DIY Easy Fishtail Circle Skirt Tutorial from Delia Creates.

This is the perfect combination skirt for summer - not too heavy and formal. If you use the right type of fabric you don’t have to hem this skirt; if you find material that is 74″ wide, you won’t have a seam for most sizes. This is a skirt for all sizes and body types. 

If you have any questions about making a circle skirt, or want to make your own from another fabric, I’ve posted 3 excellent resources below:

DIY Circle Skirt Generator from circle skirt pattern. This is one of my most popular sewing posts.

DIY Full Circle Foolproof Skirt Tutorial from By Hand London. There are calculations for full, half and quarter circle skirts.

Another excellent DIY  Circle Skirt Generator is also By Hand London here. What I really like about this app is after you plug all your data in the generator tells you the fabric length required and shows you the cutting pattern.



La tresse fishtail ou épis est très jolie mais elle demande également un peu de dextérité… Voici une manière ultra facile et rapide d’imiter son effet.

  1. Réalisez une queue de cheval basse

  2. Séparez la queue en deux au dessus de l’élastique et passez les cheveux à l’intérieur

  3. Recommencez la même chose jusqu’au bout des cheveux

C’est tout !