Alive. (Alex Standall)

Title: Alive

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Word Count: 613 words

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Swearing, mention of violence.

Summary: The reader and Alex have been friends, and she started dating a boy who hurts her fisically. One day, Alex decides to show her how a relationsip must feel.

Author’s Note: Hello, so this is my first imagine and I’m excited about it. Don’t be rude in case it’s too bad, I’m sorry.Requests are open.

“I brought some food, because I thought you must be hungry.” Alex said standing in the front door with a little smile. I let him in and just closed the door. He looked tired, and mostly like he was angry. He stared at me.

My arms were covered in bruises, and I looked skinnier than the last time he saw me. After a fight I had with my boyfriend, I stayed at home. My parents weren’t there almost always, and I could stay for days at my room expecting that my body would stop hurting. Alex never liked the dude I was dating, even when I never told him about the bruises.

“You looked terrible.” He said and his voice cracked at the end, while he held my face on his warm hands. I tried to smile and just look down.

“Are you staying tonight?” I asked and I walked to the living room. He slow followed me and we end up sitting next to each other. I opened the McDonald’s bag and start to ate the fries inside it. “Thanks for this.”

“Isn’t (your boyfriend’s name) here? I think he was taking care of you, that’s why I didn’t come the past days. If I had known you were here alone, I would have come on Monday or something.” He said worried and grabbed some fries of the bag.

“He isn’t my boyfriend anymore. We broke up on Monday.” I cleared.

“And, are you okay?” He asked and I turned to see him. He already knew the answer, but he tried to prove my weak and sluttered words, just like he did when he knew I was lying.

“You know.” I started saying but some tears start to come out. “I’m sorry.”

“Hey.” He got closer and hugged me. “I’m here now.”

I felt so bad. He told me about those tapes and I couldn’t tell him the true about how my own boyfriend hurted me so much, how he fucked me and then just if he was mad, or had a tough day I had to pay for everything.

“I promise that I won’t let him get closer to you anymore, okay?” He said really mad while I rested on his chest crying. Then I nod. “Look, now we can watch some movies, order even more food like a pizza or anything and I’ll make you feel much better.”

And just like he said, we watched some Disney movies, and we order a pizza. We spent there, while I cuddled with him and he stroked my hair slowly. Then I turned to stare at him.

“Thanks.” I said with a slow voice. “For staying, and all of this. But, why are you doing it? I know you liked me, but you don’t deserve someone like me as a girlfriend.” I never tried to make it sound rude, even it heard like it.

“I told you I liked you, and I would protect you.” He said patient.

“But, you were always here.”

And it was true. Everytime I had a bad time, I called him because he gave me peace and he gave me what I needed. I tried to comfort him too, just like he always did with me. I just, really like having Alex with me, here. I like Alex.

“Y/n, how you felt this afternoon with me?” He touched my cheek.


“Then, Y/n, this is how a real relationship should feel.”

He got closer and stared at my eyes. He made a trail between my eyes and my lips. I got closer too. He caressed my cheek carefully until we finally kissed.

Can we just stop a minute to appreciate Nishinoya?

He’s the most fisically disadvantaged one in Karasuno, but not once he gave up for this.
He just keeps pushing, pushing, pushing forward for everyone, even for those who don’t believe they have the ability to make it (Asahi I’m watching you).

Noya is someone I wish I could have in my life, cause I know he’ll have my back regardless, and having someone you can rely on no matter what is priceless.
Noya-san is awesome!

