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GTA Meg as a teenager, headcanons?

Oh my god, I totally misread this and ended up writing a whole blurb rather than some hcs. I guess it’s kind of one big hc? I know this isn’t exactly what you wanted but hopefully it’s okay?


Meg grows up in a small, one bedroom apartment with her mom. It’s not in the best of shape but they’re not on the streets and working three jobs her mom manages to keep food on the table. They love each other more than anything and they’re happy.

“She’s a pretty girl,” her mom’s friends will say as Meg does her homework on the floor.

“Maybe she’ll marry rich,” they tell her mom, as she worries that she’s not doing right by her little girl.

“There’s hope,” they’ll insist as Meg’s mother desperately searches for a new job after being fired

Meg doesn’t really understand why people talk so much about her face until she starts junior high school and realizes that being cute means something, that it can get people to love and hate you in  equal measure, but that no one will ever take you seriously. She hates it. She gets ridiculously good marks all throughout school and all people talk about is how much nicer she would look if her clothes were a little less patched up and a little more clean and new. She gets the fastest times and the best scores in gym, is the star of half the sports teams, and all she gets is comments on how nice her physique is due to all of her extra-circulars. She hates every last one of them.

But Meg loves her mom so she works even harder and tries to make her success.

It never stops though. Even in high school it doesn’t matter what she does, people always attribute her achievements and future successes to her looks. She gets accused of cheating by boys that she turns down and jealous girls, angry on their behalf. Her grades take a hit because teachers take the sides of her accusers, not inclined to believe that she might actually be poor and pretty and smart. So she focuses on sports and tries to keep her grades as high as she can and takes a part time job after school to help her mom pay bills and maybe get a bit of relief. Meg hates everything about her life except her mother. It’s boring and she feels that she has something to prove to the world. She’s not quite sure what it is, but she knows this isn’t how she’s going to do it.

Meg’s walking home one night a few months later after just being fired from her part time job. She’s alone and it’s late and dark so she’s honestly not surprised when a group of guys cut her off and cluster around her. They threaten her and crack their knuckles, telling her to hurry up and give them all her cash. 

They snigger as she fumbles with her backpack and laugh as she spills its contents all over the ground. Her hands are shaking but it’s not in fear, it’s in anger. Anger that is quickly overtaking her entire being. 

“At least you have a pretty face,” they tell her and she sees red. So she caves their faces in with her fists. Adrenaline pumps through her veins and she’s lost to intense focus as she carves her way through the group of would-be muggers. She’s never felt more alive and after they’re all unconscious and bleeding on the ground she picks her way through their wallets and pockets. She finds enough cash to make it through the month without the dumbass job she just got fired from and realizes she may have found a new hobby. She goes home, slips the money into her mom’s purse and goes to bed grinning so wide her face hurts.

The next night, Meg hangs around near the club district, trying to look as pretty and defenseless as possible. A hooded man approaches her with a sly smile and a “Hey there doll face.” She grins back with ugly nastiness, reveling in the power she feels as he takes a sudden step back from her.

She swears she will prove she is worth more than her face and body even if she has to do it with bloody knuckles and covered in bruises.