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BtVS for the meme :) 2, 7, 8

Woohoo - thank you. I do love to pontificate.

2 -  Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?

There are so many new OTPs - and I see most of them as BROTP. Mostly I don’t see sparkage. But the biggest one is probably Spander. I really like those two snarking at each other. I just don’t see them together unless one of them really changes. I have read a few good stories, but I just don’t *get* it the way Spander shippers get it.

7. Is there anything you used to like, but now can’t stand? 

Fred. I thought she was wonderful the fisr time  watched Angel. But after she ends up with Gunn, she sorta becomes too cute. I hate the way she lets Gunn walk all over her. I also find her flat - she has no flaws. She just get sweeter and nicer until she dies tragically. By that point Fred is more of a stale cinnamon bun too good for this world. Since she was the last woman in the cast, I wish she had been more strong willed and gritty.

8. Unpopular opinion about BTVS?

It’s gotten to the point that every opinion is unpopular with some fans. So I will just blurt some opinions. I already talked about Fred. Oz also is perfect - but he has no flaws and no arc. There is nothing he needs to fight within himself, which is where drama lies. I dislike Anya because they never developed her character.

I hate Riley and Kennedy with great passion. Riley becomes a self destructive idiot who refuses to take responsibility for his choices. Kennedy is a rich spoiled brat - her words. I hate Glory to the point where I fast forward through any scene I can. Her scabby hobbits fawning over her annoy the crap out of me.

I actually like BTVS Wesley after a few watchings - he is a trope but AD managed to make a cliche into a character. He can be painful to watch, but he has some depth.  I also like Xander the more I watch and the more people complain about him. Complaints make me look harder, and I like what I see a lot of the time.

I don’t - however - like the new thing of going after Spike to prove Xander is getting a bad rap. I find all the anti Spike arguments to be boring, circular, and annoying. That’s actually true of most of the anti arguments. I think it’s the difference between disliking a character and trying to make others agree with you. Anyone who goes after the fans of a character or pairing is…taking this far too seriously.

I have real problems with Bangel because of the age difference. But that’s my issue and I can see why others ship it.

Surely there are people out there who find those opinions unpopular.

"The Flash" Revenge of the Rogues 1x10; Thoughts: SPOILERS!!!

I been waiting for this episode since I saw the promo and now that is finally here; I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.

I really expected more.

Don’t get me wrong I actually quite enjoy this episode; specially the interaction between Capitan Cold and Heat Wave (they are really cool villains) and as usually Joe and Barry (and dealing with Iris and his feelings). And the fact that Cisco finally had some recognition from his skills and artifacts out side of the Flash Team was AMAZING!! BEDSIDE HE ACTUALLY SAVED CAITLING (yeah! Joe got her before blowing up in tiny pices, but yeah…)

What I enjoy the mos form this episode was; fisr of all Barry facial expression when Joe tell him that Caitlin is missing, everything that he is feeling in that splite second when he knows she is in danger is perfectly display in his face; you just can see how he really cares about her an is really worried because he knows that Capitan Cold has her.

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