Love & Misadventures: Chapter 19

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


This chapter is different than any chapter I’ve written. It’s going to be purely through social media & texts. I wanted to try something new. So hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think!

This chapter is ALL dialogue so… it’s pretty long. Be prepared.

This chapter was co-written by iwanttonarryyou! So thank her too guys!

I love you so much iwanttonarryyou thanks for helping me write this chapter! You’re the bestest! Thanks for being MY NARRY! <3

overad made another vine clip for L&M of Harry in NYC! Check it out! Love you Valerie!

Chapter 19: Ask Harry

*You guys wonder why Y/N always come back to 50-100 text messages? You’ll see why in this chapter!

April 12th 2015

TWITTER [04.12.2015]

@1d_USAupdates: @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @GemmaAnneStyles @MaddyxParrish @Y/T/N were seen at lunch together with an unknown girl at Marea! #onedirection

@xoxotaia_reed: HOLY SHIT! @Y/T/N DUMPED WATER ALL OVER A GIRL WHILE SHE WAS AT LUNCH WITH @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @GemmaAnneStyles @MaddyxParrish #splash

@willyouNARRYme: HAHAHA OMG @Y/T/N DUMPED A GLASS OF WATER ALL OVER A GIRL WHEN SHE WAS WITH @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficiall! #whatislife #winning #splash


@danicaloves1D: HAHAHA that video of @Y/T/N throwing water all over that girl is the best thing that’s happened all year! @Harry_Styles your girlfriend is fucking awesome! #splash #marryherharry

@sugarscape: Did we really just see @Y/T/N throw water all over a girl? WOW @Harry_Styles your girlfriend is fierce! Wonder what happened! SOMEONE TELL US!  #splash

- - - - -

April 13th 2015


Harry Styles was seen having lunch with his sister Gemma, his girlfriend Y/N, Niall, and Niall’s rumored girlfriend Madeline and one other gal in famous New York restaurant, Marea.

Now we all know that if we ever get our hands on Harry (No, not like that, you dirty minded people), we would make sure that everyone knows to keep their hands off of him.  After all Harold von Styles is a rare, antic thing so we need to be careful with who’s touching him.

Y/N is like us and doesn’t want just about anybody to touch her boyfriend and she proved that she likes to have him for her hands only when she threw water on earlier mentioned gal and yelled, “Get your own boyfriend!” 

Now the reason behind it is unknown but we can only imagine that the mystery gal couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

You don’t believe us?! 

We’re shocked but we were a bit on edge until we saw a video that is really hilarious. So see it for yourself.

Do you support Y/N because we sure do. 

She made us laugh but we would do the same thing if we were dating Harry and someone touched him.

What do you reckon? Tweet us your opinion on this.

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Your POV

[Group Conversation with You, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis & Madeline]

