[10.15.2014] #HappyDonghaeDay Happy b-day Lee Dong Hae♥

To my babo Hae, my precious man-child, my awkward, cheesy, cute, adorable and hardworking fishy Donghae: happy birthday my love!!! For such a special day, such a special person, I wish I could do more than just this, ‘cause Donghae… he’s made feel me so much happiness and love. To him, to my Donghae oppa all I can say is thanks for being being born 28 years ago and for becoming a very special part of my life. ♥♥♥I love you♥♥♥ Oh! and call me tonight? {Been waiting a year for that call} xD


Okay so I was scrolling through stupidoomdoodles AMAZING artwork (specifically the merfolk stuff) and it got me thinking: if the Saiyan Merfolk are based near the equator/tropical waters why can’t another species live near the polar ice caps or deep in the ocean?
So I give you the Merneks! Cousin to the Saiyan Merfolk with similarities with the Earth's Frilled Shark and Anglerfish, (look them up THEY"RE AWESOME!!!)