fist meet

  • Disney: So, how are we all doing today?
  • Fox: Well, we released Logan a few days ago, and that has gone perfectly.
  • Disney: Did people cry?
  • Fox: They were bawling.
  • Disney: Very good, very good. How about Netflix? I believe you have Iron Fist out in a few days.
  • Netflix: Uh, yeah, but the reviews haven't been great.
  • Disney: OK, I see. Don't worry, it's only one show, and we've got the Punisher on the way, we'll make it through. How about the comics division?
  • Marvel Comics: Um....
  • Disney: What have you done?
  • Marvel Comics: What?
  • Netflix: We know that sound. How bad is it?
  • Fox: Look, as long as it doesn't involve Nick Spencer, we'll be fine.
  • Marvel Comics: ...
  • Netflix: Oh god, what's he done now?
  • Marvel Comics: He..... he made Magneto a Nazi.
  • Fox: *flips the table*

playlist for riley : cup of tea by kacey musgraves

hey life goes on
and we’ve all got the right to be wrong


“My body’s a Temple.” 
   “Built from the earth and weathered by the storm.”
      “Even as my walls crumble and fall, I shall remain.”

“For years we have trained, Master and Student. For each Brother and Sister we have lost, you have prevailed, ever striding forward to become stronger for -them-. I see now that through you, their spirits shine, a beacon of hope to others. May their fire forever guide you, Exiled, remember them always no matter what.” 

      “May my own spirit light the way for those that have entered my life.”
   “So that they may always have a guiding light in this world.”
“Even if my Temple is no more.”

- Exiled Wolf, Fist of Rhalgr

psa: liz and elizabeth are not the same person

to clarify the title: while yes elizabeth is a reincarnation of liz, and in turn their both reincarnations of goddess elizabeth, LIZ AND ELIZABETH ARE NOT THE SAME EXACT PERSON and even because theyre reincarnations, this doesnt make them the same:

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Iron Fist: Hi!  I’m Danny Rand!  I survived a plane crash when I was a kid and now I want my company back.

Me: Oh, looks like you’re a hobo now.

Iron Fist: Yep!  But no worries! If I tell my friends Ward and Joyce that I’m Danny, they’ll believe me!

Me: This would be easier if you just told them stuff you personally knew about them that they didn’t tell anyone else.  You’re wasting a full hour of my time here…


Me: Um…

Iron Fist: NOW HE’S DEAD!

Me: What?!

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Joyce drugged me now I’m in an insane asylum!  CONSTANT FLASHBACKS OF MY PARENTS DYING!

Me: You played these like 3 times now.

Iron Fist: Really?  Well it’s time for me to tell the Doctors at this insane asylum here about it.

Me: Can you please talk about Kun Lun…

Iron Fist: Also, my father’s best friend died and came back to life and now leaves in this penthouse he can’t leave or else the Hand gets mad.  He’s also a dick to his son and obsesses over me with cameras.

Me: That’s…kind of cool, but he’s the obvious villain.

Iron Fist: Also, I found this girl name Colleen Wing who owns a dojo and call her from the asylum.  We seriously connected I approached her talking in Chinese and she’s Asian.

Me: That sounds kind of racist…

Iron Fist: Now that I escaped prison, I’m going to approach Hoggarth to sue my company to get back in business!

Me: Wasn’t she a horrible person in Jessica Jones?

Iron Fist: Never mind that!  Now the case has been dropped cause villain wants me in the company and forced his son to let me be 51% shareholder!

Me: So the legal stuff didn’t matter?

Iron Fist: Matters as much as the fucks I give about this company!  I’m pretty much telling them to do things for the people, close down plants, and I never show up at meetings!

Me: Why did you want to be the head of the company so badly if you don’t give a rats ass about it?!

Iron Fist: Oh!  We need to stop the drugs!  Colleen is helping!  Also Claire is here!

Me: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!  And why does Claire feel so out of place?!

Iron Fist: Oh, Colleen is also in illegal fight clubs.

Me: That’s kind of cool

Iron Fist: GREAT! Cause it’s only a plot element for 2 episodes!


Iron Fist: Now we’re fighting the Hand lead by Madame Gao!

Me: Wait, wasn’t she a competing group against the Hand in Daredevil? Why is she part of the Hand now?  And why isn’t she speaking Chinese? 

Iron Fist: Now we have this Russian chemist who we need to rescue his daughter by going through fighting challenges

Me: That’s actually kind of cool.

Iron Fist: In fact, I beat Bride of Nine Spiders in a 5 minute cameo!

Me: WHAT?!  Bride of Nine Spiders is another Immortal Weapon!  She’s pretty much another defender of Kun Lun and is equal to the Iron Fist!

Iron Fist: VIIIIIIILLLAAAANNNNN!  Anyways, we got Russian guy’s daughter back!

Me: Great.

Iron Fist: But then Russian guy dies.

Me: We don’t see the daughter again.