Me: What did you expect? She was doing stuff to MY boyfriend!
Liam: What? What kinda stuff?
Louis: Do I need to have a talk with curly?
Harry: I didn’t do anything!
Louis: What the fuck did you do Harry? What did he do Y/N?
Zayn: ive watched it like 5 times, its hilarious!
Harry: I’m gonna kill you Niall! I told that bloody leprechaun to switch seats with me and he didn’t!
Me: She was trying to get him off under the fucking table! Rubbing his legs and shit with her filthy feet.
Madeline: Fucking hell guys, my phone won’t stop vibrating.
Me: Yes fucking way Zayn
Me: Really that’s what you called stopping her Harry?
Louis: AHAHAHA I jus watched the video! GOOD JOB Y/N!
Me: Thanks Louis :] I learned from the best.
Madeline: Me *hair flips*
Liam: Wait who is she? Why was she there with you guys?
Me: Ask Harry. She texts him.
Harry: She’s Gemma’s friend, who I told Gemma NOT to bring along!
Harry: Shut up Niall.
Me: What Niall Said.
Louis: HEY! Y/N Learned from me!
Harry: Babe, I did nothing wrong! I did try to stop her!
Me: Whatever Harry.
Liam: Wow guys. I put my phone down for 3 min and I come back to 10 messages
Louis: you know… I was feeling like shit, but now I’m jus gonna keep watching Y/N toss water on this bitch.
Niall: Hahaha! Y/N, the best cure for a broken heart.
Madeline: Where do broken hearts go? Watch Y/N toss water all over a basic bitch.
Me: Wow. Really? Really Madeline?
Niall: I have the best girlfriend evaaaa.
Me: Tell me Harry, how would you feel if someone was rubbing me under the damn table while you were sitting there, clueless across the table.
Madeline: He would probably get arrested.
Harry: I would be mad…. :(
Liam: Okay I’m going to go work out, I’m putting you guys on silent. I’ll read this all later.
Louis: Let’s blow up LEEYAM’s phone.
Me: I’m in.
Harry: Y/N Babe?
Me: What? I’m in class.
Niall: Harry, stop whining and grow a pair.
Harry: Shut up Niall. I have a pair, unlike you.
Madeline: Hey you curly headed shit, he does have a pair, and I know this personally ;]
Me: That’s fucking gross Madeline.
Zayn: okay TMI much?
Madeline: Oh shush, we’re all adults.
Me: Guys, I’m bored. This class is lame.
Louis: What class is it?
Harry: Madeline, where are all the clean towels?
Me: Music Psychology.
Madeline: Ask your girlfriend.
Me: Don’t feel like talking to my boyfriend.
Louis: sounds fuckin’ boring
Zayn: I wouldnt talk to his ass either if I were u Y/N.
Me: What have you guys been doing since break started Zayn? Louis? Liam?
Louis: drinkin, smokin, playing FIFA, more drinkin
Zayn: hangin’ out with perrie, drinkin and smokin with louis and friends
Me: I need a drink.
Harry: I still need a towel…
Louis: ditch your boyfriend Y/N and come drink with me :)
Madeline: For goodness sakes Harry, check the linen closet where the washing machine is.
Me: Great offer Louis, but too bad London is so far away…
Zayn: i need help Y/N. louis drinks like a damn fish
Me: I promise to drink with you guys all summer when you’re here for the North American leg!
Harry: Thanks Madeline.
Louis: hah u’re not even legal to drink there, i like you my little rebel
Me: Oh please, like you guys were legal when you started drinking. Plus when you have a black card, you don’t need an ID.
Louis: oh what ever do you mean? i’m a good boy, i didnt drink til i was legal. and i know, we allllll have one Y/N.
Me: I’ll be home soon.
Niall: Remember that time when we all got shitfaced at the BRITS? Harry wasn’t even of age.
Me: Madeline, Niall, what do you guys want for dinner?
Harry: What about me? :(
Me: Ask Hannah.
Zayn: u can always eat anything niall
Louis: guys what are some good horror files?
Zayn: NO. i swear to god if you get scared u’re not sleepin with me and perrie.
Louis: i’m a man, i dont get scared of stupid horror films
Me: Sorry, I don’t do scary movies
Harry: Everyone cries while watching The Notebook.
Me: Guys… Harry won’t leave me alone, he keeps following me and bothering me.
Zayn: bro give her a break
Me: Madeline, hurry home. Your boyfriend and my boyfriend are driving me crazy.
Liam: WHAT THE HELL GUYS? My battery went from 95% to 50% in just two hours!
Madeline: I’m stuck here for another couple hours.
Louis: serves you right for ditchin us LEEYAM
Liam: I needed to work out! Why the hell are u spellin my name like that?
Niall: isn’t it like midnight there?
Harry: Guys. She won’t let me in her room. She locked me out.
Liam: Wtf this conversation escalated to another level while I was gone.
Louis: shut up liam
Me: Louis, be nice.
Harry: No one is nice to me…
Louis: not even Nadine?
Me: Let’s NOT talk about her either.
Zayn: why… vas happening now? i saw pix of her at the club with you guys
Niall: OH MAN AHAHAHA she was kissing the guy Harry went crazy over bc he’s in love with Y/N
Louis: What? When was this?
Harry: Thank you so much Niall.
Me: I’ll tell you later Louis. I’m going to bed now. Night guys.

