moving blogs was so good i had like 2500 followers on my old one and this ones like a little less than a hundred…..this is the best thing thats happened to me all year which is an incredibly sad and pathetic statement but i am so happy that this is less busy

Contrary to popular belief, the asexual community on Tumblr is good at self-policing such that LGBQ aces will call out anti-gay statements made by other aces. Which you would see if wtfsocialjustice and her submitters were more honest and posted source links for all these “omg look how anti-gay asexuals are” pictures.

But no one wants to post source links, because no one wants aces to call out other aces and make the ace community better. That would take being a reasonable person.

Raffle Prize Lair Review: fishspeakers - IC (Nyx)

Ick. A water nest. In the great ice lands we do not bother with liquid water. My toes are all wet. This horrid water resembles the Windswept Plateau’s grass. Far too tickly.

This clan is filled with dragons I assume are half-wits. (Of course, most dragons besides myself are truly half-wits, so it’s hard to tell.) Why else would they where those dreadful skins?

You poor dear. I realize that being a fat, lazy snapper must be difficult, but you mustn’t cry in such a disturbing manner. Remind me sometime to reapply your mascara.

And you, you poor soul. That skin barely fits around your face. Let’s take a peek under –

No. You’re right. Leave it on.

Well, what do we have here?

Oh, how handsome. Jerome, the gems on your wings sparkle and gleam. Your tail feathers are so shiny, too! I bet iridescent would look wonderful on you. You have no children - I hope your mate treats you as well as I wo –

Finally, a companion worthy of my presence! You, my dear, quite resemble my mate, Lumos. Perhaps you are related? What’s that? Orlanth is your father? My, look at that. Not only are you brother and sister, but you are clutchmates! I’m glad to see you’re doing well, sister-in-law. Even though I do not approve of that armband.

I am not naked. I am very cultured and do not burden myself with such trinkets. Well - maybe you - spl –

Ayra, I do not think you’ll be invited to the next family gathering. Congratulations on never getting to meet your nieces and nephew. I hope you can use those flower petals to mop up the tears I will never cry.