fishman 2

Fishman Boyfriend 2

Part two of my fishman, Levi, story. You can read part one HERE.

   You wake up to the sound of the water splashing, nothing new these days, that’s usually how you woke up now. You yawn and stretch, sitting up and looking over the edge of your bed. Levi set it up, a floaty pool filled with pillows and blankets so you could float on the water and Levi could sleep near you.

   He pops his head up and bubbles foam up. You smile and yawn again, “good morning, push me to the dock,” you murmur and Levi obeys, pushing your bed to the landing so you can get out and stand. Levi lunges out of the water and you wrap him in a robe, kissing him as he greedily grabs for you.

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