Jhene, Jhene, Jhene’s leaving me speechless with this brand new teaser for “3:16am” and she’s looking amazing with soft-waves, a perfect a smokey-eye, with select close-ups of her incredibly fit body (girl crush? maybe).

As for updates on Jhene, she won’t give use another free project. The time has come for a debut release and it’s currently titled “Souled Out.”

I’m excited to see how Def Jam pulled this together especially No I.D brought her into the musical powerhouse.



This premiered today in Finland and I went to see it with my son.

Absolutely great. Funny, smart, well-written, acted and directed. Not just explosions and fist-fights.

It respects it’s comic-book origins, takes itself seriously but is not afraid too laugh at itself either and it has a heart.

And all you who barked and moaned about this mangles Wasp: you were wrong.

It gives us not one but three heroines in one movie (not counting Scott’s ex-wife or daughter)

Heartily recommended. It also has one of few thought-out hero vs hero fights.

 But it is not fistcuffs, it is a multiple heist movie.