- - - - - 

TWITTER [04.13.2015]

@zaynmalik: ahahaha thats what you get for being thirsty xD

@Real_Liam_Payne: well THAT was interesting…

@Louis_Tomlinson: i think @Y/T/N is now my favorite person.

@MaddyxParrish: basic bitches doe.

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April 14th 2015

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Harry.]

Harry: Baby? Are you still mad at me?
Me: Yes and no. More frustrated than anything and I feel like shit today.
Harry: I’m so sorry… I really am. I swear I tried to move away from her.
Harry: I was lonely this morning when I woke up to an empty bed. I miss you.

Me: You know I have class today.
Me: Can you stop bringing her up? I’m still trying to get that image out of my head.

Harry: Yes but I need you to know that I did try to get away, even at the club.
Me: Okay Harry, I believe you, i just don’t feel well today. My cramps are worst.
Harry: I’m so sorry baby, how can I make it better?
Me: You can’t.
Me: Oh, what did you and Nadine talk about Friday? I never asked.
Harry: We just talked… I asked her about why she started hanging out with Derek and didn’t tell me what was bothering her.
Me: What? You guys talked for a while though. What did she say?
Harry: She said he understands her. What did he say?
Me: He said that he turned to her for comfort since I shut him out. I was pissed that he tried to blame me for sleeping with her but ultimately he said it wasn’t any of my business and that he hopes to be friends again one day.
Harry: Well Nadeine said some other stuff but I don’t think I should tell you via text. When are you going to be home?
Me: Okay…? 
Me: In a few hours. Tuesdays are my short days.

Harry: Okay, I’ll tell you then. I’m bored.
Me: Go bother Niall.

Harry’s POV

[Conversation between Harry & Niall]

Me: Niall
Me: Niall
Me: Niall! WAKE UP!
Me: Wake up you bloody leprechaun!

Niall: What the fuck do you want? Leave me alone.
Me: What are you doing in Madeline’s room? I’m bored in Y/N’s room.
Niall: Well I WAS sleeping. Your boredom is my problem because…?
Me: It’s almost 11! Get up or I’ll go over there.
Me: It’s your problem because you’re my best mate, what’s my problem is your problem.

Niall: Piss off. If I see you in this room. I’ll whack you.
Me: Come on! I’ve already read through one of her books! Let’s go do something.
Niall: Like what?
Me: Idk, I feel like we should do something nice for our girlfriends for accommodating us.
Niall: You come up with something, my brain doesn’t function until noon.
Me: Oh get off your ass. Shit, why have you been sleeping in so late? You didn’t get up until noon yesterday! I was so bored waiting for Y/N to get home.
Niall: AND it’s not my fault your gf is pissed off at you that you didn’t get any and have to sleep early. I’m good to mine so I get some every night after she gets home, even when its late! HAH!

Me: Fuck. You. It’s been 3 days for me.
Niall: You’ve gone longer without any action.
Me: You bloody wanker! I got it every day when I got here until that Hannah fiasco.
Niall: So have I.
Me: Okay anyways, I still want to do something nice for Y/N. Let’s cook our girlfriends dinner!
Niall: I have a great recipe from Jamie Oliver.
Me: Then get out of bed and let’s go to the market.
Niall: Uhhh can’t you go alone? I’ll shower while you’re out.
Me: You’re the one with the recipe.
Niall: I’ll tell you what to buy. By the time you come back I’ll be ready to cook.
Me: Damn it Niall. Fine.

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Madeline.]

