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Maids a-milking, calling birds, French hens

Eight things I like about my friends:

1. They’re always there for me. 

2.They never cease to make my day interesting. 

3. We can all communicate through a series of exasperated grunts, 

4.They’re hella funny. 

5. They’re really supportive, if someone needs help with an issue they’ll all team together to help said person. 

6. They’re hella  smart. 

7 At the same time they’re hella dumb which helps with the funny part. 

8. They’re mine and I wouldn’t change that for anything :3.

Four foods I dislike:

1. Bacon (please don’t kill me)

2. Maple Syrup (again please don’t kill me)

3. Solid milk chocolate, Like if it’s got some caramel in it or nuts it’s all cool, but straight milk chocolate is just nasty. 

4. Orange juice. 

Three of my favourite things:

1. Acting 

2. My friends. 

3. American Horror Story Freak Show.