Lili Reinhart

Please guys! Let’s make an effort for her to win this (teen choice awards) I don’t know why I want this so badly for her, I guess she is such an inspiration, I’ve struggled with mental health issues for most of my life, I’ve been through hell and back, but now I’m studying fisiotherapy (I don’t know the name of that degree out of Spain) which is something I love because I can help other people not only with their fisical diseases but also help them daily to overcome their situation, and getting the feedback of seeing them happier and healthier means the world to me and I just want to give her that with her own vocation, because she inspires so many people from her position and I want her to know that we appreciate it so please if you in some way can relate to this situation vote for her in the teen choice awards, I know it is not an academy award but at least it is a public appreciation of her work. (Sorry about the rambling and for the possible typos because as I said I’m spanish)

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anonymous asked:

Why do you hate JJ? Do you hate also JJ/Yurio? How do we have interpret your fanart of Yurio attacking fisically another person just because you didn't like what he said? I'm sorry i hate violence and it triggered me, i assume you kick in the face the one who get you on your nevers in real life

I don’t hate JJ?? 

wait are you one of those ppl who assume that all writers actually writes about themselves? :-/

and nah that would be crazy

i mostly just wanted to draw yurio doing one of those crazy kicks! because he clearly is able to do that!!*-*

LIKE KAPOW!! he might look tiny and fragile but he can probably kick my face off!! D8

it wasn’t meant to be seen as a hate-post toward Jean, but i am sorry if it triggered you!

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I like to think that the new google boys™ are kind of knowless about the world around them?like,even thought they are google and have access to all kinds of information,having a fisical body is new to them so everything that come with that is like mind blowing to each one.Blue google™ is already used to the world so to him this is kind of annoying because sometimes this distracts them and interferes with the primary objective™.I know this is kinda silly but just wanted to share with youᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Awww imagine all the other googs getting excited over small things in the world and Blue Google has to explain it to them? And he just gets so frustrated cuz they act like lil kids omg! 

And he has to teach them how to act too cuz they’re literally robotic and don’t understand sarcasm or anything haha :>

Star signs in love (before the relationship)

Aries- when it comes to love they are open, and kind of a go-getters. They won’t think too much they’ll just do it. They are most likely to fall head over hills for somebody they don’t really know. (usually the across the room-love at first sight type). Impulsive, and with absolutely no plan they will get into relationship fast, which results in short relationship.
Taurus- their head and reactions stay cool, but they are crazy inside. The sometimes quiet Taurus becomes loud to attract his love interest. They will approach confident, sometimes little bit cocky, just to show his dominance. Very patient, and won’t get into anything too quick.
Gemini- the outgoing guy(or gal) will just become closed. They will be more calm, and think more. They are good-thinkers and can get into planing everything. They love excitement and will became more kind. They usually come in big crowds, but will stand out of it just for somebody special.
Cancer- will become more shy and closed. But when you get to them (which is very easy , just be kind when you talk to them), they will be very open. They show their emotions, so you will know what the think of you. Also they’re very romantic, so work up your game.
Leo- sometimes considered a player, moving from one to another, but when they find the right one they will stay. Usually has short relationships, because they don’t want to be tide down. They will approach arrogant and cocky.
Virgo- the picky picker. They like to be single because no one is good enough for them. They need to find the right one. They usually do. The thing they hate is when someone is vulgar and arrogant , then they will most likely blow you off.
Libra- cheerful and playful Libra will flirt their way into your heart. Love to be the center of your world. But usually flirts with more than one guy/girl, just to keep options.
Scorpio- the sexbomb. They will just come into your life and make you love them, not because they’re cute and kind, they are not, but because they are strong and independent. They seduce easily, and loves fisical relationships.
Sagittarius- also may be a player. Gets bored easily, so they keep their options. They love to be dominant, and will approach you with no fear. They will swoop you of your feet with their sweet talk.
Capricorn- the one who doesn’t give up. They will keep trying to get you, and just won’t take no for an answer. Their confidence and arrogant behavior will come out. Buy they are not really like that, that’s just their protection. They build a wall,(which can easily torn down) because they afraid of getting hurt.
Aquarius- the lovable one. Easy to talk to, and will make you chase them instantly. And they love the chase, they love to be the one you fight for, and they usually have plenty of people chasing them.
Pisces- the romantic one. They will not make the first move, because they know you will. They will make you. They are really patient. They will just watch you from the distance and will be giving you signs.



Internet Age Media Weekend

instalation in collaboration with Preforma Design


Vitrine by Preforma Design

Preforma is a product design studio based in Barcelona that has designed the structure of the vitrine for the ocasion. A design that allows the moodboard to have its perfect fisical environtment.