Me: When are you coming home? The boys cooked dinner for us… and Harry bought me roses :] Niall bought you something too!
Madeline: Aww that’s so sweet of them!
Me: Yeah, damn Harry, I was still pissed until I came home to them.
Madeline: So I’m guessing you’re not mad anymore?
Me: Sort of… I guess… I mean he got some lovin’ ;]
Madeline: Woohoo! Wait… where was my lucky charm at?
Me: I actually showed my him studio and he’s been in there messing around with my stuff and what not.
Madeline: Oh I thought you and Harry had sex. HAHA!
Me: We did. Why do you think I showed Niall my studio?
Madeline: OOHHHH! Oh my god.
Me: What?! We had to do it in the shower… cause you know.
Madeline: Oh Jesus Christ Y/N.
Me: What? Don’t act like you haven’t. Anyways, I have something to tell you.
Me: Holy fuck!
Madeline: What?
Me: You were right about Nadeine being in love with Harry.
Madeline: WHAT?!
Me: Yeah >_> She told him that night at the club.
Me: Well I mean I haven’t really been talking to him… I just go to school and come home and study a bit before I sleep cause my cramps are so bad.
Madeline: I’m surprised he told you!
Me: Oh and Nadeine and Derek have been sleeping together since Singapore.
Madeline: I KNEW IT.
Me: Why wouldn’t he? He knows if I heard it from someone else, I would kill him.
Madeline: What did you tell Harry?

Me: Yeah you guys were. I can’t fucking believe it. Remember how crazy you two sounded to us? 
Me: I told him he should still be friends with her, if he wants.
Madeline: Bitch, are you crazy? He basically forbid you from going out with Ollie when he found out about him and you gave him a green card to see that hoe?
Me: He trusts me with Ollie now! He didn’t say anything when I went to breakfast with him the other day. Plus after Singapore, things have been different between us. Better. 
Me: I trust Harry. Also, he knows if he cheats on me, I wouldn’t think twice to leave him. I’m not going to put him on a leash.
Madeline: Yeah Niall better not pull that jealousy/possessive shit on me, because I would strangle him.
Me: HAHA I BELIEVE THAT. I think Niall’s too scared of you to piss you off.
Madeline: If he cheated, I would make sure he won’t be able to reproduce.
Madeline: He damn sure is scared of me, but I love him.

Me: Yeah and he loves you. Wait til you tasted what he cooked!
Madeline: He cooked? DO I even WANT to know what our kitchen looks like? Bitch, you ate without me?
Me: Course not! I just tasted it to make sure it was edible. And it’s clean! Harry isn’t a messy or dirty person, he knows better than to let Niall destroy our kitchen.
Madeline: I was about to say, I was going to consider you my ex best friend if you ate without me.
Me: Bitch, it’s 7 have you left work yet?
Madeline: Yes, leaving now.
Me: See you soon!
Madeline: Bitch, I hate you. I just started my period. FUCK we synced again!

 April 15th 2015

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Louis.]

Louis: oh my god. i need to find my own place. i can’t hear zayn and perrie moaning anymore.
Me: LOLOL! Come to NY! Get away for a bit.
Louis: I would but I really need to get all my shit out of El’s place. I ended up giving her the apartment.
Me: Can’t you have people do that for you?
Louis: may i’ll come in a couple weeks… man, you know for a skinny guy, zayn can sure keep going.
Me: You did not just say that. 
Me: You’re welcome here anytime Louis.
Me: If I could come to London to make sure you’re fine, I would.
Me: Please don’t drink yourself into oblivion every night.
Louis: i’m fine. the answers to my problem have been found at the bottom of better bottles.
Me: You need a distraction but Lou, alcohol is not the answer.
Louis: Shit, i don’t know the first thing about choosing a place. i’m with my real estate agent and she’s just showin me a bunch of places.
Me: If you want you can send me pics and i’ll help.
Louis: Ehhh I’ll be alright. you know me. 
Louis: Shit. I think I found my perfect bachelor pad! four bedroom penthouse with a nice gaming room. min bar. movie room. and it has a balcony.
Louis: fuck yes. 

