Relatable minor NPCs in Breath of the Wild:

- The zora who gets swept downriver halfway across the world and responds by having fun fishing in the lake she found herself in, singing to herself, and totally forgetting about her family back home for a few weeks

- The hylian who names an ancient shrine ball “Roscoe” and doesn’t stop talking to it lovingly and petting it until Link shows her photos of a special interest of hers, after which she hyperfocuses on that and ignores Roscoe

- The rito who, when traveling, has anxiety about whether or not she should speak the local language (which she knows) or whether that’d seem like bragging

- The hylian who gets super excited about dragons and immediately starts infodumping about them to strangers who get close

- The hylian in the middle of the mountains who gets confused when Link says he followed her smoke signal before explaining that she was just cooking, and precedes to teach Link terrible recipes, getting progressively angrier as he questions the wisdom of putting ores and robot pieces into your food

- The gerudo who’s disdainfully and deliberately failing heterosexuality school

- The hylian who was riding beside Link on the road until it started raining and a Yiga clan assassin attacked, to which he responded “Ugh, seriously!?” and just rode away

Fun Fact of The Day: This dolphin here is actually using the puffer fish as a drug to induce a trance-like state. The skin of the puffer fish, in small amounts, is known to produce a narcotic effect. The behavior was captured by an award winning wildlife documentary producer, John Downer, and a zoologist, Rob Pilley, who states “Young dolphins are purposely experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating. After chewing it gently and passing it around, they began acting most peculiarly, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection.”


((Headcanons for the Overwatch girls and things they’d do as your girlfriend n stuff. <3 Enjoy!! Requests are now open again also.))


-Will steal your jackets and big t-shirts. She loves the fact that they smell like you.

-Loves to take you out for fish and chips, casual and fun dates are her favorite.

-Takes plenty of selfies with landmarks of places she visits to show you. Usually talks about how she wished you were there and how the pictures would’ve been even better with you in them.

-Brags about you to everyone.


-Has the coldest hands and feet, will often ask you to warm them up.

-She loves sharing her work with you; it means the world to her if you care about what she does and saving the world.

-She loves cuddling, if you’re sitting down and reading she will just curl into you.

-Gets you a jacket that matches hers, is extremely happy when you wear it.


-Brings you to the gym with her. She doesn’t care if you don’t want to work out; she just wants your support and a good spotter.

-Will carry you if she notices you’re tired.

-Has very cute nicknames for you in Russian.

-Is the absolute best at massages.


-Always watching out for your health, gets worried instantly if you sneeze.

-Often makes really cute things for you to wear. She knits!

-She loves holding your hand, and being close to you.

-Does her best to teach you German and how to take care of your wounds.


-Will do your hair like hers.

-Has no problem glaring at anyone who tries to flirt with you.

-Loves to show you around Egypt. She likes when you take interest in her culture,

-Buys matching shirts and outfits for you.


-Is very subtle about her love for you in public, but is extremely loving when you are alone.

-She sleeps better when you are next to her.

-She knows you’re the one when you comfort her about Gerard.

-Tends to steal your sweets.


-Often talks about you on her livestreams.

-Gets you into a movie with her as her love interest bc she refused to do the movie unless you played her lover.

-Will sit on your lap in public and hang all over you, Hana doesn’t care who sees.

-She tries to cook Korean food for you, note the try part. You eat it anyways to be nice.


-She makes literally almost everything she gives to you.

-Is thrilled/impressed when you know a lot about her country and culture, she then proceeds to recommend movies for you to watch.

-You make her feel safe in large crowds, and she appreciates your understanding and kind nature.

-Laughs whenever you think something is spicy, proceeds to playfully tease you about it.

fuckin loki.

being half fish is not as fun as it may sound. and it doesnt sound very fun to start with, so…

im really craving sushi.

(He’s transparent, swimming in a sea of tumblr blue. Happy Mermay! -Mod Hell)


Splashing and generally being cheeky is my specialty haha

@Regrann from @nurzarinazee - The cheeky mermaids of #AQWA🙂

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You guys REALLY liked my interpretation of Alice angel huh?


Top pic: Alice just being cute, headcanon is she’s adorable and naive…which when paired with bendy, who is a trouble making sass master, tends to lead to trouble.

Middle pic: I like my toon girls in fish nets cause they are fun to wear. Alice is no exception.

Bottom pic: during the game, Alice Angels voice actress Susie Campbell ends up becoming more vocal then she possibly intended. she ends up having her vocal cords ripped out to use for Alice’s 3D form. However they end up becoming damaged beyond repair upon transfusion and Alice’s once heavenly voice is scratched up like a broken record.
(Also I’m a firm believer in angels having more the two wings)

Tell me what ya’ll think and send in requests if your so obligated!

Merbro request. I actually love merstuck a to n and I liked having the chance to draw my headcanon for my golden-finned manchild 

Have some gameplay footage from FFXV: Monster of the Deep :D

I met Noctis, who was being a whiny dork, and he helped me catch some stuff. Then a demonfish showed up and I had to shoot it in the face with a crossbow. Fun times, fun times! 

If you guys want to see more videos from the game, let me know!