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BTS: How They Would Confess Pt. 1

I promised you guys a BTS version so here you go! This will be the hyung line and pt. 2 will be the maknae line :) None of the gifs belong to me. Enjoy~ <3


You guys would be at one of his favorite fast food stalls on the street. He loved taking you there constantly. Walking side by side, he’d make small talk about random things that’d come to his mind. You liked these moments with him - just chatting about the little things in life. Suddenly, he’d step in front of you and grab your shoulders. Raising his eyebrows and widening his eyes, he’d tell you to wait right there as he’d begin to run off to the stand. You’d laugh at his nervousness - how he’d keep on glancing at you would be super duper cute - but then you’d realize: why is he nervous? You’d finally lose your train of thought as he’d take hold of your hand and pull you toward the counter, sending shivers down your back. The staff would welcome you with warm smiles. They’d give you the order you always get. Was this prepared?

Y/N: This is very fishy, oppa…

Jin: *nervous giggling*

Y/N: I’ll just eat it later. I’m not that hungry.

Jin: o_O WHAT NO

Y/N: You always tell me: “Don’t force yourself to eat.”

Jin: …I can’t hide it any more I was gonna say– *takes huge breath* IhaveamajorcrushonyouandIwantyoutobemygirlfriendisthatokay???

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You guys would be sitting on the couch re-watching dramas. He never felt like going out so he always went over to your house to chill. As you slouch against him, you can’t help but feel all bubbly inside. The feeling of his skin against yours… “AH HE’S GOING TO CONFESS NOW.” He’d yell at the top of his lungs, making you jump. Laughing at you, he’d take a quick glance at the screen and then back to you. He’d look emotionally into your eyes and clutch his heart area very dramatically. You wouldn’t help but burst into a mess of giggles. He’d take you by your hand.

Suga: *in sync with the show* I…I love you.

Y/N: OMG YOONGI!!! You’re too funny sometimes xD Next episode?

Suga: I’m serious though. I really do.

Y/N: Shut up. *gets up*

Suga: *grabs your wrist and pulls you close* I like you, Y/N. No joke.

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This guy just loves books. He’d love taking you to a book shop, mostly because he said it was “a cure for stress”. And you had to admit - it kinda was. The music always put you at ease and running your fingers across the books’ spines felt so relaxing. The environment was so peaceful there. One day, he’d pull up one specific book and show it to you. His big round glasses would be at the tip of his nose. His scarf would be wrapped around his neck. You’d chuckle at the sight - he’d remind you ever so briefly of Harry Potter.

J-Hope: This is one of my all-time favorite books, Y/N.

Y/N: Why do you like it so much?

J-Hope: It relates to my life so much. You should read it.

Y/N: What’s it even about? *takes book and reads synopsis aloud* A man falling in love with a woman? That sounds kinda cliché–

J-Hope: *on his knees, hands clasped together* I LIKE YOU AS A PERSON AND IT WOULD BE NICE IF YOU GO OUT WITH ME, Y/N!!!

Y/N: SHHHHH!!! :))))))


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Rap Monster:

You’d be surfing the web with him on the couch. He’d have his laptop on his lap and you’d just be laughing at funny videos and memes about BTS. He’d always avoid searching memes about himself and just make fun of the other members. Once he’d go to the bathroom, you’d immediately take his laptop and search memes of him. Stepping out of the bathroom, he’d yell from across the room while running up to you. He’d take back his computer and widen his eyes as he’d read the meme you pulled up.

Y/N: So fabulous, Namjoon xD

RM: *plays along* I know right??? No girl can resist these muscles.

Y/N: I can. That’s all flab.

RM: *coughs* Says the one who has a crush on me.

Y/N: Wh-what?!

RM: *chuckles* I know you like me. Jimin told me weeks ago. Don’t get mad at him though - at least I know you like me back. :))) You wanna go out with me?

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