Me: Four bedrooms? What the hell are you going to do with four bedrooms? I want pictures.
Me: Of course you wouldn’t pick a place unless it had a game room.


Me: Alright, I’m moving in with you.
Louis: Your place is nice too! I have yet to see your studio! Niall told me he got to be in heartstrings official studio yesterday! WHAT THE FUCK!
Me: Well I needed to get rid of him so I distracted him with the studio. I promise you’ll get to see it when you come visit.
Louis: that boy can get annoying, i don’t blame you.
Louis: how big of a TV should I get?

Me: The biggest.
Louis: Fuck it, I’m getting one like Harry has at his house in L.A.
Me: Did you already buy the place?
Louis: My agent is getting the contract together now.
Louis: I want theatre chairs. I’m googling some now.

Me: Yep. I’m definitely staying with you when I come in June.
Louis: Oh yeah, you’re coming for the London Wimbledon right?
Louis: Fuck I miss Eleanor.

Me: Yeah we are.
Me: I’m sorry Louis…

Louis: I just got invited Top Shop Fashion show, made me miss her.
Me: Do you want to go? I’ll would be honored to be your date.
Louis: Hell yeah!! You’re the best Y/N!
Me: Yeah we can get drunk together. I’m going to stay with you.
Louis: What about your curly headed boyfriend? He said he’s flying home in a week.
Me: He’ll be fine for a day or two on his own.
Louis: yeah right, you know he’ll be sulking his way over to my place an hour after you’re gone.
Me: I know. But I want to spend time with his band mate.
Louis: You mean your best friend.
Me: You want me to bring Madeline?
Louis: I MEANT ME. I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND. RUDE! I rescind your invitation to the fashion show.
Me: Oh come on Louis, you know I love you. Plus, I do consider you one of my best friends, which is why I’m ready to ditch Harry for you in London.
Louis: Uhh huh, so you never told me what happened at the club the other night! Shit I cant believe Nadeine and Derek were making out! that’s shady as fuck!
Me: Right! Can you believe it’s been happening since Singapore? Madeline and Niall were right!
Louis: Wait what? Singapore? Madeline and Niall were right about what?
Me: Well you see my best friend, they’ve been sleeping together Singapore.
Louis: Bloody fucking hell! You’re joking!
Me: Nope.
Louis: Here I thought they just made out!
Me: Harry and I thought Madeline and Niall were crazy when they told us their “theory.”
Louis: what theory?
Me: That Nadine is in love with Harry.
Louis: Wait wait wait.
Louis: Hold the fuck up. Nadine is in love with Harry?!

Me: LOL I told you to come here.
Louis: Holy fuck, can I tell zayn? I need to tell zayn.
Louis: Holy shit I need to tell zayn.

Me: Uhhh ask Harry?
Louis: I’m telling you I wouldve been there if it wasn’t for this whole finding my own place shit!
Louis: WHY do i need to ask him?
Me: You know what? Tell Zayn.
Louis: HAHA is the still in the dog house?
Me: No… the man bought me roses and made me dinner so I gave in.
Louis: Oh come on! You give in too easily!
Me: How was I suppose to stay mad?!
Louis: Just throw the flowers back and say try harder!
Louis: Remind me to give you many high-fives for that thing you did… I’ve watched it 50 times and it cracks me up every time…
Louis: Get your own boyfriend… LOL

Me: Whatever. I was on my period and bitch had it coming.

