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What if Michael has a hidden talent or kids/animals love him and he needs to use it? Or he gets hurt and a mean wild dog protects him until Gavin comes. Like it growls at anyone else, but it smells Gavin/Lindsay/Meg on Michael and lets them pass. Or Michael finally sings something with his amazing voice and all are stunned/guilty for thinking he wasn't refined or classy enough.

you are such a treasure, anon, honestly. also you made a subtle hint at mavinturnsay so you bet your sweet bippy that’s what i went with

also dogs are literally my favorite thing on the entire planet so i loved writing this go out and don’t shop, adopt, okay cool

real talk i also screenshotted this request bc i might do the singing one too omg

Michael didn’t even have time for his lungs to fill completely with oxygen before he was heaving, throwing up water and bits of seaweed and sand. He tried to push himself up, at least to his knees, but his arms almost immediately gave out when a searing pain exploded in his shoulder and he fell back down.

He landed with his cheek to the sand and he roared in agony, the pain in his shoulder was nothing compared to the pain in his neck upon impact.

“Fuck,” he groaned, feeling his still moist lips get coated in sand.

It took him a few tries and a whole lot more screaming, but he eventually got himself rolled onto his back, where he realized, with a grimace, that his neck was bent at a very unnatural angle. Typical. Just perfect.

I fucking hate this part, he thought to himself as he lifted his arms, hissing at the throbbing pain in his shoulder. He put one hand on his chin, the other firmly on the top of his head, then inhaled a sharp breath, bracing himself before twisting his head, re-breaking his neck back into place, listening to the disgusting sound of the vertebrae in his neck cracking as they slid against each other.

He let out a howl as every nerve in his body radiated with pain, those that had been severed reconnecting and flaring with heat. Michael laid in the sand for a few seconds, waiting for the pain to die down, registering distantly that there was something tugging at the pant leg of his jeans.

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11/06/14 Finally got the divided tank stocked! Surprise of surprises, I fell in love with two fish on 11/05 and I took a couple of tank introduction pics, but these are much better. First time Hammer was flaring… he was not happy to be sharing! The crowntail I named Steel, but not sure yet about the orange delta! I keep referring to him as Flarey McFlarepants and other similar names because for the first two days he was either hiding under a plant or flaring at himself along the back of the tank. I was a bit worried, but he’s started to calm down and is finally eating as of today (11/08).