"The Flash" Revenge of the Rogues 1x10; Thoughts: SPOILERS!!!

I been waiting for this episode since I saw the promo and now that is finally here; I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.

I really expected more.

Don’t get me wrong I actually quite enjoy this episode; specially the interaction between Capitan Cold and Heat Wave (they are really cool villains) and as usually Joe and Barry (and dealing with Iris and his feelings). And the fact that Cisco finally had some recognition from his skills and artifacts out side of the Flash Team was AMAZING!! BEDSIDE HE ACTUALLY SAVED CAITLING (yeah! Joe got her before blowing up in tiny pices, but yeah…)

What I enjoy the mos form this episode was; fisr of all Barry facial expression when Joe tell him that Caitlin is missing, everything that he is feeling in that splite second when he knows she is in danger is perfectly display in his face; you just can see how he really cares about her an is really worried because he knows that Capitan Cold has her.

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