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April Carríon being fishy 🐠


Here’s Britney Spears and an Aussie Fish with a weird fan.

It was nice meeting Derrick Barry and Courtney Act a few weeks ago at the El Convento Rico’s 25th Anniversary Show. Derrick liked my Robbie Turner shirt and Courtney remembered me from many years ago because of my overgrown top hat lol. They put on a fabulous performance, along with our local queens outdoors, and before we parted ways, I decided to get a print signed by Derrick for the heck of it.  

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Would you mind explaining to me what a "fish queen", "comedy queen", and "pageant queen" are? And maybe use examples of past/present queens so I can get an idea of what is what... because I get so confused when they use those terms cause I have no clue what they're talking about lol

They are all almost like stereotypes that say if a queen does one thing she therefore must be a certain way all the time. But I don’t think you should put anyone in a box or label them.

However the terms generally mean:

“Fishy Queen” - is a queen that looks very stereotypically feminine and dresses very feminine and looks very much like a woman. Many would consider Gia Gunn, Courtney Act, Katya Zamo, April Carrion, Naomi Smalls, Valentina, Willam Belli, Jujubee, Bible Girl etc as fishy queens. The term ‘fishy’ I believe derives from the smell of vajayjay (gross lol)

“Pageant Queen” - is basically as it says, a queen who competes in pageants. They often have very big hair, big jewellery and often wear extremely rhinestoned (if that’s even a word!) costumes. Notable Pageant Queens are Alyssa Edwards, Roxxxy Andrews, Kennedy Davenport, Stacey ‘Henny’ Lane Matthews etc

“Comedy Queens” - are again literally what you would think, queens who do comedy. Examples include Bianca Del Río, Alaska Thunderfuck, Bob The Drag Queen, Jinkx Monsoon, Detox iCunt, Ginger Minge, Willam Belli, Trixie Mattel, Thorgy Thor etc.


These terms/ labels are not exclusive i.e. You can be more than one. For example, by these definitions Willam would considered a 'comedy queen’ and a 'fishy queen’. Gia Gunn is both a 'fishy queen’ and a 'pageant queen’. Katya is also both a 'fishy queen’ and a 'comedy queen’.

However as I said before I don’t think you should label people so exclusively necessarily. Also there are many other different queen categories such as a 'look queen’ which is a queen who is only good at presenting a look and has few talents elsewhere. Again this isn’t always strictly true as some may label Roxxxy as a 'look queen’ but she is also an AMAZING lyricist and rapper 😉
Also many queens sing as part of their gig eg Adore, Courtney, Willam, Trixie. And again Trixie sings more serious songs and does stand up comedy therefore she is not categorised into one specific box. Similarly Alaska sings comedy songs. So just because you do one thing doesn’t restrict you from doing another!

Hope it makes more sense now!! 👍🏼💖😇

Feel free to add other examples of each type of queen!😁

(Ps this is just my perspective I’m not saying it’s set in stone or right or wrong, don’t come for me 😉)

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Wow i am loving these drabbles you've been doing, could i send idea? Bianca and Adore where Bianca does really fishy drag for a change and everyone is surprised :) thank you x

Thank you darling!
Send me sentence prompts and drag race pairings and I’ll write you a little drabble!

Bianca wanted a change. She was fed up of being predictable. She wanted to be like the other queens for just one night. She didn’t want to be the funny one. Being the funny one didn’t grasp the attention she wanted. She needed to do something totally unexpected. And then maybe she would notice her. Maybe stirring things up a bit would finally catch her eye.

She toned down her make-up dramatically. She wore smaller top lashes and didn’t wear any bottom ones. She was lighter on her contour and didn’t overdraw her lips quite so much. She found a long curly dark wig she hadn’t worn in years and spent ages picking out just the right outfit. When she was finished, she didn’t recognise the person staring back at her. She looked fishy as hell, she was basically unclockable. God the other queens were in for a shock, but there was only one she cared about.

