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watching beast wars has made me care about transformers more than i have in like six years so i’ve been thinking about transformers media a lot. including the 1986 animated film. it’s one of the most beloved pieces of transformers media but for anyone who doesn’t know much about this movie i need to share some fun facts because i can’t believe it exists

  • unlike a normal movie, the theatrical version of the transformers movie was actually animated at a 4:3 and then cropped down to widescreen for theaters, meaning like half of every shot was obscured in the theatrical version
  • the first act of this movie is incredibly dark and violent, especially compared to the campy antics of the show. most of the original autobot team is unceremoniously killed off so that they could be replaced by new guys for the next wave of toys. ironhide? dead. ratchet, wheeljack, prowl? dead. optimus? FUCKING DEAD. starscream was also disintegrated. there are lots of stories about kids crying in the theater
  • in spite of how violent it was, the producers were still worried the movie would get a G rating. so they added a few swear words
  • then after all that the movie gets really silly later?? there’s a fucking weird al song (dare to be stupid) in one of the big fight scenes. which is like the only song in the movie that isn’t ‘80s-ass hair metal (or incredible ‘80s-ass synth rock)
  • in one sequence there are post-apocalyptic backgrounds recycled from a fist of the north star movie that flash rapidly on the screen. it’s really hard to make out and there’s no reason for this to be there
  • this was the last role played by orson welles before he died. he hated the movie
  • eric idle and leonard nimoy were also in it
  • the plot of the movie follows the plot of a new hope beat for beat for the most part. arcee even has leia’s buns and they recycle sound effects from star wars. it’s basically, like. a new hope, if the death star was a robotic god of destruction that ate planets with its big munching robot mouth. and it was played by orson welles
  • it was later broadcast as a five-parter in the show’s fifth season. it was bookended by live action segments where a little boy named tommy is sad because he’s getting bullied at school, and to console him optimus decides to tell tommy about the time he died

Some interesting news! - William Winckler Productions is working with REED Productions to release a series of English dubbed Fairy Princess Minky Momo compilation movies, with the first already up on Amazon to buy digitally. In the past Winckler Productions worked on dubbed compilation movie versions of Toei animated works such as Fist of the North Star & Tekkaman. No word yet if these will eventually be available on DVD or not.

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For the head canon thing, just Gio's group but if I have to choose one thing, how about what you think they enjoy doing in their spare time?

  • Giorno is a reader. He can devour up to three novels in a single afternoon if he is really into them. He loves desserts so sometimes he’ll make some with GE - this can go from perfectly normal and cute ladybug shaped cookies to Giorno deciding to play God and creating a pudding-ception. Or pudding-ice cream sandwich combos. If he really needs to unwind he’ll pop one of his Jeff Beck CDs in his stereo and passionately air-guitar while jumping on his bed.
  • Mista loves movies. He can watch his favourite movie on loop for a whole afternoon if he needs cheering up, but he’s a very out-doorsy person. He’d much rather spend the day outside than stay indoors if it’s a sunny day, so if he feels like watching one he’ll go to the movie theater. He loves sitting at a café and people-watch for hours or lie down in a park and take a nap on a sunny patch of grass. He doesn’t like the beach as much because it’s full of tourists. If he only has a short amount of time to spare, like a couple hours, he’ll use that time to clean his gun and practice the speed at which he can draw it. It’s pretty much a ritual as he’ll do that at least once a day.
  • Trish really loves shopping and it helps her relax a lot as it gives her something to focus on. Even if she doesn’t buy anything, she’ll try several outfits on, take pictures of herself in the changing room and leave feeling satisfied. She will also put on really elaborate make-up just for the hell of it or pamper herself with a long skin-care routine. After everything she went through during the mission, she took up writing in a diary in her spare time to sort out her thoughts, which led to her starting to write songs.
  • Narancia, like Mista, would rather spend all his free time outside. He doesn’t really enjoy reading or watching movies. He’d much rather gather up the neighbourhood kids and organize a football match in the middle of the street with them. If he reads, he’ll read a comic or a manga (he likes Fist of the North Star) but he’s not constant about it. He’ll pick up the manga of one of the cartoons he sometimes watched when he was little but only if one of the neighbourhood kids he talks to can lend it to him. He won’t go out of his way to get them and doesn’t mind if he misses a couple issues. Narancia also LOOOOVES dancing so he’ll spend time either dancing by himself, watching music videos and imitating the dance moves or find some street performers and either walk up to them to ask for tips or get into an impromptu dance battle against them. 
  • Abbacchio loves music, classical music to be precise, so he’ll often just grab his headphones and listen to entire concerts while ignoring everything else around him. His favourite composer is Monteverdi, so once he started listening to a concert you know he’s out of comission for two hours at the very very least (it’s often closer to 4 hours). When he feels like treating himself, he’ll go to the theater or to the opera. Abbacchio also really loves food, nice food, so he’ll go try out restaurants he’s heard about too - sometimes he’ll go with Mista and Narancia, because Mista likes nice food as much as he does and because Narancia just likes hanging out with his friends even if he doesn’t really see the point of all this fancy schmancy bullshit.
  • Bruno actually really likes talking to people around the neighbourhood. He’ll sit down next to the granpas people watching outside their houses after siesta time and listen to their stories, or just go on a “short walk” and end up having a chat with pretty much everyone he meets on his way. He doesn’t gossip as much as he stands there smiling awkwardly and nodding from time to time because the gossiping housewives from that particular block won’t let him leave. When he feels like being alone, he’ll go to the beach and take off his shoes to walk on the wet sand. Sometimes he takes a bag of salt to hunt for razor seashells he’ll eat on the beach, looking at the waves.
  • Fugo doesn’t really know what he likes. He was raised to essentially be a scholar and nothing else. He was smart so his job was to study and that’s it, he never got a chance to explore what he would want to do for fun and not because someone told him he was supposed to do it. He reads because that’s what he was always taught to do with his free time and it comes automatically. He’ll talk about the book and its themes with Bruno, who doesn’t always follow but humors him (Mista and Abbacchio think he’s overthinking the damn book and Narancia flat out has no interest and would much rather be outside). He can play the piano, but will only do so if nobody can hear him and doesn’t take any real enjoyment out of it, it’s more like a mechanical exercise so he doesn’t lose his skills. He has no real interest in the arts in general because he believes every masterpiece has already been created, and since he doesn’t have anything of value to contribute to the medium it’s pointless. His free time, when he can’t hang out with his friends, consists mostly of trying out things to see if he gets a particular enjoyment out of them. Otherwise, he likes going out, find a high enough place to sit down and watch the city, alone with his thoughts. He thinks collections might be a good hobby - coins or stamps. It’s organized, quiet and calming.
  • Polnareff doesn’t have any free time because he’s a full time dad now

