fishy photos

Because these conspiracy nerds KNOW the moon is hiding something. Based off of this photo:

Fishy Photo Shoot!

I’m an amateur photographer with some fish, so of course, I had to give them a photoshoot. Enjoy!

This is my Goldie Tank!

This is Kiko, my calico fantail. He’s about an inch long. Tiny boy!

Kiko loves to explore. He’s excited about getting the gravel in his tank replace with sand to make it Goldie-friendly.

He has a friend named Noir, a black moor goldie

Kiko is a dork. He does flips sometimes. He swims all the way to the top and does a flip. Not sure why, if anyone knows, please let me know!

Noir is so cute.

I also have two Betta fish. Jeffery is in his own 5 gallon paradise.

I have another betta named Rosa. Pretty sure Rosa is a male, but I’m pretty sure a betta fish doesn’t care about pronouns

When I went on vacation and left Rosa with a petsitter, she bit her own fins to a pretty extreme extent. I’m awaiting a package with more hides for her, because she’s a shy girl.