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if undyne is fish wouldnt fire burn her fishyness? xD like she is HOTTER THAN HOTLAND in which she collapses there ovo

eheheh you have to notice a thing :3 is the armor on fire not  her :3.

she is still  weak to the high temp but now is more motivated and unstoppable ….when she is in that form 

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not sure if you've already talked about this, but do you think baekyeon was real, and if yes, if they really broke up? the timing of it all seems really fishy, and idk SM's shady as fuck so I wouldn't put it past them to have staged it all. but at the same time, it does seem like baekyeon had some natural chemistry before and seemed interested in each other before the news came out so ???

Boyyyy I’ve talked about SM’s fishyness and Baekyeon idk how many times both on and off Tumblr tbh But I will do it !! again !! because it doesn’t get old

As most who read this may know, I love Baekhyun VERY much, and I love Taeyeon and all of SNSD VERY much, and I’m a HUGE SM stan so I’m aware of all this stuff

this post is a literal godsend into any and everything sm conspiracy theory. We can’t be sure of exactly how truthful it is because only Baekyeon and Kaistal came true, and the other examples to test would have involved luhan and kris (who left before sm could put them w/ anyone)

Sensibly speaking, if SM is behind relationships like these at all, of course they’re going to go with idols who have some sort of chemistry together. Otherwise the public wouldn’t believe it and it would seem too strange. That post I linked talks about that, too. So previous chemistry / one admitting to liking the other doesn’t necessarily disavow SM’s potential dirty work.

Moving on, the timing of that relationship reveal was both absolutely terrible and perfect. Terrible, because of what happened to both Baek and Tae in the aftermath, but perfect because it completely distracted and detracted from SM’s controversies at the time. What also bugged me was how young EXO was as a group, yet suddenly SM is okay with a member openly dating the leader of its powerhouse girl group? o k a y . Plus it made Baek look bad after his promise not to date for like 5 years after exo had debuted, it made his MC’ing experience that much more painful, and Tae got a LOT of IG hate from both EXO L and SONEs (yes “and”. SONEs gave Baek hate as well too). The rapid confirmation and forced, set-up nature of the “evidence” photo Dispatch released all seemed to point in the general direction of “fishy.” However, it still seemed like a desperate attempt to distract from the EXO lawsuit drama if that was the case though, so a lot of people dismissed the relationship as being fake. After all, SM wouldn’t want to step on idols this much right?

Well here’s the thing. If the SM insider from that post I linked is right, then SM only has a few idol pairings already picked out that they’re okay with releasing to the public. They apparently included Luhan x SNSD, Kaistal, and Baekyeon. Kaistal would never have been able to get off the ground in 2014 and I mean never. Holy shit that would have been bad. Pushing Luhan with an SNSD member would have also had bad results, especially since there were no prior interactions that would have driven fans to say “hey look the signs have been here !” like they did with Kaistal this year and baekyeon in 2014.If we buy into the conspiracy theory, which you are under no obligation to do so, then Baekyeon was their only available option if they wanted to use something as a cover up or distraction.

Even if it was completely and totally real, SM definitely had a hand in the timing and whatnot. If Dispatch had had “proof” that the two had been dating for months beforehand, why suddenly dish it out then? And why did that photo look that setup? SM also had to keep distracting because Baekyeon backfired so hard, and lawsuit drama kept ensuing, so they released Red Velvet before they were supposed to debut. RV was supposed to debut with all 5 members like they did last year, but SM debuted them as four in 2014 because they needed to . RV’s debut was most definitely rushed and not given the attention it needed but the girls are amazing so of course it’s turned around for them since then. (I’m still bitter regardless.) 

So all in all, I can’t tell anyone with definitiveness whether it was real or not. But, in my opinion, not everything was real. At the very least, the revelation was manufactured – at the most, the entire relationship was, and the situation and its fallout totally strained Baek and Tae’s friendship – whatever that friendship was.

If the latter is true …. I can’t ever forgive SM. Both of them deserve better than what they got out of that. Much better.