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OK SO I DREW THIS CHAIN OF FRICKIN PURIKURAS on twitter to, pbthh, “kick off the new year” for some friends and mutuals! I really wanted to do more but let’s be real here we gotta move on… though I might pick the idea up again for Valentine’s Day or something ha ha

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fishy-kun  asked:

Hey! When you draw Backlash, do you thumbnail the whole chapter first? Or just draw each page as they come along?

Before I start thumbnailing, I write out the script as if it’s a play. Then, from that script, I lay out the entire chapter before I even think about finishing up pages. That way I can check and double check that the layouts make sense, that I’ve covered all the material I need to cover, and that the pacing is tolerable. It also helps in case I find an error, or need to change something. It’s easier to fix if I have the whole chapter laid out in front of me.

If I did it page-by-page and didn’t know what was coming next, the flow would be really choppy. (At least, for me it would be. Some people can do this just fine, but I’m not one of them, haha!) Being able to look over the whole sequence is just a lot easier and less stress-inducing for me!