Contrary to popular belief, the asexual community on Tumblr is good at self-policing such that LGBQ aces will call out anti-gay statements made by other aces. Which you would see if wtfsocialjustice and her submitters were more honest and posted source links for all these “omg look how anti-gay asexuals are” pictures.

But no one wants to post source links, because no one wants aces to call out other aces and make the ace community better. That would take being a reasonable person.

fishspeakers  asked:

you are such a genius that I really care about what you say to me over the internet. how did you find out that I was the evil mastermind behind the conspiracy to send asks to your friend. have you even met her in real life?

Used to live together, actually. Not that it would invalidate anything if we hadn’t.