fishtail plaite

BTS Suga Fluff - Filtered Black and White

Genre: Slight Angst, Fluff

Warnings: Strong language, Depression, Self-harm

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as a kid, jason todd used to braid catherine todd’s when she was out of it or feeling depressed or just as a mother-son bonding activity and he got pretty fuckin good at it. he started out doing just a typical braid but got bored of that and learned how to do some beautiful french plaits, fishtail braids, upside down braids, milkmaid braids

the batfam found out because one day baby jason offered to braid barbara’s hair for her and this was a story she told to cass and steph so one day they tracked jason down and at first he was ready for a fight but then steph asked him to do their hair and after a brief “wtf” and obligatory grumpy resistance he obliged because he secretly loves it

it’s also incredibly calming for jason and he enjoys letting the batgirls gently bully him into doing their hair because any activity that helps him to relax and focus on thing other than his intrusive thoughts are good activities

The signs as summery things
  • Aries: sunflowers, long runs, blisteringly hot days, tank top and shorts combo, high ponytails, bare feet
  • Taurus: Sunglasses, baseball, when summer lasts longer than normal, torrential rain
  • Gemini: Red vans, ice lollies, fans, daisy chains, sunny days and rainy nights, air conditioning
  • Cancer: Sundresses, warm afternoons, flower crowns, sandals and playing guitar
  • Leo: candyfloss, concerts, roller coasters, circuses, fireworks, swimming with sharks
  • Virgo: tan lines, bathing suits, fishtail plaits, iced tea, fresh fruit and cool nights
  • Libra: bubblegum, Summer love, athletics, boardwalks, arcades
  • Scorpio: crazy weather, crop tops, ice cream, raves, music festivals, late nights
  • Sagittarius: horses, beach bonfires,summer camp, sparklers, the sound of the ocean
  • Capricorn: loud music, intense sports, Nike, sun hats, sea salt, humid air
  • Aquarius: tie dye, aliens, messy buns,Maloney perfume, cartwheels, tropical weather
  • Pisces: handmade jewellery, rockpools, warm breeze, smoothies, long walks and flip flops