When she exited her dressing room Courtney was the first to notice her. Her eyes widened as she took in Bianca’s appearance. The toned down make-up and wig was just the tip of the iceberg. Instead of her usual long gowns she wore a short vintage dress that billowed out in a 1960’s style. It was low cut and she contoured on her cleavage. Courtney looked her up and down a few times, not sure what to make of this.
‘Are you coming for my gig girl?’ She came closer to Bianca, still wide eyed. ‘You look…I didn’t think you had it in you.’ The blonde chuckled a little, still trying to take this all in. Bianca suddenly felt a little silly.
'Do I look ok? I mean really?’
'You look amazing!’ Courtney smiled. 'What’s brought this on?’
'I just felt like a change.’ Bianca shrugged. Just then the door opened and Adore strolled in.
'Court have you seen my-’ she stopped when she noticed Bianca. 'Holy shit.’ Her jaw practically dropped open as she stared at the older queen. Bianca felt really silly now. What would Adore think of her? She probably thought she looked stupid, I’m too old to be dressing like this.
'I know it’s dumb, I was just going to change.’ Bianca sighed. She’d gotten her attention, but for all the wrong reasons. She turned to head back to her dressing room. She didn’t realise Adore had gotten closer until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Bianca spun back around to look at the younger queen. Adore smiled at her and then turned to look at Courtney over her shoulder.
'Can you give us a minute Court?’
The blonde nodded and took her leave. Adore turned back to Bianca.
'What’s all this about?’ She smiled a little. 'I was just experimenting. It’s dumb. I look dumb.’
'No you don’t!’ Adore laughed lightly. 'You look incredible.’
'Really?’ Bianca frowned, not believing her.
'Really!’ Adore insisted. 'I mean you always look incredible but…’ the younger queen trailed off, looking away from Bianca.
'What?’ Surely she couldn’t have heard her right? Adore looked back at her and even with her layers of make-up on Bianca could see her blushing.
'Just forget I said that. I didn’t mean for that to come out.’ Adore turned her back on Bianca. Bianca was stunned. This whole time she’d been desperate for Adore to notice her, to look at her in that way and she had all along?
'I did this for you.’ Bianca called after her. Adore turned back to her. 'I did this because I wanted you to think I was beautiful.’
Adore frowned a little and stepped closer to Bianca.
'Are you kidding me? I’ve always thought you were beautiful. I thought it was obvious.’ She was still blushing.
'You…you really think that?’
Adore bit her lip and nodded.
'Always. Whether you’re caked in make-up or whether your just Roy. I think you’re beautiful. You don’t have to change for me.’
Bianca’s heart soared. She didn’t have any words to say to that so instead she grabbed Adore by the waist and kissed her. The younger queen kissed her back, their lipsticks meshing together. When the kiss ended Adore bit her lip again shyly.
'Wow.’ The younger queen breathed.
'Wow indeed.’ Bianca laughed.
'I hope there’s more where that came from.’
'As many as you like.’ Bianca kissed her again. 'Does this mean I can go back to my normal look? I don’t feel like Bianca in this.’ The older queen laughed again. Adore laughed too and nodded.
'Yes please do, this is kinda freaking me out.’
'But it did what it was suppose to. You noticed me.’ Bianca smiled at her. Adore smiled too and gave Bianca one last kiss.
'I could never not notice you.’ She spoke into her lips. 'Go sort yourself out we have a show to do. And maybe after I’ll let you take me out.’ Adore winked at her before sauntering away. Bianca sighed in content. Fishy drag definitely wasn’t for her. But it had served its purpose. Bianca had finally got her girl.

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yurio is definitely a young, bratty drag queen, fishy but flat-chested like naomi smalls, but no one is mad at her cus they think her shouting is endearing and cute :> and i kinda wish yuuri was kinda the bianca to yuri's adore bc they'll still snipe at each other but yuri can't sew for shit and appreciates the help even if she refuses to admit it anywhere outside the confessional!!!!

Oh yes absolutely. They call her kitten and that pisses her off even more. She’s an upstart and an abrasive queen but they can’t deny the talent she has. 😂