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Hey, I was a bored kid, and Dean actually played along.

…. For the first twenty pies, anyway.


everyone’s in love and happy and everything

Daddy’s Girl (Michael)

Requested by anon -  one with Michael where you’re Simon Cowell’s daughter and meet him one day at the studio. Then Start Dating shortly after.

“Just don’t touch anything yet” my dad tells me for the billionth time. 

“I got it dad, I’m 19, not 2 and if I recall correctly I only ever caused one problem in the studio and in my defense, it was really James’ fault for knocking my juice over” I remind him. He comes over and gives me a kiss on the crown of my head. 

“I know, I know” he waves his hand in a ‘hush’ pattern. “I’m going to have to leave in the middle of the day for about an hour for a meeting. I could either drop you back at home or you can stay here.”

“I’m going to stay here dad. The whole point of me coming in today was to learn how to use the boards.” He gives me a look with one brow raised an his head cocked to the right. “I know I’ve used them since I was old enough to understand what I was doing but I mean in a professional manner, with an actual band” I point out. 

“Fine, just don’t….” he cuts himself off. 

“Don’t what dad?” I say with a bit attitude.

“They are young kids, well they are your age so I’m a bit worried.”

“I think I can handle myself with a group of boys my age” I reply. 

“You haven’t met this lot yet” he rolls his eyes. I put my lunch in the refrigerator before Mac comes out and tells me that the guys are stopping for coffee if I want anything. I tell him no thank you because I am not a coffee drinker but he tells them to get me and iced tea with sugar and lemon and I smile at him. Mac has been working for my father for years and has come to know what I like and don’t like. I sit down with Mac and he helps set up the preferences to my computer and explains that the way they had it set up, I would be able to record at the same time as him so we could both make our own edits and see how they come out. I hear yelling from down the hall and Mac rolls his eyes. 

“Boys are here” he says as if I hadn’t noticed. Of course I had known for a while who 5 Seconds of Summer was but when Calum walks in first giving Mac a ‘bro-hug’ I flush slightly. He was more attractive in person then in photos and my mind wanders to what Michael looks like. Luke and Ashton walk in next giving the same hug to Mac as Calum did and finally Michael walks in. He absentmindedly gives Mac a fist bump while his face is in this phone playing some game. The others had at least acknowledged me but Michael just walked by until he was about 3 steps past me and he stopped short. He spun around on his heel to look at me. 

“Hi” he says softly and I giggle slightly before my eyes go wide. 

“Did you just giggle?” Mac asks me and I turn to him, eyes still wide. 

“I think I did” he gasps in fake shock. 

“This is Y/N” Mac introduces me to Michael because he is still staring and the others are all staring at us, shifting eyes back and forth to see who makes the first move. 

“Hi Michael” I reach my hand out and he stares at it for a second before shaking himself out of whatever thoughts were going on and doing the same. Calum does a sort of half hidden but not really trying laugh and I join in until my father walks in and looks at my hand that is still in Michael’s. 

“I see you have met my daughter” dad says with an emphasis on daughter. Michael pulls his hand away quickly and steps back so that he is near the rest of his band, his face nearly as red as his hair. He turns back to his game


It’s been a week since my semi-awkward first meeting with the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer but you wouldn’t know it from how we are with each other and I’m getting the feeling that my father is worried about that. 

“So how is it in the studio?” he asks me while I put some makeup on before I head there. 

“It’s going great!” I tell him excitedly. “Mac and I are getting similar results on our edits but he has taught me all these little things that I never picked up on before.” He smiles down at me.

“How are you getting on with the guys?” 

“Down to the nitty gritty” I say dead pan. “I get along great with them and that’s all you need to know about that.” I smile sweetly and give him a kiss on the cheek as I head out the door. When I get to the studio the guys are already there and Michael hands me my ice tea as I walk through the door. I smile and thank him. 

“He payed for that with his own money today” Calum teases and I give a fake surprised look. 

“Big spender!” I tease. He turns slightly red again and I rest my hand on his shoulder, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “That was very sweet of you Michael” I tell him.

“Do you think I could talk to you for a minute” he asks and looks over at the guys after. “Alone.” I smile and follow him out the door into the kitchen. 

“Listen, I was hoping that maybe tonight instead of all of us going out as a group, maybe I could like…I don’t know…take you out just us” he is twisting his fingers together in a way that looks almost painful so I put mine on top of his. 

“Absolutely” I smile. “Like a date?” He is so red that even the tip of his ears look like they are blending in with the red mop on top of his head. 

“Well yeah. I was kind of hoping that if this worked out then maybe you would be my girlfriend or whatever” he is quiet and nervous. 

“What if we just make it official now?” I ask. His head shoots up and his eyes meet mine, he is not sure of how to take this. I lean in towards him and my lips meet his. I find that the cliche of feeling like home is an accurate description and giggle when we pull apart. He smiles at me then back down to his hands before taking mine into his. 

“That is my favorite sound” he says gently before pulling my hand up to his lips and giving it a kiss. 

“That’s so punk rock Mikey” I tease and he groans. 

“Don’t tell the guys I said that” he begs. 

“I won’t, but you are going to have to prove to my dad that you can treat his daddy’s girl right” I remind him and he sighs.

“Welp…I’m fucked” he says and we both burst out in laughter. My father walks in the room and I lock eyes with him beofore deciding how to do this. I let go of Michael’s hand and walk swiftly past my father.

“Michael and I are dating” I give him a kiss on the cheek and continue my walk. “Love you” and that was how that worked. You’ll have to ask Michael how he made out.


It had been several hours. The fight was over, Robert was in custody and Peter had gotten a chance to relax and calm down. Now he was rested, and his prisoner was likely awake, it was time to pay a little visit. The last time he’d seen this man, it had been in some genetics lab or something, where he and his android colleague were attempting to cure him of his “mutation”. He still wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gotten out of there, the last he remembered, he was in a fist fight with mac and losing, then he was waking up in a SHIELD hospital bed. Obviously, he had a few questions for the man.

When Peter arrived in the holding cells of SHIELD HQ, accompanied by an agent tasked with guarding the entrance, he walked to Rob’s cell and stopped, heaving a sigh as his eyes fell on the man’s still form in the bed.

“Hey! Wake up asshole!” As if following some unspoken command, the guard pulled out his billy club and ran it across the bars loudly, turning and grinning at the teen once he’d finished.

“Dude, come on, don’t be a dick.” Peter chastised, sending the guard away and moving closer to the bars to look in on his ‘guest’. “Hey, you awake? I wanna talk to you.”