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💜BIAS💜: Minhyuk > Wonho > I.M > Jooheon > Shownu > Kihyun > Hyungwon 💜FAV SONG💜: Beautiful

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Here we have a collection of photos that will hopefully make u feel better. We have my little prop (a mother seeing her kid walking the fisrt time wouldn’t be as proud as I’m for this prop), we have flowers from my mini tomato plant who is giving me tomatoes finally, we have a bunch of succulents and some naughty flys I spotted while photographing my plants 😂😂 Hope you feel better soon ❤🌱

❤❤ and omg the naughty flies cracked me up😂

More Thai-inspired pokemon design. Most description is in thais, so I’ll make a quick translation here.

Fisrt picture - there is no description but this is “loi-krathong” festival, quite a big annual event in thailand. For more information you can googled it.

Chantoru - Pikachu clone for the region! It design inspired from broadcasting brand in thailand that have red satellite dish, and they’re very common. They are quite a dominent company here and hold the rights to publishing pokemon content in thailand too. (By the way the company brand is true vision)
it description summerize as a very common pokemon found in neighborhood area, feed in electricity and radio wave. Often the cause of broken electric line and lost of broadcasting signal. It can use the information from television signal to find food too.

Trichrom, Septichrom - inspired from “ผ้าสามสี” Literally translate as tri-color fabric. Which is use to tie on a big tree , shrine or column that have spiritual quality to it. It evolve form is , as the name suggest, seven color fabric. That have the same propose.
The discription say they tie themselve on the tree or column and depend on their psychic power to manipulate people to bring food to them. People also believe that the object that Septichrom tied to have a special spiritual value of some sort and Septichrom is drawn by these aura.

Tangela Siam form - a joke on Thai’s electrical system. I recommend googled it for better picture.

Sleepover at Marinette’s

eI got this idea of what if Chat has been visiting Marinette every now and then after Evillustrator, sometimes he is just there while she works on her designs other they watch a movie and eat junk food.

Then one day Marinette has a Sleepover at her home with all the girls of the clasroom they are having a really good time and suddenly at midnight the trap door over Mari’s bed opens and Chat Noir get inside with a movie and some expensive looking candies. All happy calling her.

“Mari! I found the movie you talked about last lime! and I got your favorite strawberry candies! Ready for a movie nigh…t….”

He gets silents as he sees the other girls.
The girls from their part stay silent watching him with wide open eyes, Fisrt one to snap out of it is Alya, who inmediately turns to Marinette.
“What’s the meaning of this!!! what didn’t you tell me you where dating Chat Noir, THE CHAT NOIR!!!!”

Rose and Juleka gasps holding hands, Alix whistles at them and Mylène just blushes intensely.

“No no no!! it’s not like that!!” Marinette and Chat say at the same time.


So in Three Gems and a Baby, thre´s a moment when Steven´s gem brightens for the fisrt time

and it just hit me that it could as well be Crewniverse´s nod all the way back too episode 1 named Gem Glow  (Coincindence? I think not!) where, as we all know, Steven´s Gem glows as well but this time its the first time he summons his shield.