fishy drag


Queen of the day (02/16/2017) - Ariel Versace!! 

Ariel is soooo fish, she’s the whole damn ocean. Also, I want all of her wigs, they are all so amazing and giant and envious omg. And she is always killing it with her makeup and outfits. She is immaculate at drag, okcurr?!

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We all talk shit on Kandy Ho but this is the fiercest lip sync from a drag queen I’ve ever seen

trump did a campaign ad trying to cater to the young liberal audience where he dressed in real fishy drag (very feminine to the point of passing as a woman) and in the end of the video he shook his long hair down and adopted a breathy, feminine voice and his whole family, seated nearby, gasped and feigned impressed shock and applauded and I was LIVID when I watched it on my phone because only the week before he’d announced he wanted to pass a bill banning trans people and drag queens, and I tried to shout “YOU HATE DRAG!” at my phone but my mouth was full of salmon.