it’s saturday morning, y’all know what that means. i’m just gonna pop right to it.

on previous movie nights, we’ve watched Akira, we’ve watched Ninja Scroll and we’ve watched the original Vampire Hunter D. meaning we only have one thing left before we cross all of what i consider the 4 pillar anime films off the list. 

tonight, we watch the movie version of Fist of the North Star.

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Following a cataclysmic nuclear war, the world teeters on the brink of complete destruction. Civilization is polarized into a degenerate society where opposing packs of marauding scavengers prey on helpless, homeless nomads. For those who are lucky enough to survive the constant brutality and danger, it is a bleak existence. Life an death blur into abstractions. The only hope left for mankind is to find a hero worthy of becoming the next “Fist of the North Star” - an enlightened warrior - who is capable of leading those with the will to survive out of this barrenness into a new world. But in this savage no-man’s land of shifting loyalties and power-hungry demi-gods, heroes are in short supply.

hope to see you there!

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Hail badger! I am thinking of getting back into anime. What are some of your sujested titles and what form (sub or dub?)

This is a pretty broad subject when you’re not clarifying what you’re in to! So for the sake of discussion I’m going off my personal tastes exclusively in terms of top picks and I’ll choose a few at random. Personally, I prefer subs.

Saint Young Men (聖☆おにいさん) Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life.

Boy, do I love friendship. You know who would’ve made great pals? Jesus Christ and Buddha. This series warms my heart in a story of acceptance of beliefs with great non-offensive humor and avoidance of any themes that are overly creepy. Need a feel good experience? This is a good one.

I should also mention the creator of this is the same person who made Arakawa Under the Bridge which is a roller coaster ride and is very much in the vain of Saint Young Men if they were high off paint fumes.

If I had to give this anime an award, it’d be:
Anime I’d be least embarrassed about watching when my parents enter the room.”

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険) Genre: Action, adventure, horror, supernatural, thriller

If you follow my blog you’ll have at least heard of it. It’s not something that can be explained as it’s more an experience.

There’s currently the OVA and 2012 anime. The OVA is beautiful in it’s own right, but I suggest you watch JBA 2012 first and JBA: Stardust Crusaders straight after. You want quirky art direction and intense fights under the umbrella of a plot spanning several generations of the Joestar family lineage? A definite must watch.

If I had to give this anime an award, it’d be:
Anime I’d probably have thought up if I was blowing mad bongs with Hideo Kojima around the time he made MGS: Revengence and the guy who made Fist of the North Star and is our filthy lovechild.”