Iron Fist: You don’t see the daughter again.

Me: Figures.

Iron Fist: OH! I have sex with Colleen!

Me: Didn’t you swear to celibacy an episode ago?

Iron Fist: Now we’re going to China to bust Gao! 

Me: This looks nothing like China.  This looks like a Warehouse in NYC with Chinese signs slapped all over them.

Iron Fist: WOAAAAAH!  Now Claire, Colleen and I are fighting off Hand Ninjas!

Me: How the hell is Claire beating fully trained Hand Ninjas?!

Iron Fist: Now we captured Gao!  But Colleen is poisoned!

Me: I feel like the hero being injured in a Netflix show for an episode is par for the course…

Iron Fist: But have no fear!  Now her sensei appears and tells me to use the Iron Fist to heal her and now we’re going to his compound.

Me: This sensei guy feels like he came out of nowhere.


Me: There’s only 5 episodes left!

Iron Fist:  BTW, Ward is now going insane cause I bail from his business meetings and his dad is forcing him to hide bodies!

Me: Christ, what an asshole-

Iron Fist: And now Ward killed his father

Me: Oh, sort of saw that comi-

Iron Fist: But now his dad is alive again and is wondering the street terrorizing children and sticking his hand in boiling hot dog water.

Me: …okay, I’m laughing my ass off at this stuff and I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny.

Iron Fist: 


Iron Fist: So yeah, he’s gone off the deepend, and now Ward is CRAAAAZY!

Me: That’s kind of interesting.

Iron Fist: Back to me!  Now I’m in a college campus and Gao is captured!

Me: Hurray!

Iron Fist: But it turns out that this campus is really ran by the Hand!

Me: What?

Iron Fist: And Colleen Wing is part of the Hand too!

Me: WHAT?!

Iron Fist: See, there are separate factions of the Hand, both named the Hand, and the Gao side and Colleen side hate each other.

Me: I need to lie down.

Iron Fist: As I escape, Colleen’s pupil got injured!

Me: Why do I get the feeling he’s going to disappear from the story…

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are on bad terms.

Me: Ugh, this is boring.  How is Faramir doing?

Iron Fist: Oh, he just shot the old black guy who was the head of Rand because he booted Joyce, Ward and Danny from the company.


Iron Fist: Also, this guy hijacks a Burrito car and makes shurikens

Me: Seems like an asshole.

Iron Fist: Well that asshole is my best friend and now he’s helping me fight the Hand!


Iron Fist: Yep!  And he’s saying I’m doing a shit job leaving Kun Lun!


Iron Fist: Anyways, we now must stop the Colleen side of the Hand leader!

Me: Who I don’t care about.

Iron Fist: Colleen Won, but we won’t kill him.

Me: Why fight with a sword if you don’t kill?!

Iron Fist: Oh, but my best friend killed him.

Me: I feel like that’s his only purpose in this story.

Iron Fist: Now me and my friend are fighting!

Me: Please stop.

Iron Fist: Now I hate my best friend!  Oh, the dead body is gone too.

Me: Of course

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Now Faramir has taken control of the company again!

Me: Is nobody going to question how a dead man took over a company?


Me: How are you losing to Faramir?!  He’s fighting with a pole and has no Kung Fu skills!  How are you losing so badly to him?!

Iron Fist:  LOOK!  The dragon!

Me: Those are just red eyes…

Iron Fist: Ward shot his father!  Now the day is saved!  Better burn his body.

Me: I feel like Ward is the only character with a solid character arc.

Iron Fist: Which is why Joyce is now conspiring with my best friend and Gao as a future villain!

Me: Why though?

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are going to Kun Lun and…OH NO!  Kun Lun was invaded because I was not guarding it as the Iron Fist!


Iron Fist: Still, bet you were disappointed to not see Kun Lun.

Me: Honestly, with how much talking you did about it, I was doubting it even appearing.

Iron Fist: So what do you think.

Me: I felt you were leading me somewhere but it turned out to be shit.

Iron Fist: Oh, you don’t like me cause I’m not Asian.

Me: Your whole show could be a multiracial trans rainbow of diversity, and it would still suck.  Give me back my 13 hours.

late night text
from a girl trying
to hit me up next
so i’ve gotta fake flirt
acting like i’m not preoccupied crying,
writing poetry with a sharpie on my undershirt
cause i’m too gone
to stand and get to a laptop
but i don’t want to stop
replying cause the phone
lights up the darkness
and i don’t want to be alone
so i suppress
the urge and crash
on the floor, the flash
of her name illuminating
the veins in my wrist
and the sharpie rolls away
as fist
meets carpet and teeth meet lip, downplay
the delayed response
and she thinks the nonchalance
is hot,
curl up on the yoga mat
as the screams on my chest
stain the comforter, tell her that
i need some rest,
but i dread
my bed,
it’s where the nightmares wait…
I said: “Don’t love me”,
She said: “Too late” -
Jian yi suffering vs Zhang zhen xi kindness

So thinking about it, after his birthday poor Jian Yi has had a really crappy couple of days!…so please bear with me since it’s a long post :P

First he had a peak of happiness!

