tiny-timothy-lawrence asked:

7, 23, and 18. :3

7. Best Friends ? 

  • None, I had two when I was young and both turned out to be … well, pretty bad, plus trust is an incredibly important thing for me and it’s really hard for me to actually believe in someone, so no, no best friends. 

18. Obsession ?

  • Well, I’ve got comics, technology & music. Bless those 3 things because they are my escape from everything.

23. Favorite Song ?

  • How can I answer this ? I’ll never be able to choose, so I guess I’ll give you a few lol: Mr. Jack, Roulette, Innervision, BYOB, Chop Suey!, Aerials and really, several others from System of a Down, then there’s Going Through Changes by Eminem, and I don’t know I mean darn, I feel like it’s impossible to actually choose even just a few favorite songs. Music is just great, all kinds of it, I love it.

Thanks for asking ^^

fishyyamato said: So how’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s penis, and dude feels and stress for the new episode. ;_;

dude either had an average penis or hemingway is 2 nice to his friends but omg i should have thrown myself into incoming traffic instead of watching the new breaking bad jfc i am no where near prepared