December 24, 2014  Olympic Peninsula, WA

The quick and wet release of a wild steelhead on the O.P. from this past week, must keep these fish completely submerged if they are to breathe.  Let us know if we can help you dial in your spey casting and find yourself attached to one of these this year, we would love to do both for you.

photo Dave McCoy

August 30, 2014  Mountain Creeks, WA

A little rain today will make for a terrific Sept. on the smaller streams.  A brief influx of cool fresh water will give the trout a bit of a respite from the warm water and invigorate and energize them.  Summer almost being over will also relieve much of the pressure they have endured for the past few months making sojourns into the mountains that much more enjoyable with fewer anglers…not that there are many in most of these places anyway.

photo Dave McCoy