fist of dredd

“But Éowyn is a Shieldmaiden - and shieldmaidens are not ordinary women!”

A crossover destined to happen. I still am in disbelief that I actually pulled it off. (Based on this classic comic panel by Brian Bolland.)

towritecomicsonherarms  asked:

5 comic book moments that made you go 'OH SHIT!' 321go

#5. Alana Patel tells everyone Dan Hartigan is The Plutonian.

#4. Magneto kills the Red Skull.

#3. Judge Fear gazes into the fist of Dredd.

#2. Green Goblin discovers Superior Spider-Man’s secret.

#1! Batman turns the Justice League into Black Lanterns.

I didn’t want to add anything anyone else added. And I was trying to straw away from shit that happened in the Injustice comics.