Your POV

[Group Conversation between You, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis & Madeline]

Louis: ZAYN! MATE!
Zayn: what now?
Liam: this is a group convo, wrong box Louis.
Louis: nope, not the wrong one.
Harry: I want to know! 
Zayn: wut?
Zayn: no. fucking. way. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Madeline: Tell me something I don’t know.
Liam: Oh rubbish! They’re just friends!
Harry: Oh come on! Who told you?
Liam: Wait. It’s true?
Harry: Why do we always talk about me on here?
Louis: who else are we going to talk about?
Zayn: sorry harry, youre the youngeest so ure going to get picked on the most
Liam: so it’s true? what the hell?
Louis: Are you calling me a liar Liam?
Zayn: and you didnt think of tellin us?
Liam: I’m not callin you a liar, I’m just shocked!
Niall: they bascially told us we were crazy when we told them
Harry: Can we please talk about something else? Anything else?
Harry: How’s the weather in London? How’s the traffic?
Louis: Weather is bloody awful and same goes for the traffic.
Zayn: im still laughing
Zayn: is it bad im still laughing?
Liam: but wait, Nadine is in love with Harry but made out with Derek?
Zayn: and now i’m laughing all over again
Harry: Can we please just drop this?
Madeline: Yep! They have both been comforting each other.
Louis: That’s a great way to find comfort, in between the sheets!
Zayn: wait… what? 
Liam: How can you know all of this and we don’t?
Niall: Cause you guys are not as smart as me.
Louis: I have my sources Liam.
Zayn: guyssss i’m still laughinnn. my stomach hurts from laughin so much!!
Harry: What sources?! What the fuck. I hate you lot.
Niall: I didn’t tell him, did you babe?
Zayn: guys i’m so high…
Liam: I think we all know who told Louis.
Me: Sorry guys, I was in class taking a test.
Me: Way to blow up my damn phone.
Me: What the FUCK Louis! I said you could tell Zayn! Not put Harry on blast!
Harry: You did this to me?
Me: Excuse you?
Harry: I thought you loved me.
Me: Excuse. You.
Louis: Uh. Oh.
Zayn: i just told Perrie, she doesn’t believe me.
Madeline: Someone’s going to die. Niall get out of the condo NOW.
Liam: Sophia doesn’t believe me either.
Me: He doesn’t have a right to be mad at me.
Zayn: he sure doesnt
Louis: Escape from him and come to me.
Harry: You guys are all against me again?!
Liam: Sorry mate, but it’s funny!
Harry: Yes, my life is just really funny alright.
Madeline: Niall, where are you?
Niall: About to go grab drinks with some friends.
Harry: Without me?
Niall: Madeline told me to get away, I can feel Y/N’s wrath coming.
Louis: Whipped.
Zayn: take the poor bastard with you niall before she kills him
Niall: are you even dressed harry? im about to walk out the door.
Harry: Just let me put on my boots.
Louis: again with the fucking boots!
Madeline: I swear to god, it better not be those silver ones.
Harry: Stop hating on my boots.
Me: I swear to god Harry, if you leave my building wearing those silver boots, I’m ending this.
Zayn: shit just got real
Louis: and that is why she’s my best friend.
Zayn: what the fuck louis! I thought I was your best mate.
Louis: she’s on the position as well.
Me: Well shit. I just got back and no one’s here… I think it’s time for a new cover. Any requests?
Liam: Reflections!
Zayn: something by Little Mix 
Louis: Zayn, not again mate.
Zayn: wut? come at me bro! I love my fiancee.
Niall: 5SOS
Louis: the 1975
Zayn: drake? starteedd from the bottomm now were hea!
Madeline: Cool Kids by Echosmith
Harry: Ed Sheeran
Me: Bingo. We have a winner.
Liam: Who is that exactly?
Louis: ME. DUH!
Niall: WHO!
Me: Ed Sheeran.
ME: I did a mash-up of Robbers and Chocolate already. I’ll send it to you Louis. Calm down.
Liam: OOH I can’t wait to hear it!
Louis: No Liam that is exclusively for me.
Me: Ermmmm… actually Louis, I recorded it for Harry for his birthday.
Louis: Harry, it’s always bloody Harry.
Me: I’m rolling my eyes Louis. I’m going to work on my cover now. Bye.
Harry: I’m her boyfriend, I’m special :]
Louis: Oh, you’re special alright.

