If you’ve ever wanted a pet goldfish that didn’t have to stay home in its fishbowl whenever you go out, check out these beautiful Nubuck Goldfish Purses by Japanese retailer Atelier Iwakiri. Sure, at prices ranging from $900 to $1100, these giant leather fish cost a bit more than your average live goldfish, but then again, they can also carry all your stuff.

The giant goldfish purses are available in two different sizes and handmade to order using red, black, brown, or dark brown leather. While all those fins and scales make them look very real, we suggest you don’t try to see if these fancy fish can swim.

Visit the Atelier Iwakiri website for more photos.

[via Design Taxi and RocketNews24]


SOMETHING’S FISHY, Japanese Sushi Restaurant
Advertising Agency: Stockenhuber Design
Project: Corporate Identity, Logo, Posters, Presentation Material
Poster Sujets: “SUSHI… but these are our goldfisch”, “SUSHI to go!”
Concept/Idea: D. Stockenhuber
Art Director, CD: D. Stockenhuber