The Fiskerton Phantom is a cat-like cryptid found in the United Kingdom. The Fiskerton Phantom is 4ft. tall with abnormally large appendages, cat-like ears, and huge eyes which makes sense since it is presumed to be nocturnal. Experts believe the Fiskerton Phantom is some sort of bear.

“Welcome back to the family!!!”


their parents didn’t let them.

Day 2 of @thesecretsaturdaysvault‘s 9th anniversary event: 9 Years Later.

Haha, I’m so used to midget Zak, drawing him taller was….an experience. I made his fashion sense stay horrible though <3 As for Fisk and Komodo… how do you even draw cryptids looking older……………

I don’t even (The Secret Saturdays Au thingermagig)

Okay, so just going to put this idea out there, because it won’t leave me alone. Beware, for this is full of doodles from the last week or so, and a weird story idea to go with it. The Secret Saturdays Au, go!

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