- - - - - 

April 16th 2015

Madeline’s POV

[Coversation between Niall & Madeline.]

My Lucky Charm: Madeline
My Lucky Charm: Maddie
My Lucky Charm: Babe
My Lucky Charm: I miss you 
My Lucky Charm: I’m bored.
My Lucky Charm: When will you be home?
My Lucky Charm: Madelineeee I want a kiss.

Me: Niall! What the fuck is wrong with you?
Me: I’m at work and in the middle of a meeting, my phone just constantly vibrated! Everyone was staring at me!

My Lucky Charm: I’m sorry… But I miss you and I want a kiss.
Me: Go kiss Harry.
My Lucky Charm: Harry and Y/N went out together so I’m lonely…
My Lucky Charm: Just come home already Maddie

Me: I can’t just leave work because you want attention!
My Lucky Charm: Do I need to speak to someone so you can leave early? You know I can do that. I have that kinda power.
Me: Niall! Don’t you dare! If you do that I’ll kill you.
My Lucky Charm: But I want you home!
Madeline: You’re worst than a kid missing their mother.
My Lucky Charm: AM NOT!
My Lucky Charm: Seriously, when will you be home tonight?

Me: I don’t know.. but I might need to stay late.
My Lucky Charm: LATE? NOT AGAIN!
Me: I’m sorry Niall… you know that I want to spend time with you before you leave but I can’t really ditch work now.
My Lucky Charm: First you get your period and that fucks things up and now you have to stay late again?!
Me: Hey I’m a girl and have a uterus. Besides, would you like me to not get my period?
My Lucky Charm: Oh god, no! Don’t even joke about that. Do you want me to have a heart attack?
Me: Thought so. Now stop texting me and let me work. 
My Lucky Charm: BUT I want to talk to you :(
Me: If you stop texting me and let me work, I might come home sooner.
My Lucky Charm: FINE! I’ll let you work, but what do I do until you get home?
Me: I don’t know! Write a song? Pester Harry & Y/N when they get back? Cook dinner? Knit a damn scarf! JUST STOP TEXTING ME.
My Lucky Charm: You’re so mean, I’m not cooking dinner for you again! I’ll go call Louis or Deo or something else.
Me: Oh Niall.
My Lucky Charm: Alright, I love you, hurry home.
Me: I love you too. I’m putting my phone on Do Not Disturb now.
My Lucky Charm: NO!
My Lucky Charm: DOn’T do THAT!
My Lucky Charm: Madeline!
My Lucky Charm: MAdDie!!!
My Lucky Charm: NOOOOOOOOOO!
My Lucky Charm: God damn it! Who even invented Do Not Disturb mode?! Piece of shit!

 - - - - - 

Sugarscape [04.16.2015]

Few days ago the video of Harry Styles’ girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N throwing water on a girl who couldn’t keep her hands off of Harry (most likely) emerged and we had a good laugh and supported Y/N. 

Earlier today, Harry and Y/N were seen out and about in New York.

One Direction lads have two months break from their On the Road Again tour and Harry and Niall flew to New York to spend time with their girlfriends. 

We were waiting for the pictures of the couples on the streets of New York but we didn’t expect them to be this adorable. 

Y/N and Harry were seen walking the streets of The Big Apple, holding hands and being all loved up. They also wore matching outfits: Raybans, black skinny jeans (no surprises on Harold’s side) and rocking sexy leather jackets.

The fans spotted them walking around Brookfield Place Mall, an upscale shopping center in Manhttan. The couple took a few selfies and exchanged a kiss or two as they walked hand-in-hand with quite a few bags. The fans that saw them posted on Twitter saying that they were really cute and willingly took pictures with a few fans. 

After that, the couple was spotted at Central Park, taking a romantic afternoon stroll and even fed the birds. Can they be more adorable?! 

