fist of the titan

Good Climactic Anime Fights

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Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
Piss him off, Jean said. His arm is amazing - WHAT THE FUCK?!

Let’s stop and take a second to reflect on the absolute hilarity that must have been the crucible before everyone got their Light back.

You can’t use guns, because death. Same with explosions, knives, grenades, etc.

So just imagine seeing a whole open field of guardians literally beating the shit out of eachother with their bare fists.

Imagine Control. A Titan standing on point B when a football field away a warlock comes sprinting around the corner, screaming, and football tackles him into the dirt.

Just please imagine the crucible before everyone got their Light back.

nah, if it were hell, we’d see riza following roy here from fma:b

It was supposed to be the end. 
     But we weren’t ready to let go.
          Not without a fight.....             We’re the line between survival... And extinction.      We are Guardians. And Guardians don’t flee... They fight.
Nothing to Lose

JILY CHALLENGE | @roseweahsley​ vs @expectoepatronums
 🌠 Muggle AU: ‘Uh-oh I’m dating my boss’ child and had no idea until I took them as my date  to a work function’

Jack: “Where to, Miss?”
Rose: “To the stars.”


Prongs, for the last time, hurry up!“ Sirius stands a pace in front of the doorway to the Mahoutokoro Museum on Hogsmeade Street. (No one ever just calls it ‘Mahoutokoro Museum’. It commands respect. Strange, that.) 

James is lagging by about 10 metres. A few more seconds and Sirius thinks he might have to cross his arms and start tapping his foot for dramatic effect, and James knows how hard Sirius is to stop once he gets going.

"At this rate they’ll have given the position away before you even get there, and I’m not doing any more sucking up on your behalf,” Sirius calls impatiently.

“Mate, I don’t know if anyone’s ever told you this, but you look so much like a puppy when you frown,” James quips as he approaches Sirius, ducking the half-hearted swipe that follows. “It’s a compliment! Most people look awful with their face all screwed up like that.”

“Get in, you brat,” Sirius mutters, ignoring James’ comment. “I go to all this trouble to get my best friend a fantastic job-”

“Part-time,” James points out, helpfully. “Also low-ranking and barely-paid.” He pushes open the heavy door and holds it for Sirius, allowing him to continue his monologue as they enter the building.

“Right. Like I was saying, a fantastic job with loads of potential for growth, and you don’t even show up on time! Do you realise how many people would kill to work here?" 

James holds out an arm halfway down the hallway and moves to stand in front of his best friend. He places his hands on Sirius’ shoulders, to make it even more meaningful. "Are you finished?”

Sirius swats his hands away, but he’s smiling. “Yeah. Come on, you’ll love it here.”

James adjusts his glasses and, just to spite him, places his hands firmly on Sirius’ shoulders again, steering him down the carpeted corridor. They continue on in companionable silence (if 5 seconds can be called that), towards the tall, brown-haired boy waiting on the other side of the sliding glass doors.

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