Monster of the Deep: FFXV - Meeting Noctis

Finally got a halfway decent clip of meeting Noctis. The problem with the VR is sometimes if you aren’t looking dead at something…it can get all pixelated.

Noctis: I haven’t seen you around this neck of the woods. Did you come here on a hunt or something? Dressed like that?, yeah, nice try. Can’t fool me. I know a fishing rod when I see one. So I guess that means you’re here to see what’s biting. I actually just got here a minute ago. None of my friends “get” the art of fishing so I’m kind of on my own but you’re welcome to join me.


Happy Thanksgiving from the puffs, the pancakes, and us to you! <3

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Some random fish drawing / painting!

left to right: Blue betta; Red betta; Neon tetra; Copperband butterflyfish; Swordtail; and Sergeant major damselfish