REDLINE (2009 Movie) Genre: Science Fiction, Auto Racing

I’ll open with saying that if you’re the kind of person who has prudent parents you might want to skip it as there are a few pairs of anime titties in this, but past the boobs you’ll find an incredible work of animation and pure adrenaline. The music is great, the style is powerful and it’s made by renouned studio MADHOUSE

A relaxed man known as JP rocks a muscle car in a legendary galactic deathrace known as REDLINE which is basically what Twisted Metal would be like if it were a competitive racer (and also in the future).

If I had to give this anime an award, it’d be:
“Most Successful Pompadour 20XX“

Phew! that was a doozy. I should do anime reviews.

Feel free to ask more requests!

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Honest opinion, what do you think Miura takes his inspirations from for berserk, there's some stuff blatantly inspired by Devilman that i noticed but what do you think?

You’re 100% right about Devilman! Miura’s gone on the record and named Go Nagai as one of his biggest influences, so great catch there.

Hmm…it’s pretty hard for me to say what I think when it comes to Miura’s main influences and inspirations, because I actually know some concrete answers from interviews and other materials, so it’s not really about my personal opinion when I list off some of these. But as far as I know, Miura has credited the following as being very influential on him:

  • Miura also has kickass taste in movies took a lot of inspiration from Western horror, fantasy and sci-fi films of the 80s too, like the Evil Dead trilogy (particularly Army of Darkness), Star Wars, Highlander, Conan the Barbarian, Excalibur, Terminator, and especially Rutger Hauer movies (who he credits for partially inspiring the physical model for Guts too - personally, I always thought that Hauer looks way more like Gambino than Guts, but oh well XD); like Flesh & Blood, Salute of the Jugger, and Ladyhawke.
  • He also takes inspiration from news stories about religious cults and mass hysteria, as well current and historical events. He specifically cited the Cottingley Fairy Hoax as having inspired elements of the Lost Children arc.

Here’s the link to a great interview with Miura where he names these as his influences, as well as some others: Part I | Part II | Part III (he bashes The Phantom Menace too, and it’s wonderful!)

As for what stuff I think Miura could have been influenced by (and it’d be cool if he was)…well, to my knowledge he hasn’t named Hellraiser or Phantom of the Paradise as inspirations (I swear, I don’t just think this movie is a visual inspiration, but lots of the songs are very Berserk-ish lyrically imho), but it seems really apparent to me that he took a bit from both of these movies. Griffith’s arc during the Golden Age reminds me a bit of the Siegfried mythos and a lot of the life of Joan of Arc too, so I wonder if Miura took any inspiration from those sources at all. And I was actually planning on writing meta about this idea some other time, but Farnese and Serpico’s backstory always struck me as (potentially) a very twisted reworking of Great Expectations. So that’s my honest opinion - if I think of anything more, I’ll add it in later!

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Since it's been a year since the Last of Us play through, I'm just going to say you were super wrong about what Joel should've done in the end. Pat, for the first time in forever, is super right. Think about it: the world has already gone to shit. If fireflies had somehow created a vaccine, which would be super rare and unlikely, what difference would it make? People have turned pretty fucking shitty with no redemption and the clickers would still kill you. So, how would the cure really help?

When it comes to situations like these, no one is really “right” or “wrong” you can’t say for sure when it comes down to it, I honestly feel Naughty Dog dropped the ball a bit in the story department when it comes to the ending of the last of us. Ellie was denied a say in her own fate, Joel took it upon himself to kill people that were actually trying to save the world (wrong or not, that was their intention) We were not shown how that scenario with Ellie and the fireflies played out. And I think it’s a little cheap, because it would have been an incredibly vital one.

Also, I find it VERY depressing to think there’s no hope left in the world, to just give up on it. Are there bad people in the world of the last of us? Yes. But does that mean all the good people should be condemned too? I find that harsh. Is the world actually dead? No food, no water? Life is tough, sure, but it’s not like Fist of the North Star or Mad Max where a natural resource is just gone. People can rebuild after tragedies, and saying it’s not worth doing so is very defeatist to me, and kinda sad.

I think the movie/book Children of Men does a far, FAR better way at taking a depressing global crisis and perfectly balancing both sides of “fuck the world it sucks and no, you can’t give up, there’s stuff worth fighting for”

I’m happy The Last of Us tried to do something different with it’s ending, I just think it was done a bit clumsily and didn’t really give us both sides of the story, or honestly favored one over the other a little bit. It’s an incredible game, don’t get me wrong, but yeah, the story is a little uneven for me.