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Date thing it looks cool whoo might as well and try it out. Ok so I'm 16 female and 5,6 I have caramel ish hair idk my hair is weird but it goes along with my eyes witch I personally think are green but some people agree with others just say it's blue idk. Anyway I'm a swimmer and I am on three swim teams two of them are for my off season the other one is during my proffecinoal season. I also like to draw and act. Our fisrt date would probably be a movie or lazer tag. Fun dates all the way yo.

AHHHH but seriously, your description is killing me. Seriously, very pretty. I’ll never be over your description, I mean, \(^.^)/ ahhhh, dead

aahhh swimming, I both love and like it?? (never hate, cause, it’s always pretty fun) but yeah, I need to go swimming more….

OOOhhh drawing and acting are both super cool and I love many people who do them and I just love and respect them so much????

Fun dates are pretty rad man

so yeah, 10/10 would date you, cause, you seem pretty amazing

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you


Bulletproof Girl Scouts

No More Dream!BTS as girls cause I have no life. All my friends liked Rap Monster the best. I may do GirlBoy in luv too also v is a tomboy ((ALSO, SUGA LOOKS LIKE MINZY SHOULD I FEEL SORRY cute though))


No More Dream || Girl In Luv || Danger || War of Hormone || I NEED U || DOPE


Falling star chpater IV

this time things got badly for Peridot, i feel so bad for Peridot here! like is not even fair, she was just trying to get the gems to like her QnQ  

if you want to see how Peridot got into this horrible  mess you can download the fisrt 3 chapters of my fan comic on my gumroad store!  or download the  chapters III and IV here

remeber that is pay what you want, so you can get it for free!

on other even sadder news, there is not gonna be another two chapters next week, i’m sorry but i have to fix up a few things, but no worries the next chapter will be longer and SPOLIERS  there will be lapis on it! i hope you enjoy reading it!