fishnets and fun

Fheyla put on her, “what I’d look like if I were cool” costume, to take part in the celebrated All Saint’s Wake Pub Crawl by @crescent-ffxiv . She really shouldn’t go out in public without @dumontthetailor ‘s fashion advice.

She did anyway and had a wonderful time. Look at that sexy cowboy to her right. Fhey wants to own his chaps. Not just any chaps, or chaps that look like his. HIS chaps. Preferably still warm.

There were a ton of delightful costumes and personalities for Fheyla to enjoy. After a bottle of rum, half a bottle of whiskey, amazing pizza and Ruri @talesoftheadventurers mysteriously becoming ill, there was a show!

Delightful fun!

Look out for that dragon skink! He ain’t kidding around.

Fishnet stockings and Wondercatwoman. How fun is that?

Fheyla is grateful to everyone involved. She’s not had this much fun getting blisters since the last Crawl.

The Welcoming of October