Then we all thought…yes!!! this is gonna be great!!! and then bam…this face…

After this everything went downhill!!!, fist he meet some bullies …

And felt weak..

Then the confrontation…

And seeing his most important person being hurt….

Which was of course very harsh on him….

then the guilt came… 

impatiently waiting for him to wake up …

seeing him at the hospital …

He felt sad and lonely…

even doubting what he wanted to do with his life..

then the past came back to haunt him, and he got sick..

So he had a moment of temptation… 

and everything became even worse..

He felt like he screwed up so he might lose the most important thing to him…

And it was to much to handle…

 he felt confused..

and extremely hurt…

so he wanted to erase the pain…

But when he woke up the next day….the pain was still there…and the memory as well..

So of course he wasn’t feeling well at school either….

then reality came back to slap him in the face, is not just the two of them…

plus the memory of last night was still there…

and he had to face what happened…

Then a gossip came and the whole school was aware of his “rival” feeling …

and to make it worse, on top of all that confusion he was called what he feared the most…

So at this point Jian yi must feel emotionally exhausted!! anyone would! like what the hell is wrong, how can it be possible to have so many crappy thing to happen one after another???….BUT THERE IS A SILVER LINING ON ALL THIS…and that is that above all, Zhang zheng xi kindness has come up everytime Jian yi feels like falling.

whenever he make a sad face…

when he feels weak….

when he is having a bad day…

whenever he is under a threat…

somehow he will come up to protect him…

to cheer him up..

to make him feel needed and wanted…

to make him feel safe…

he takes care of the small details…

he takes care of him when he is vulnerable…

when he just can't stand up in his own two feet…

He worries…

and won’t leave him alone…

he feels Jian yi´s pain…

like his own…

and will always try to do something, to make it a bit better…

even if he is not that good at showing his emotions…

he will be there to catch him…

to ask if he is ok…

to look after him…

and defend his reputation, even when Jian Yi is not there….

he won´t ever leave him alone…

even when Jian Yi is shutting him out…

because he wants to understand him better… 

he wants to make it clear that he is not alone…

   and someone truly care for him…

Because love in any form is always patient and always kind.

Hope you guys like it!!!! these are my edits on the latest Old Xian 19 days chapters…it took a while so I hope you enjoy it :) !!!

Sasuke quotes about and for Naruto. ❤
  • Sasuke:
  • "I also want to fight with you. "
  • "It was not meaningless to me, you have become my closest friend."
  • "Naruto... I... "
  • "Do you know, Naruto... that if both you and your opponent are first class ninja, you can read each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words. I know you aren't naive, Naruto, so you can read the true mind? Can you read my mind?"
  • "I have to get rid of you."
  • "Your thoughts and feelings... I know them all...
  • And you know mines too."
  • "THAT'S exactly why I have to kill you."
  • "I hated you...
  • I don't know, my body just moved on its own moron. "
  • "But there aren't a lot of people as you. "
  • "I was envy of you."
  • "I started to paid attention at you. "
  • "It was a weakness, I trained hard to escape from that weakness. " "You became my goal and my first bond. "
  • "It's his hopeful heart what ties me to Konoha."
  • "You're the only one, just you... My only... "
  • Just when I was starting to think that I was all alone after Itachi died... But I have to kill Naruto. No matter what it takes. "
  • "That guy is the closest thing to a best friend I've ever had."
  • "Thanks to you I was saved.
  • "I'll get rid of all the past mistakes and start anew and this'll start with your death. "
  • "With this I can finally be alone... "
  • "All alone, the feeling of a parent yelling at you is nowhere near what he feel."
  • "We were kids lonely and starving for love, but allowed only hatred.  We knew the same pain, but as friends, we changed paths.  Even more, I chose the path of isolation.  Bonds created heated feelings and in that time, shining like a flash, my own weakness was exposed in broad daylight. "
  • "I stood in the way of my sole friend. A shinobi who knew the same pain. An honest and straightforward ninja who did not bend the truth. On countless occasions, I tried to shake off that destiny. And yet, without giving up and without abandoning me, in the face of inevitable death, he held out his hand. I tried to sever our bond, the sole existence of which led me from my loneliness. I was defeated. We planned to settle our disputes, and chose the Valley of the End. We saw the radiant morning sun and shared the feeling of pain in our chests, and I recall hot tears running down our cheeks. I will never in my life forget this."
  • "Naruto had his own world. I desired its existence.
  • It was similar to the warmth formerly given to me by my family.  In this world, I was allowed to actually feel its existence, the connection of family; of love.  Revenge supported my heart, while simultaneously destroying it.  Hatred, like poison circulating the body, kills human feeling.  Like that, it lit the flames of my heart."