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Your POV

[Conversation between You & Gemma]

Gemma: Oh god, I’m so sorry for Hannah. I feel awful.
Me: Gemma, you’re not the one that should be apologzing lol
Gemma: I know but Haz told me not to invite her and when she asked me where I was going, I caved.
Me: It’s okay, It’s fine. I was feeling extra annoyed that day anyways, so whoops.
Gemma: So what exactly did she do? Harry wouldn’t tell me. And she said she didn’t do anything.
Me: That’s a lie.
Gemma: I figured. Can you please tell me?
Me: She texted your brother that she can do him better than I can.
Gemma: What the fuck?
Me: Then at the restaurant… she was feeling on him under the table.
Gemma: And he just sat there? Did he think it was you?
Me: He told me tried to stop her and he asked Niall to switch seats with him.
Gemma: He tried to drag Niall into his mess? Typical harry.
Gemma: Is he sleeping on the couch?
Me: No… I couldn’t do that to him.
Gemma: I know he’s my brother but you should’ve done something.
Me: I didn’t let him touch me for three days, I made him sleep on the other side of the bed.
Gemma: I bet he followed you like a puppy in need for a cuddle.
Me: You are absolutely right.
Gemma: Well. He’s my brother and I have to love him but I can also see that he adores you and I’m sure he will do absolutely everything he can to make you happy. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he might end up doing something stupid on accident. But just know that as his older sister, watching him be around you, I know that he loves you. He’s head over heels for you.
Me: Thanks Gemma! That really makes me happy to hear that, especially from you. I really love him too.
Me: So are you going back to London with Harry and Niall on the 20th?? Come over and have dinner with me and Madeline!
Gemma: Yeah I have to get back to work. 
Me: Yeah I want to get to know you more while you’re still here!
Gemma: That can be arranged.
Me: Yeah come over now!
Gemma: Let’s go to a bar, I don’t want to be pestered by my little brother.
Me: He’s out with Niall. 
Gemma: Okay I’ll be there soon!

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From: y/f/n_y/l/


Hello Sarah,

Since you are my academic counselor, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to official declare my major in International Business AND Music, Vocal.

I know that you’re going to say that double majoring is very difficult but I know I can do it. I entered this school with already all my freshman credits completed and started here at Columbia as a sophmore, I know I can do it.

I have attached a signed copy of my declaration of majors for you to print and keep in my records.

Email me back if you have any questions. Thank you.

Y/F/N Y/L/N.

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Subscribers: 5,829,313

Views: 424,521,520

Uploaded Covers: 

  • One Direction: Story of My Life, What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Up All Night, Stand Up. They Don’t Know About Us, Loved You First, Little Things, Kiss You, Last First Kiss, Little White Lies, Right Now, Something Great, You & I, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Stockholm Syndrome, Steal My Girl, 18, Change Your Ticket, Night Changes
  • Alex & Sierra: Little Do You Know
  • Ed Sheeran: Kiss Me,  Lego House, Afire Love
  • Beyonce: If I Were A Boy
  • Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved, Love Somebody, Sugar, Unkiss me
  • Justin Bieber: Mistletoe
  • The Script: Breakeven, Nothing, I’m Yours
  • 5SOS: Amensia
  • John Legend: All of Me
  • Taylor Swift: Love Story, Sparks Fly, Last Kiss, Everything Has Changed

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My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, also known as sincerely_heartstrings. I saw that a few weeks ago you invited to have me on your show. I would be honored. I think I’m ready to show the world who I really am and I thank you so much for featuring my videos on your show!  I would love nothing more than to give you the exclusive interview and have you reveal my identity to the nation. 

I am overwhelmed with happiness right now! You are an amazing person and I am one of your biggest fans!

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I just ask that you still keep my identity a secret if you could, I would greatly appreciate that.



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AGAIN! Thank you so much iwanttonarryyou​ for helping me write this chapter!

I know it was a bit crazy and long! I’m sorry if you hated it but I really wanted to try something new! I promise it will only be for this chapter!


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