Fragrance by La Basilica Galleria Perfume

Black Uddù, the exhibited fragrance, plays the contrast between the cold industrial metal and the organic humus of the soil. A simultaneous look to our origins and our future.

La Basilica is a space dedicated to the most rare and exquisite artisanal perfumes from around the world,
based in Barcelona gothic quarter.

Audio by Lolo & Sosaku

Loop of a fragment of “Night”, an audio piece recorded by skype.

Photography Joe Hamilton

Untitled (Blue), 2014 Chroma key cotton and pigment print on 48,3 mm aluminium scafford frame100 x 150 cm. Joe Hamilton makes use of technology and found material to create intricate and complex compositions online, offline and between.

Photography Mara Ploscaru

Julie, 2014. From the series “Constructs” made in 2013-2014 in Berlin. Mara Ploscaru is interested in things that defy gravity.

Specified materials by MaterFAD

Materfad, Barcelona’s materials centre, is a space for research, dissemination, documentation and activism in the field of materials and technology, with particular focus on any that present a novelty feature.

Jimmy Darling Imagine

You stoped in front of the Freak Show and a guy with light brown hair looked at you.
Jimmy: Where closed.
Y: I know. My name is (Y/N) and i’m here to join the shown.
Jimmy: You’re in the worng place you don’t belong here.
Y: Just because i’m not different fisically it doesn’t mean i don’t belong here…
Jimmy: Jimmy. Jimmy Darling.

Y: Nice to meet you Jimmy. As i was saying i belong here. I can control people’s minds.
Jimmy: How’s that?
Y: Like this.
You walked closely to a man that was staring at the poster of the show.
Y: Hi what are you doing?
Man: Just seeing what these freaks think that is a show.
Y: Sorry?
Man: sorry what? you’re not going to tell me that a girl as beautiful as you likes these things.
Y: I’m none of those “things”. - You look right into the man’s eyes- Your going to believe that you half of a wolf and never again call freak to someone because your one of them.
The man walked away like he was a wolf and you walked back to jimmy.
Y: Now you believe in me?
Jimmy: Yes i do, but let’s be honest your a little bit mean.
Y: yes i am but he’s also mean, he called us freaks and we’re not we’re different just that.
He stayed in silence.
Y: Jimmy are you okay?
Jimmy: yes i am (Y/N). Let’s take your things.
Y: Thanks.
He helped you take all your things to your new home.
Jimmy: here you are. - he smiled-
Y: Why are you here ?
Jimmy: I’m the lobster boy. - He said a little bit sad whitch broke your heart -
Y: Show me.
Jimmy: Believe me you don’t want to see it.
Y: I know that i want. Jimmy Just because your hands are not what they call normal it doesn’t mean nothing, you don’t have to feel like that. You’re not a freak Jimmy. You’re just different and different is good. Tell me how many people do you know like me ?
Jimmy: Just you. But it’s differe…
Y: No it’s not different Jimmy your fisically diferent and i’m this that i can’t really say what but i love myself and wouldn’t want to be anyone else and you should feel the same way.
Jimmy:  Thanks i guess.
He left and you stayed there putting your clothes on the right places.
Dinner Time.
We were all at the table eating and  i saw Jimmy looking at me so i looked back and he left the room really fast i didn’t know what was going on but whatever i followed him.

Jimmy: To my room, i’m tired of beeing there why ?
Y: Why were you looking at me ?
Jimmy: It doesn’t matter.
Y: Jimmy c'mon don’t be like that. I hate seing you like that. You know that i care about you if you don’t at least you should, and ….
You couldn’t talk more cuz Jimmy’s lips were against yours,  you loved the feeling of his lips on yours, his tongue in your mouth, his hands on your body…
Slowly he pulled away from the kiss and looked you in the eyes.
Jimmy: (Y/N) you realy do long speaches.
Y: Sorry - You two laughed.
Jimmy: Sorry for this.
Y: Don’t be i like you two.
You kissed him again and on that moment you knew that going to that Freak Show was the best thing that happened to you.