fishstick is... a character


Little Newt with her mums! Ik I should probably be getting on with requests, but I love Newt’s character soo much and you all probably know what a sucker I am for anything alphyne (UGH OTP) <333

The adorable little fishstick belongs to @omgaflyingpig - hope I got her character right!

anonymous asked:

Can you do Pjo HoO for the meme thing?

  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown: The seven of the prophecy
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown: Percy Jackson, he never cried, in both series, he never cried and i need him to breakdown in front of Annabeth
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face: Thalia Grace.
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car: Leo Valdez
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrips: Jason Grace and Annabeth Chase, Annabeth usually gets the lost (the girl can’t be perfect at everything) and Jason is pretty sure they can manage with the GPS, both of them as stubborn as hell when it comes to driving and thats why they are always the last option when the seven go on a roadtrip (the others joke it had to be with them living in camp since they were littles)
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine: Frank Zhang and he just gives the best “curses” he can think of (i say curses because we know Frank is a precious little flower that uses holy fishsticks as a curse)
  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times: Piper McLean and Hazel Levesque.
  • character who shows up late for everything: Percy Jackson with special guest Leo Valdez
  • character who is the worst kisser: Reyna Ramirez
  • character who takes 45 minutes showers: Percy Jackson
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif: Annabeth Chase

leviathansweaters  asked:

Hi! Love your blog to death, it's one of my favorite places for inspiration! Ok, unabashed flattery aside, my question is on basic POV in the story I'm writing, which I'm finding a little bit tricky. Because I'm writing from two different first person perspectives, and switching to third person when the characters are together, I'm having trouble keeping the two voices from blending. This is really important, as they are extremely different (one is an angel and the other a demon). Any tips?

Don’t fret them sounding too much alike in the first draft; your main goal is to get the story down. Some things you should consider, though, are:

  • Verbal Tics and Slang. People speak very differently from each other, and that’s going to come out in first person even more than it will in third person. I’m assuming a demon will probably swear more than an angel. They might also differ in how they use contractions, and even how many words they use to explain something.
  • Personality. Pessimistic or optimistic, outgoing or reserved. These things are going to come out in how they few events and talk about them. They obviously have different personalities; how does that effect how they talk about the same thing?
  • Using a base. There is nothing wrong with seeking out a TV show or a movie to compare the dialogue between very different characters there. Pick out a few of your favorite movies and start taking notes. Do the same with your favorite books. You’ll get it figured out!