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Defenders Countdown: 24 Days

Matt and Danny

    Another dynamic we can’t wait to see in the MCU is the one between our two resident martial artists. By linking the Iron Fist legacy to that of the Hand/Chaste, the Marvel/Netflix writers have tied Matt’s past– and possibly present and future– directly to Danny’s. How this will impact their time together in The Defenders remains to be seen, but for now, here is a quick look at their friendship in the comics!                  

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emanationman  asked:

What do ya think was Ward's relationship with his mom? Do you think the distance and between Ward and Harold was because he remembered his wife too much through Ward's features. You think Harold loved her? Joy does take more after Harold in looks and personality. I'm imagining Joy had little time to connect with her mother. Especially since even seeing her father say and do those terrible things she was still all Ivanka Trump about it.

Omg if I didn’t think those things before I certainly do now. Those are fantastic insights! And I do headcanon that Ward takes after his mom more, and that is part of the reason why Harold is cruel to him.

Harold’s version of love is twisted and tainted, but he does love in his own way. I think he even loves Ward - he used his birthday as the secret pin number to get into Rand.

Joy is definitely a daddy’s girl, and more than once I’ve thought of the disturbing parallels between the Meachums and the Trumps. I’m sure one or two of the Trumps is a secret zombie too.