old woman in Mizu, the old language. “Mom, I’m beating up a customer. Watch the shop.”

“Have fun!” the old woman chortled. “Keep the damage minimal.”

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twitch is such a functional platform, i love the way it just *clenches fist* keeps playing the sound from every previously loaded page over the stream im trying to watch

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Questions 4,10,12

4. Have you ever had an orgasm from anywhere other than your genitals?
Not that I can recall.

10. Have you ever been fisted?
No, that doesn’t sound fun to me. Other people may disagree, that’s fine, just my opinion.

12. Do you have any kinks?
Biting, scratching, spanking, bondage, d/s, dirty talk, using toys, nipple play, honestly I could go on and on.


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💧 for selena and chrys?

“It’s too hot for me… Chrys, I’m going for a shower…” Selena mumbled, before she bit her lip. “Um, are you okay with me using your shower, by the way?”

“Yeah, sure… Just leave the door unlocked. You’re clumsy as fuck and I’ll obviously have to save you if you slip in there.”

Selena cast a silent glare at Chrys as she stood up, before leaving his lounge with a pout on her face. He felt highly amused seeing the way in which she went off with clenched fists, and following the sound of the bathroom door slamming shut, he started quietly laughing to himself. She was just too adorable for him.

After about five minutes though, he was bored. He missed her reassuring, warm presence next to him as he sat on the sofa, so he stood up and stretched his arms. He was going to go and join her in the shower. One thing was definite though, he was pretty damn happy that he’d asked for Selena to leave the bathroom door unlocked.

Slowly, he pushed the door open and became quickly aware of the shower curtain being pulled… She was completely oblivious of his presence. Even better. He quietly made his way over to the shower, silently pulling off items of clothing as he went. First his shirt, followed by his belt, and finally his trousers.

A wide smile formed on his face when he heard faint humming from in the shower. She sang in the shower? How sickeningly sweet and adorable. He loved it.

But she’d be humming a completely different song soon…

He pushed some of the curtain back, and the situation was made even better for him when he realised that Selena’s back was turned to him. With that, he slowly stepped into the shower, approached her quietly, before wrapping his arms around her stomach. “Mind if I join you, babe?”

“Eep! Ch- Chrys-!” Selena squirmed in his grasp for a moment, before she turned around and faced him. “What… What are you doing here?!”

“I missed you. Isn’t that enough of a reason?” He pressed his forehead against hers, before he leaned in for a quick kiss. “Don’t worry… I’m not gonna fuck you or anything in here, I just want to share a nice shower with you… Here, let me help you out…” He then reached out for some soap, and gently began lathering it against her skin. “Of course, I expect you to return the favour, Selena…”

“Heh… Fine… But just you wait until you next decide to have a shower on your own… I’ll try and sneak up on you…”

“Well, that’s going to be hard if we’re going to be sharing our showers from now on.”

“What?! Chrys, you meanie!”

the beast

music is the fluid beast. a monster of gargantuan proportions. shapeless and godless. we bend the fascinating creature to our will, our iron fist, and force it to sound for us. bellow its hollow cries into the night and let us drink it in. maybe the sound we seek from the beast is reflected by the ability to take care of it. if we torture it, shall it not scream? if we feed it and bathe it, will it not return pleasingly? if we please the beast, could it not praise us in return? sanity for the insane. a lull in the noise. how high can we get. how low can we go.

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...And then you played RDK. Mark. After everything that's happened. Think seriously. Do you still think she was your friend?

“Y-Yes…S-She was my only friend after so long. I-I loved her to pieces and I wasn’t good enough. I-It’s not her fault….” He clenched his fists and began to sound aggressive and angry. “She was the only one who cared about me, why are you trying so hard to take that away from me?”

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